Branded Surveys Review – Is It Legit and Will You Make Money?



What is Branded Surveys? Is it a brand new platform or an old one rebranded? We all know online surveys don’t pay much, but does Branded Surveys have something more to offer?

Let’s take a closer look and find out…


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Branded Surveys ReviewCompany Name: Branded Surveys

Owner: Branded Research Inc.

Price To Join: Free

My Rating: 5/10



~ Branded Surveys Review ~


What Is Branded Surveys?

First, let it be known that Branded Surveys was formally known as Mintvine. They changed their name in November 2017.

Mintvine has been operating successfully for years, and the new Branded Surveys platform is essentially the same, just with a different name. Companies needing research come to Branded Surveys to initiate surveys to targeted demographics to gather essential data. Branded Surveys acts as the go between from company to survey participant.

The company has survey participants in over 40 countries across the globe and some 60,000 surveys are completed daily.


The Process

First you need to create a profile on the Branded Surveys platform and answer some questions so they know what surveys are best to send your way. Many of the surveys are on behalf of Fortune 500 companies needing research data for new products and a better advertising spend.

Once everything is set up Branded Surveys will start to send relevant surveys to your email inbox. First you will be answering some qualifying questions, after which you’ll either be screened out or invited to complete the full survey, for which you earn small rewards for your time. If you take too long to participate in a survey, the survey may reach its quota of participants and you will miss out.

Along with filling out paid surveys, you can also earn rewards for participating in focus groups and product testing. There are even video survey options available.

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Branded Surveys Stats



Branded Surveys uses a points system. Once you have accumulated enough rewards points you can cash them out. Here are the following options for redemption:

  1. PayPal cash payment
  2. Dwolla cash payment
  3. A variety of gift card options

100 rewards points equals $1. The average survey pays anywhere from 50 points for really short surveys, up to 300 points for surveys that may take close to 20 minutes to complete. At those rates you could potentially, in theory anyway, make about $9 per hour. You won’t get constant surveys to take, though. Possibly you’ll receive a few in one day, then maybe go for days receiving nothing. That’s just how it works.

In order to be able to make consistent money doing surveys you would need to join at least 5 different survey platforms, or more realistically at least 10.

You only need to reach a total of 1000 points to cash out for $10 cash or $10 worth of gift cards of your choice.

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Product Testing

With product testing you get a free product to try out as well as making a few dollars for filling out a questionnaire regarding your findings. These won’t come your way anywhere near as often as surveys, but it’s a fun option that can make you some more cash as well as receiving free products in the process.

Sometimes you even get to test out a paid service for free, but generally it’s physical products.


Focus Groups Will Earn You More

Focus groups are where there is bigger cash to be made. A one hour focus group can pay as high as $50 for your participation.

Getting invites is the hard part. Branded Surveys has millions of people on their platform, many of which want to earn the big dollars focus groups provide, so you are competing against a massive database. Still, it’s another earning option and a good one.


Branded Surveys Options


Branded Surveys Referral Program

Like many paid surveys and rewards platforms, Branded Surveys has a referral program. While it also doesn’t pay a lot, get enough referrals to join and you could make yourself a tidy passive income.

When you entice someone to join Branded Surveys your account will be rewarded with 50 bonus points after they successfully complete their first survey. From that point on you will earn 15% of all rewards your referrals earn. It could add up to something useful if you get enough active referrals to join.


Target Audience

Paid surveys and rewards sites like Branded Surveys generally attract people looking to make a little extra cash on the side in their spare time. It can also be a confidence booster for people who have never made a cent online before. Paid surveys don’t pay much, but at least they prove to newcomers that it is possible to make real money online.


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What I Like

  • Mintvine has been around for years, so they are an established company that has simply changed its branding
  • There are more options than just completing surveys to earn rewards
  • You can get paid out in actual money and not just gift cards
  • They have a referral program

Branded Surveys Review

What I Don’t Like

  • You don’t get enough surveys to make decent money quickly
  • The product testing and focus group opportunities are very few and far between
  • Paid surveys just don’t pay handsomely enough for the time you spend on them
  • There are millions of participants on Branded Surveys (formerly Mintvine), so you are competing with the masses for survey and other rewards opportunities


How Much Does Branded Surveys Cost?

It’s totally free to join the Branded Surveys platform and start taking paid surveys. You just won’t earn very much.


Is Branded Surveys a Scam?

No, it’s not a scam at all. It’s a legit platform and there’s nothing wrong with it. All Mintvine have done is change their name recently to Branded Surveys.

Like I always say about surveys and rewards sites, though, is you spend a lot of time on menial tasks and get rewarded very little for your time and effort. It’s okay as a way to get started earning online, but there are better things you can be doing with your time if the goal is to make decent money.


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