Earn Easy Commissions Is a Scam or $100K Payday?



Earn Easy Commissions is a scam or not? They claim you can make an easy $100k with their system if you join, but is that really very likely, or just some sort of sales talk to relieve you of your hard earned money?

Let’s take a look and find out the truth…


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Earn Easy Commissions Is a ScamCompany Name: Earn Easy Commissions

Owner: Chuck Nguyen

Price To Join: Free To Get Started

My Rating: 2/10



~ Earn Easy Commissions Review ~



No doubt you’ve heard about Earn Easy Commissions from a friend or read about it online, and you’re wondering if Earn Easy Commissions is a scam or a legit platform that’s worth joining. Well, you’ve taken the best first step. The very fact that you are here reading my review means you do your research first, and with so many dodgy make money online (MMO) schemes out there, that’s a wise way to do things.

On my Many Income Streams website I do my best to let people know about the good stuff I find online, as well as warn you against the multitude of scams and programs that just aren’t worth your time.


What Is Earn Easy Commissions?

Earn Easy Commissions is presented to us by a guy named Chuck Nguyen, and he claims we can all easily be making $100,000 or more with his simple system. You don’t even need any prior experience, apparently, to make it happen and the platform is very beginner-friendly. In fact, Chuck says everything is done for you.

Best of all, Chuck also claims his program is totally FREE to get started with!

This all sounds great so far, but is it as good as Chuck makes it out to be? Is he telling us the truth?

This automated selling system is, as I mentioned, a done for you system. What this means is that Chuck has created a system that allegedly works and makes money online. When you join, Chuck simply gives you his winning system and you go off and make money with it, no training required.

Earn Easy Commissions actually sounds similar to other platforms I’ve reviewed, such as:

So, to sum up what Chuck Nguyen is trying to sell us on here with Earn Easy Commissions is basically the following:

  1. You join for free
  2. Chuck gives you a done for you make money system
  3. You start making $100k a year
  4. It all happens on autopilot

Does this sound too good to be true to you? It does to me. In fact, Earn Easy Commissions has all the earmarks of being a typical MMO scam, just like the ones I mentioned in the above list that I’ve reviewed already.

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Earn Easy Commissions Is a Scam


How It Really Works

This system is not automated and done for you like Chuck claims. You will have to put in loads of work trying to sell the same system to others, as the only way you can make money with this is by recruiting others into the scheme.

You can create a free account just like Chuck says, but if you remain a free member, your chances of making any money are very slim. And if you are willing to pay for an upgraded membership, only then can you access the possibility of making decent cash.

Basically, the higher the level you buy into the higher the commissions are you can make. Yes, the system is set up, but it’s your job to drive traffic to your sales pages so you can entice others to join, for without new members joining under you and buying memberships, you earn practically nothing.



The Memberships

There are 3 membership levels in Earn Easy Commissions and we’ll briefly take a look at each one.

  1. Free Membership – Obviously this level is free to join and you can earn $1 for everyone you refer. If one of those members buys the VIP Membership, you earn an additional $100 commission.
  2. Pro Membership – You don’t pay to be a Pro Member, but what you are required to do is join GetResponse for emailing as well as join Click Magick. Both platforms will cost you money on a monthly basis. You now join the affiliate programs of each and stand to earn 33% commissions from your recruits when they join. Plus, there is the $100 commission if your recruits go VIP.
  3. VIP Membership – To become a VIP you have to buy into everything. Simply pay $750 up front, or pay $100 a month for a year. This makes you eligible to earn $1.20 for free signups, 33% commissions on GetResponse and Click Magick, $500 commissions for VIP sales to your direct recruits and $100 commissions on VIP sales made by recruits in your downline.

Just a very quick explanation of GetResponse and Click Magick. GetResponse is the platform that will handle your email list building, as well as where you can set up a series of sales/recruiting emails sent out periodically by an autoresponder. Click Magick will track your links, analyse your data and help you improve your marketing campaigns.

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Is Earn Easy Commissions An Illegal Ponzi Scheme?

An illegal Ponzi scheme is where new money from recruitment is a constant requirement to keep the scheme going. If there are genuine products in play, something people get for their money, then schemes like this tend to avoid the Ponzi scheme label. However, there really doesn’t seem to be anything much on offer here other than recruiting.

Yes, Earn Easy Commissions gives you a system, but the only real products/services are external of the system, as in GetResponse and Click Magick.

To me this does teeter on the edge of being an illegal Ponzi scheme.


Target Audience

This is really targeting anyone who would like to make extra cash, but has a definite slant towards the “get rich quick” mentality.


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What I Like

  • You could potentially make some decent commissions recruiting for this scheme
  • There is a free membership


What I Don’t Like and Red Flags

  • In my opinion this works like a Ponzi scheme and will therefore die out at some point
  • You are not really getting anything for your money when you buy an expensive VIP Membership
  • This system relies solely on recruiting for anyone to get paid
  • As soon as recruitment slows or stops, then entire scheme will collapse
  • Most VIP Members will likely just lose out on their investment if they can’t recruit or the scheme folds


How Much Does Earn Easy Commissions Cost?

There is a genuine free membership here on two levels, although with the second Pro level you’ll be required to spend on GetResponse and Click Magick memberships monthly. To become VIP will either cost you $750 outright, or $1200 if you pay it off at $100 a month for an entire year.

Earn Easy Commissions

Is Earn Easy Commissions a Scam?

Maybe calling this a scam would be too harsh a word, but it is very close to being an outright Ponzi scheme in my eyes. If the scheme lasts a while and you’re great at recruiting, then you could potentially make some fairly decent commissions with this.

That is, if you can earn enough to offset the high price of a VIP Membership.

In all honesty I can’t recommend this one. There is just not enough value on offer and the risks of losing your money are quite high. I’d give it a miss.


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