700 Profit Club Is a Scam and Here’s Why!



700 profit Club is a scam and I’ll tell you why in this review. It’s just the rehashing of an old scam that has been around for years now.

Let’s take a look at the 700 Profit Club…


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700 Profit Club Is a ScamCompany Name: 700 Profit Club

Owner: Unknown

Price To Join: Apparently Free

My Rating: 0/10




~ 700 Profit Club Review ~


What Is 700 Profit Club and How Does It Work?

700 Profit Club Is a ScamThe thrust behind 700 Profit Club is for members to be making $700 per day. Not bad if it’s doable. That’s over 20k per month.

It’s also claimed this income will all be happening on autopilot, which means you get to lounge by the pool and occasionally check your account to see how much money has rolled in since your last swim.

This is nothing more than a fairytale. I wish there were honest, genuine systems out there that could do this, but there just aren’t any. Believe me, I’ve looked high and low for them myself.

Anything that sounds way too good to be true is a scam! Why else would they be trying to sell us on something that makes so much easy money?

They wouldn’t. They would be keeping their cash cow close to their chest most likely. They certainly wouldn’t be screaming out to the entire world about their secret system.

This website is about promoting a web hosting scam. So how does it all work?

The sales video keeps claiming that everything is free, but it’s not. You will have to pay for hosting as well as a domain name. No real biggie there, as we all have to do that anyway if we want our own website.

What happens with 700 Profit Club is at the end of the sales pitch, if you want to buy into their done for you system, where they apparently even write all the sales copy for you, is you have to sign up to years of hosting with the hosting company they choose. You are paying for like 3 years up front as well as every conceivable add on that comes with the hosting. Once you do this, the owner of this scam makes some juicy commissions.

Now, there’s nothing wrong with being an affiliate and making commissions, just so long as everything is honest and above board. Affiliates should never use scam tactics like this site does to get sales.

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700 Profit Club


Done For You Website and CoolHandle

The idea is that when you buy your expensive hosting package, 700 Profit Club will give you a done for you website with sales copy and apparently everything you need to make money on the internet.

The problem is, even if they deliver on a promise of a site, your site will be exactly the same as everyone else’s site who joins the platform. It won’t have original content, therefore won’t rank in search engines and won’t get any free organic search traffic.

And without that there’s no way in hell you will be making the promised $700 a day. You likely won’t make anything at all.

The hosting service they link you up with is called CoolHandle. This hosting company is notorious for partnering with dubious and unethical platforms in a bid to make a profit. Many scams go through CoolHandle. Do a search on them. You’ll soon come across numerous complaints online.


Target Audience

This is targeted at newbies who don’t realise it’s a scam. Some people are looking for that magic, push button, everything runs on autopilot system where they can relax and make easy cash. Reality check – It doesn’t exist. Not without putting in the hard yards first anyway.


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Tools and Training

You don’t really need training, because everything is done for you. At any rate, once you hand over your money for hosting, you may or may not be given your cookie cutter website, and from there you are on your own. The scammers already have your money, so you’re of no use to them anymore. Unfortunately there are a lot of internet predators out there just looking to lighten your wallet or bank account.


The Pros

  • I can’t actually think of any positives to say about this scheme


The Cons

  • It’s all a con job
  • They sign you up for super expensive, basic web hosting and take your cash
  • You may or may not receive the promised done for you website
  • You won’t make $700 a day with this crap
  • Likely you won’t make any money at all
  • They use fake testimonials on their website
  • This mob play the very common “scarcity” card, where if you don’t join now you will miss out – Total BS. These scammers are never going to turn down your money when you offer it. Why would they?

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How Much Does 700 Profit Club Cost?

They claim it’s all free, but you can’t actually get past the sales video and into the platform without first buying a lifetime worth of over-priced web hosting. The very minimum you’ll be paying is something like $250, and for that you might get a worthless website. All you’re really doing is getting a hosting package and nothing more.


700 Profit Club Cost


Is 700 Profit Club a Scam?

Yes, it’s a scam for all money. Their marketing is totally deceptive, the claims of making $700 a day are completely bogus, and the hosting they sell you is way too expensive for what it is and won’t do a damned thing to help that crappy website they give you make money. Give this thing a big miss. Spend your money drinking some beers or something. At least that’s fun.


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2 thoughts on “700 Profit Club Is a Scam and Here’s Why!

  1. Hey Darren, very cool review of 700 Profit Club I loved reading. already the fact that the owner of the company is unknown should be ringing an alarm clock inside everybody. When they started saying that I could earn $20000 every month on autopilot I knew it was a scam. There is just no way somebody makes that much money doing nothing. Unless you have a lot of money and invest it… Anyway, I really like your #1recommendation, they are great everybody who wants to make money on the internet and is willing to put in some honest work should join wealthy affiliate it is free for starters anyway.

    • It would be great if we could make $20k almost right away for very little effort.

      These scammers just tell people what they want to hear so they can get their money. Everything they quote is totally unrealistic. Unless, like you say, you have plenty of money to invest in something to start with. Making money online from scratch is not going to produce that kind of cash in quick time. It just doesn’t work that way anymore than it does in the offline world.

      Thanks for stopping by Aaron and leaving your comments.

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