What Is the Home Based Wealth System Scam? Can You Really Make $379 a Day?



What is the Home Based Wealth System scam? I’m not afraid to label this a scam right from the outset, because unfortunately I’ve seen this exact same scam so many times before. They claim you can make $379 a day, but is that even possible?

Let’s take a look at it and find out the truth…



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What Is the Home Based Wealth System ScamCompany Name: Home Based Wealth System

Owners: Raena Lynn

Price To Join: $97 + Upsells

My Rating: 0/10



~ Home Based Wealth System Review ~


What Is the Home Based Wealth System?

Like I said, I’ve seen this exact same deal so many times before going under the guise of different names and different presenters. Personally I’ve already reviewed at least 20 of these and nearly all of them make the exact same claim of you being able to earn the unusual figure of $379 a day every day for only about one hour of work per day.

The story doesn’t really change much, and sometimes neither does the site owner name.


What Is the Home Based Wealth System Scam


Same Scam All Over Again

It’s uncertain whether it’s the same person or people running each of these websites, or people just copying each other, but the deal never really changes and each and every website looks extremely similar.

As mentioned I’ve already covered quite a few of these sites and there are still more new ones popping up all the time it seems.

Here are just a few select samples of the same scam run under different program names:


Is Replace Your Job a Scam


It Was Never Featured On Major News Networks

One thing all these sites have in common is the logos of famous news and TV channels on the website header, where they claim to have been featured on these channels because of their awesome job opportunity. Home Based Wealth System is true to form and doesn’t let us down in this area.

Just a few of the popular channels they claim to have been featured on are:

  • CNN
  • Fox News
  • ABC

And there are always a number of others, with sometimes a new channel thrown into the mix.

The reason why these websites do this is to try and make what they’re selling sound legitimate so you’ll join up and hand over your money. People will think it’s valid if it’s supposedly been featured on a TV spot. It’s like an endorsement for their platform, but it’s all totally fake.


Fake News Banner


Yet Another Alias

Each time I review one of these same scams I often see the same name pop up. However, with Home Based Wealth System there is a new site owner that I haven’t come across until now. This time we are presented with Raena Lynn. This will just be an alias like all the others, and some popular ones include the following:

  • Emily Hudson
  • Jessica Marshall
  • Cami White
  • Kelly Simmons


Home Based Wealth System Raena Lynn

Kelly Simmons Scam


“Limited Spots Available” – Nope

A feeling of scarcity is a popular ploy of legit businesses and scams alike. The idea is to make people think either time or positions are limited, and if they don’t act quickly they’ll miss out. This is targeted at impulse buying as much as anything else.

In the case of scams like Home Based Wealth System, they want you to hurry up and pay your money. They don’t want you to have time to think about it or do any research on them. They know you won’t join if you do.

Home Based Wealth System claims there are limited spots available in your area, so get in fast. All these sites say the same thing. Come back to their website tomorrow and the same number of limited positions will still be available.

It’s all bogus.


Home Jobs Today Limited Offer


The “Job”

When they advertise what the job is, they claim it’s a “link posting” position, where apparently you go around spamming affiliate links all over the internet in some haphazard manner.

Affiliate marketing is real, it’s what I do for a living, but spamming affiliate links is not an effective way of going about it.

Further to the link posting, Home Based Wealth System says you can be paid up to $15 for every link you post. Unfortunately, affiliate marketing is not as simple as that. You don’t get paid by companies to simply post links. You only get paid a commission when someone actually makes a purchase through your affiliate link.

I’d spam links all day long if I really got paid $15 every time I dropped a link somewhere, but it’s all total BS, with the primary aim to make it sound super brain-dead easy to make money if you join.

Fortune 500 Companies

This Is Just Promoting MOBE

The website we are currently reviewing has been set up by an affiliate of a platform called MOBE. Now while I don’t consider MOBE a scam, I do think Home Based Wealth System is because of all the lies, deceit and a total lack of transparency on what it’s really all about.

And the paid link posting job is just a complete fabrication.

If you don’t know what MOBE is about, you can read my full review of the platform here.

To quickly sum it up though, MOBE is a training platform that teaches you affiliate marketing. However, MOBE is all about teaching people just to sell MOBE to others, rather than empowering people to create an online business promoting whatever they like as an affiliate marketer.

MOBE is also super expensive, selling each of their products and training modules separately. They encourage members to go “all in”, because in order to be able to earn commissions on a sale of one of their products, affiliates must first purchase that product.

By the way, to go “all in” on MOBE would cost you about $50k, give or take.

MOBE Banner

Target Audience

This platform is really targeting a get rich quick mentality, because they promise lucrative daily income for very little time and effort. This is not true, of course, but that’s how they sell it. The main target market is people looking for a way to make some money online that won’t interfere with their regular routine, and that could apply to just about anyone.


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What I Like

  • I can’t think of anything I like about this never-ending scam


What I Don’t Like and Red Flags

  • This whole thing is a con job
  • Home Based Wealth System is just a funnel site to feed people into MOBE
  • There is no link posting job that pays $15 per link
  • The testimonials are fake
  • The site owner name is an alias
  • This is the exact same scam repeated over and over again
  • They haven’t been featured on the news
  • If you join you’ll just be hammered with countless expensive upsells
  • The videos and testimonials feature paid actors


The Chilling Day That Changed My Life


How Much Does Home Based Wealth System Cost?

The asking price is almost always $97 for this scam, and it’s the same in this instance. What your $97 will buy you is a base membership into the MOBE scheme, and the affiliate who runs this website will earn a commission. Like I said earlier, if you did happen to join MOBE, expect to get hammered with upsells, so it could cost you thousands.


Is Home Based Wealth System a Scam?

While MOBE is not a scam, Home Based Wealth System is. It’s all totally fake. Everything about their website and what they’re offering is based on lies and complete fabrication. Give this a wide berth and any of the other similar sites. Join MOBE if you have your heart set on it and can afford it, but forget joining through one of these scam sites.


This Is How I Earn a Fulltime Living Online

Home Based Wealth System is about link posting. MOBE is about affiliate marketing and training. In my opinion though, I wouldn’t really recommend it. It’s way too expensive and limited in business scope.

I do affiliate marketing online and earn most of my income from my affiliate business. Affiliate marketing is real and millions of people across the globe earn money as affiliate marketers. Some are so successful they even make millions of dollars from it.

I’m not in that league, but my online business does afford me a good lifestyle. Much of my income comes in passively now, leaving me free to indulge in other things. Lifestyle freedom is ultimately what it’s all about.

I’ve written a free guide on getting started with affiliate marketing and you can read it by clicking on the banner below.


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