Is 5 Day Fix a Scam? Email Marketing to Wealth or Ruin?



Is 5 Day Fix a scam or not? Many people have been asking this question so I decided to dig a little deeper and write a review. Can this email marketing ploy really see you earning an income in as little as 5 days? Or is that too optimistic and just a sales pitch maybe?

Let’s take a look and find out the truth…


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Is 5 Day Fix a ScamCompany Name: 5 Day Fix

Co-Founders: Paul Prissick and Mark Barrett

Price To Join: $17

My Rating: 7/10



~ 5 Day Fix Review ~


What Is the 5 Day Fix and How Does It Work?

5 Day Fix ClaimsFirst up, I'm really glad to see you reading my review here, as it means you're smart enough to research something before joining it, and that's always a wise idea. There are a lot of make money scams out there, so it's good to be cautious.

This is really nothing new. There are quite a few similar systems out there that preach the same method of email marketing. In a nutshell the 5 Day Fix is about creating a capture page to get people to join your email list.

You send paid traffic to that capture page, where potential subscribers are enticed to join your list and receive something for free. You then have a series of emails ready to send out to your subscribers with affiliate offers in them. When someone makes a purchase, you get a commission.

This is a very common method. With the 5 Day Fix the joining price is very cheap, but that’s just the beginning. You will need to spend on more than that to do this system. Because this all relies on email marketing and paying for traffic to your capture page, you need a bit of capital to make this happen.

There are a few false claims made on the official sales page. For starters, they claim this method of email marketing has never been seen before. That’s not true. They also claim you need zero marketing budget. That’s also untrue.

Everything about this system and the way it works will cost money. There’s nothing wrong with the system, but it’s a lie to say you won’t need any money.

Anyway, this kind of email marketing for affiliate offers can work quite well, just as long as you have a budget for that paid traffic and for an autoresponder to send out the emails.

I do affiliate marketing another way which is very effective. It brings in $1000s a month in passive income, allowing me to live the laptop lifestyle. You can do it too if you are shown the right way to go about it. Check out the training over at Wealthy Affiliate. That's what got me started. It's even free to join up.


Target Audience

While beginners are capable of doing this, I’d say this form of email marketing is probably best suited to people who already have some background in affiliate marketing and marketing online in general.


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The Pros

  • It’s quite cheap to try out
  • This form of marketing can definitely get results
  • The videos are good and easy to follow
  • The product owners offer some very valuable insights


The Cons

  • There are quite a few upsells, and you actually need to buy them
  • Relying on paid traffic can get really expensive, so you really need a good ROI
  • They claim this has never been done before, but it’s nothing new
  • They say you don’t need any budget or capital, but you most definitely do


Tools and Training

When you join you’ll get access to a series of 7 training videos. These show you how to set up the process for your email marketing campaign, and virtually every video gets you to buy a necessary upsell. The final video tries to upsell you even more products than what you actually need. The videos aren’t bad and it’s an easy to follow, step by step process.

  • Video 1 – Essentially another welcome video just giving an overview of the system.
  • Video 2 – Case study on a successful marketing campaign. You are introduced to AdHitz as a source of paid traffic.
  • Video 3 – A video walkthrough of how to set up your ad campaign.
  • Video 4 – Another source of paid traffic is introduced, this one more expensive but with better quality traffic.
  • Video 5 – This video will teach you how to create capture pages and write ad text for your emails that gets results.
  • Video 6 – A discussion about free and paid traffic and recommends using YouTube for free traffic.
  • Video 7 – Summarises everything and introduces more upsells.

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How Much Does the 5 Day Fix Cost?

At the moment it’s $17 to join, but some people have seen it drop to as low as eight dollars and change. You will also need money for paid traffic, and this could be anywhere from $100 to thousands, depending on how much paid traffic you want to buy, or need to buy to make a profit through affiliate sales.


Is 5 Day Fix a Scam?

No, there’s definitely no scam here. This kind of system does work and is used by countless marketers. However, some of their stipulations are a little deceitful. Saying you don’t need any money and that this system is new. Neither of those claims is true.

That being said, I quite like what’s on offer here with the 5 Day Fix platform. Could be worth a look for the more experienced.


Another Method of Affiliate Marketing

If you don’t yet have any experience in affiliate marketing or marketing online, then it’s my suggestion that you first get some experience from the ground up before tackling something like the 5 Day Fix way of doing things.

If you learn affiliate marketing the way I did, it will give you the best grounding in being successful online. You will learn how to create a website, get free traffic through good SEO and other methods, discover lucrative affiliate offers and become part of a very helpful community that wants to see your succeed.

If you would like to read my review of the training I did to get started, just click on the banner below.


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2 thoughts on “Is 5 Day Fix a Scam? Email Marketing to Wealth or Ruin?

  1. Not hear of 5 days fix before but it sounds good if it does what it says. Your review is very thorough and it is quite an enjoyable read.

    Like you said, it is quite cheap to start but looking at the pros and cons you listed, I think one has to spend more down the line.

    Not sure why one has to buy traffic to boost their affiliate business but I am sure your recommendation has a solution to that.

    In overall, thanks for sharing such a great post.

    • Hi Richard. Thanks for stopping by and leaving your thoughts on 5 Day Fix.

      It’s not a bad program and doesn’t cost much to get involved. Yes, you will have to spend more money down the line with their paid traffic methods, but of course you can always go the slower route of creating content and getting organic search traffic – which tends to convert better in my own experience. The training in 5 Day Fix is actually pretty good, which si a pleasant surprise, as some of these platforms I’ve reviewed in the past, while they haven’t been scams, the training has been very basic and rather thin.

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