5 Good Reasons To Choose Wealthy Affiliate!


5 Good Reasons To Choose Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate is more than just a mere training platform to teach you how to make money online. In this post I’ll highlight 5 good reasons to choose Wealthy Affiliate as both your online training platform and community of likeminded people to mix with.


#1 – The Official Training

What I like (and many others who have joined this platform) about the training at Wealthy Affiliate is how easy it is to follow and implement. With a mix of both text and instructional video, users are shown a step by step process of setting up an online affiliate marketing business and how to go about making an income from their businesses. The training can be done at your own pace and it’s easy enough for anyone to be able to implement this.


#2 – User-Created Training

In addition to the official training (2 courses in all), members can create their own mini trainings on all manner of topics that are helpful to running an online business successfully. I love this part of the platform, because I get to learn so many new, cool and useful skills and tips this way. These mini trainings are invaluable. Combine all these (and more are added every single day) with the official training (which is regularly updated to remain current), and you have a well-rounded training ground for all things internet marketing.


#3 – Managed WordPress Website Hosting

Because members get to create and host up to 50 websites created with WordPress on WA, Wealthy Affiliate has developed one of the very best managed WordPress hosting platforms in the industry. This hosting is included in all Premium Memberships (paid memberships). What this means is fast page loading, highly secure servers and a very stable hosting platform from which to run your online business.


#4 – Keyword Research Tools

In order to rank high in search engine searches, good keyword research is required when creating content, along with other on page SEO techniques. Fortunately, there are 2 good keyword research tools on board the Wealthy Affiliate platform. One is free and the other is a tool that you pay a monthly subscription to use. While the free one is good, I prefer to use the paid for version; the Jaaxy Keyword Tool. The results are more detailed, giving me a better understanding of which keywords might work best and get my content ranked high in Google.


#5 – The Active Community

The community is a truly invaluable source of help, information and inspiration as you embark on your online business journey. People from all over the world comprise this awesome and very active community, and there is a real culture of everyone wanting to help each other succeed. You don’t have to go it totally alone when you join WA. The community is there to encourage and support you every step of the way.


The Takeaway

These are just 5 good reasons to choose Wealthy Affiliate if you want to discover how to make a profitable business online. I’ve been a part of the WA community for more than 2 years now, and I hope to see you there soon.

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4 thoughts on “5 Good Reasons To Choose Wealthy Affiliate!

  1. The reason that I love my WA membership is the keyword research tool and the active community. It is a really nice place to get started and since that is where I got started with my affiliate marketing journey I can say that it really works!

    You did forget to mention that we get to PM some of the best affiliate marketers and get their reviews on our sites!

    • Hi Shrey. Thanks for stopping by. My favourite thing sis the community. Every day I either learn something new or can call on someone for assistance. Even after more than 2 years in this game, I’m still learning and discovering new things almost daily.

  2. Hi, Darren.. Your 5 reasons are spot on. What I really appreciate most is the community assisted training. Sometimes I learn more from a member than I do the official training. We have some really sharp people at WA who want to reach out and assist and I’ll put that up against any other program any day! Great insights!

    • Glad you liked the post, Warren, and good that you’ve already found your way to Wealthy Affiliate and are enjoying the many benefits. yes, the member training is extremely handy. I’m always learning something new from other members. Cheers.

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