Is Zurvita a Scam MLM or Good Opportunity? Read This First!



Is Zurvita a scam or not? This company is yet another business selling health and wellness products via the MLM method, but is Zurvita any better than all the others, and can you make money as a Zurvita distributor?

Let’s take a look and find out….


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Zurvita Is a ScamCompany Name: Zurvita

Founders: Mark and Tracy Jarvis

Price To Join: $35 to get started

My Rating: 6/10



~ Zurvita Reviews ~


What Is Zurvita?

No doubt you’ve heard about this company through somebody either wanting to sell you Zurvita products, or entice you to join the business and form a part of their downline. Well, this review is primarily looking at the business opportunity and whether it’s worth getting involved in.

The company was kicked off in 2008 by Mark and Tracy Jarvis. Much of this company’s principles and beliefs are religion-based, and the founders make no secret of the fact that they began Zurvita as a way to worship God by helping people to look after their health.

There’s no doubt the owners are passionate about the company and what it represents, and revenue has grown to in excess of $100 million, but does that mean there’s good money to be made as a distributor?

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Zurvita Products

Before getting into the business side of Zurvita, we’ll first take a brief look at the products, as they’re an integral part of the business opportunity.

Zurvita have 3 main categories in their product range, with a number of relevant products in each category. The 3 are:

  1. Zeal for Life
  2. Zurvita Protein
  3. Zurvita Transformation System

The general consensus is that the products are quite good. For the most part Zurvita provide vitamin and mineral supplements, protein drinks and fat burners. The Zurvita Transformation System is a combination of all three products.

All the Zurvita products are designed to boost energy and wellbeing, and give people a real zeal for life.

As is often the case with health and wellness products sold via the MLM method, the prices are not bargain-basement by any stretch. As an example, a 420 gram (30 day supply) canister of Zeal for Life Wild Berry costs $69.90 on Amazon.


Zurvita Products


The Zurvita Compensation Plan

As a distributor of Zurvita you are entitled to earn 20% commissions on retail sales. You can also purchase the products at a 20% discount for your own use. If you move up the Zurvita MLM ranks, you will soon be entitled to 45% commissions.

One thing I do like about Zurvita is they give each distributor their own Zurvita replica website. Rather than have to purchase products and try and on sell them to others, you simply direct people to the website to purchase the products and you earn commissions. This is more like an affiliate marketing model of earning income.

However, the real secret in MLM is in recruiting others so you can move up the ranks and earn bigger commissions, commissions from your downlines and bonuses. Without active recruiting it’ll be an uphill battle to make any decent cash with a MLM distributorship.

To become an active distributor you must recruit at least 2 people, and those people also have to recruit 2 people each. Your downline can go as deep as 9 levels that you’ll earn on, so as far as MLM goes, that’s pretty deep. The money from 9 levels down filters up to the top of your very own pyramid.

Some of the bonuses you can achieve include:

  • Builders bonus
  • Team bonus
  • Override bonuses

Moving up the ranks is really the goal in MLM. As I mentioned, it’s being higher up the pyramid structure where the real money is. Zurvita has quite a few ranks to aim for. You start off as a Business Consultant and can work your way up as high as a Crown Ambassador. All in all there are a total of 14 ranks.


Zurvita Compensation


The MLM Business Opportunity

MLM of any kind is a notoriously hard way to make money. The companies always sell the lifestyle dream you can achieve, and while this is possible, it’s only usually ever achieved by a very few (less that 1%) of people involved in any particular MLM venture. The majority of the workforce struggles to even make a profit, let alone live the good life.

The other thing about MLM is the need to constantly recruit active members in order to stand a chance of rising up through the ranks and earning a good income. This is where most people fail, as recruiting is an extremely tough gig.

The biggest grind I have with MLM is the entire compensation structure. The very reason multi level marketing is so popular with companies these days is because of all the monetary advantages MLM affords them. They don’t have to pay wages or a retainer, the distributors have to pay the company for the right to be a distributor. The distributors generally buy most of the products, do all the selling, promote the company and it’s products, and grow the company through mandatory recruitment.

Meanwhile those that own the company and the members at the very top get to kick back, reap the rewards, while the majority do all the work for little to no money.

Doesn’t sound like a very good business model to me if you want to join as a distributor. And on top of that, you don’t ever own your own business with MLM. The company runs absolutely everything.

It still blows my mind how many people want to join MLM as a way to earn an income. I couldn’t think of a harder way to make money, to be honest.

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Is Zurvita An Illegal Pyramid Scheme?

What is the definition of an illegal pyramid scheme? Well, it’s a business that is based on a pyramid compensation structure, BUT it has no products and relies solely on new investor money to keep it going. That new money is used to pay the profits to previous investors and so it continues.

Zurvita and just about all MLM schemes work on a pyramid structure, but Zurvita does have products, and these products can also be sold at a retail level. Therefore they are not an illegal pyramid scheme.


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What I Like

  • Zurvita give members a website and you can earn between 20% to 45% commissions from retail sales as an affiliate.
  • Zurvita doesn’t force its members to purchase products every month
  • The compensation plan has more depth and scope than some other similar companies


What I Don’t Like

  • The health and wellness niche has been done to death, especially when it comes to MLM companies peddling these products
  • Without constant recruitment of active members, you will struggle to turn this into a profitable affair
  • Over 99% of Zurvita distributors don’t make even a decent part-time monthly wage working for Zurvita
  • You will annoy the hell out of everybody you know trying to recruit them into the business
  • Most people fail at MLM because they can’t recruit, and without recruiting you can’t really get very far
  • MLM companies always make the business sound way easier than what it is in reality


Zurvita Products 2


How Much Does Zurvita Cost?

There is a $30 joining fee to becomes a distributor with Zurvita, but you aren’t forced to buy product and you do get a replica website to help with retail sales and recruitment.

Is Zurvita a Scam?

There’s no scam with Zurvita. As far as the products go and the compensation plan, I’d rate Zurvita slightly better than some others I’ve reviewed in this saturated niche.

However, it’s still MLM and an extremely difficult way to make real money. Unless you’re a recruitment machine, believe in the products and think you have what it takes to rise up the ranks, then I’d give it a miss.

If the goal is to make decent money without doing your head in, there are far better ways of achieving that goal.


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