Facebook Cash Code Is a Scam? Is $397 Per Day the Reality?



The Facebook Cash Code is a scam and in this post I’ll explain why I think it is. If you come across this dodgy platform on Facebook or anywhere, steer well clear of it. Don't even touch it. It's really not worth it.

Let’s take a closer look at Facebook Cash Code so you can learn why it's a scam…


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Facebook Cash Code Is a ScamCompany Name: Facebook Cash Code

Owners: Uncertain

Price To Join: $47 to start

My Rating: 0/10



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What Is Facebook Cash Code and How Does It Work?

If you visit their website they actually claim they are affiliated and endorsed by both Facebook and Microsoft. However, this in an outright lie. Nothing could be further from the truth. They only state this to make their dodgy scheme sound legitimate. What they claim is that both Facebook and Microsoft have released a work from home program where people can make money from their computers. It’s all a ruse.

Over the years there have been a few schemes declaring they are associated with Facebook, when in actual fact it’s all a farce. It makes it sound for real using the Facebook name, and many people would be excited by the prospect of Facebook paying them to work from home.

Further claims state that if you purchase the Facebook Cash Code kit you will be making $397 per day for just a few hours of work. Sounds impressive, right? We all wish something like this were true.

These scammers do the usual array of dodgy things so many other scammers do. For starters, the fake TV spots and news channel endorsements.

Anyone can plaster TV channel logos all over their site and claim to have either been featured on those channels or endorsed by them. They follow this up with all the glowing fake testimonials. Again, these are easily fabricated and usually feature stock photos to represent the people supposedly writing the testimonial.

Then there are the images of nice juicy checks that you could be making.

As is common practice with scams, their sales pages and videos hype up all the money you will be making and how you’ll be living the good life, yet they never get around to actually telling you what you’ll be doing to make this money.

At the end of the day all that’s really on offer is yet another link posting scam. These are everywhere at the moment and I’ve reviewed quite a few. Whether this one is also run by the same bunch of scammers who operate all the others, I’m not sure, but there are certainly some similarities.

The “job” is placing links all over the internet – in this case Facebook – and big companies will pay you money each time you place a link.

This is a form of affiliate marketing, but not done right. If you want to make great money from affiliate marketing, then click here to learn how to do it right.

This is all bogus. Yes, you can place affiliate links in places and get paid commissions if sales are made, but no major companies – and especially not Facebook – pay you for mere link posting. Facebook isn’t even a fan of affiliate links.

Everything about this is fake and just a reiteration of so many similar link posting scams doing the rounds.


Facebook Cash Code Is a Scam


Target Audience

People new to either working or doing business online. Those with more experience would see scam written all over this right from the start. It also targets people who think making cash online is so easy that they wouldn’t question being able to make $400 a day for just a few hours of work.

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The Pros

  • There are no positives


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The Cons

  • It’s a fake link posting con job
  • There is no Facebook or Microsoft job
  • You will lose your sign up fee
  • You won’t make money doing what they teach
  • Likely your details will be sold to third parties
  • You will also likely be hounded with upsells for other dodgy programs
  • You will get yourself labelled as a spammer
  • The TV channel endorsements are fake
  • The testimonials are bogus and use stock photos
  • The list goes on….


Tools and Training

You receive some very rudimentary training in affiliate marketing, and that’s about it with this one.


Facebook Cash Code Fake Check


How Much Does Facebook Cash Code Cost?

You are charged $47 to join up. After that they hit you with a heavy $69.95 per month after the first 30 days is up.


Is Facebook Cash Code a Scam?

Yes, this is a classic scam, and one of many of this exact variety doing the rounds right now. I wouldn’t be surprised if Facebook Cash Code is run by the same bunch of scammers who peddle all the other link posting sites. Don’t fall for this scam. Give it a wide berth.


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2 thoughts on “Facebook Cash Code Is a Scam? Is $397 Per Day the Reality?

  1. Thanks for being a scam watchdog. I have actually seen this ad floating around for some time now. Its nice to know there are people out there watching out for this type of illegitiment advertising. I see you could not find even one positive note but many negative ones. What better way to market a product than to associate it with a high profile name such as Facebook. Good job, I appreciated the read!!

    • Yes, Facebook Cash Code is a total croc. I’ve actually seen about 4 different scams playing on the Facebook name to try and look legit. Facebook on Fire is another one, and Facebook Bonanza.

      I always try to find something positive with a platform, even if I don’t recommend it, but ones that are just outright scams like Facebook Cash Code leave no room for any praise.

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving your thoughts.

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