Wi-Fi Millionaire Is a Scam or Not? Let’s Find Out the Truth



The website “Wi-Fi Millionaire” is a scam or not? People have been asking that question so i dug in a wrote a review on it. If you join Wi-Fi Millionaire it may not be what you are expecting.

Read on to find out why…


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WIFI Millionaire Is a ScamCompany Name: Wi-Fi Millionaire

Owners: Matt Lloyd (MOBE)

Price To Join: $49 + Upsells

My Rating: 3.5/10




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What Is Wi-Fi Millionaire?

WIFI Millionaire Is a ScamThis website is a new creation from Matt Lloyd, the owner of MOBE (My Own Business Education).

It is advertised as a new and innovative platform where members can supposedly become millionaires. However, it serves no other purpose than to funnel people into MOBE. It’s nothing new. It’s just a feeder site.

As soon as you hit the Wi-Fi Millionaire site you’ll be greeted with a video that actually stars Matt Lloyd himself. This website is just a new way to try and entice members into an old platform.

What happens is that people get used to hearing about old programs. It doesn’t necessarily matter whether the program is legit and above board or it’s a scam.

For instance, I don’t consider MOBE a scam, but because it has been around for quite a while now, many people have already heard of it and become somewhat “desensitised” to the idea of joining it. In other words, the gloss has worn off.

Therefore Matt Lloyd (and his affiliates do this as well) has created some new sites that sound like a brand new opportunity, when really they are nothing more than a shiny new cover placed on an old platform.

Scam sites often reinvent themselves after their previous site developed a bad reputation. But with sites like MOBE – and MLM giant Amway have done it a few times too – they create a new site (or new name) when people get a bit tired of hearing the same old name.This is all about affiliate marketing.

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What Is MOBE About?

MOBE was launched in 2011 by Aussie entrepreneur, Matt Lloyd. Essentially it is a suite of training platforms that teach you how to make money online with affiliate marketing. There is a lot of training on the platform, so much so that you can suffer from information overload.

Some of this training is very good, only problem is, most of it is also very expensive.

The premise behind MOBE for the most part is to join up and promote MOBE to others. There is a catch though. In order to earn commissions on a particular MOBE product, you first have to purchase that product yourself. If you recruit someone into MOBE and they go on to buy an expensive training package that you don’t own, you won’t get a commission.

MOBE is kind of good and bad in my opinion. On the one hand you have to spend a lot of money if you want a whole suite of products to promote. Everything at MOBE comes at an individual cost. On the other hand, selling as an affiliate can bring in some very big commissions. There is the possibility of making major dollars if you can work out a system to regularly sell MOBE’s high-ticket items.

While some of the training and memberships are very affordable, others cost well into the thousands, and some the tens of thousands.

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Target Audience

I believe this is mostly targeted at newcomers looking for ways to start making some money online. Matt Lloyd and MOBE are very skilful at selling the dream, but in the case of MOBE, that comes with a very high price tag for a beginner.

In reality I think it takes an experienced and skilled online marketer to sell high-ticket MOBE products.


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How Much Does Wi-Fi Millionaire Cost?

Wi-Fi Millionaire costs $49, but this is really just buying you in at the base level of MOBE. Once inside MOBE you will be hit with upsell after upsell.

You don’t have to buy them of course, but the way to make money out of MOBE is to sell MOBE products, and like I mentioned earlier, if you haven’t bought a certain product, you’re not eligible to earn a commission on it.


Is Wi-Fi Millionaire A Scam?

I don’t consider MOBE to be a scam, and Wi-Fi Millionaire is actually quite upfront that it’s all about the MOBE opportunity. Some other MOBE affiliates have created websites and used false advertising and deception to funnel people into MOBE. Owner Matt Lloyd has gone about this in a far more transparent and ethical manner.

Do I recommend MOBE?

No, not really. It’s far too expensive for a beginner and you really need to have plenty of spare cash to fully get involved. It’s almost like an affiliate marketing/MLM platform designed for people who are already quite affluent.

On the flipside though, you can make really big commissions if you work out how to sell MOBE products effectively.


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2 thoughts on “Wi-Fi Millionaire Is a Scam or Not? Let’s Find Out the Truth

  1. Hi, I thought affiliate partnerships are free.

    I don’t know why this Mobe boss thinks he has to do it differently.

    If I had to buy every product I want to get affiliate commissions for I could not afford to do affiliate marketing.

    I think it is a bad strategy what Mobe is practicing. I will surely not get member there.
    Thanks for the review.

    • Many affiliate partnerships are free, but programs like MOBE make their money by selling themselves, therefore they get their members to have to buy the products they want to sell. It works on the MLM structure to a degree, where members become the main customer base. I don’t agree with it, but it’s not necessarily a scam either. I prefer to promote whatever I like as an affiliate and not be forced to buy products before I can earn. To me that’s a rort.

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