My Online Dream Biz Review – Legit or Scam?



Is My Online Dream Biz a scam or legit business opportunity? Can anyone really make $6k per month with this internet short cut to success system? Or does Jason just preach a bunch of sales hype?

Let’s take a closer look and find out…


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My Online Dream Biz ReviewCompany Name: My Online Dream Biz

Owner: Jason More

Price To Join: $499 reduced to $99

My Rating: 0/10




~ My Online Dream Biz Review ~


What Is My Online Dream Biz and How Does It Work?

Jason Moore is apparently the name behind My Online Dream Biz and he claims his system has found a short cut to making money on the internet. I’d love a dollar for every time I’ve heard that line. I’d be rich without having to lift a finger.

Jason also claims that with his platform and training, you’ll soon be making $3000 to $6000 a month online in no time. And this is in your spare time from home. He even says he’ll pay you $400 just to watch his video. Many money making platforms make similar claims. What you actually get is $400 off the joining fee of $499, bringing it down to $99, a more reasonable figure.

True, it’s certainly possible to make that kind of income online, but is it possible with what Jason has to offer?

Let’s dig a little deeper.

The guy in the video is an actor who sells his services on Fiverr, where he offers to make promotional videos and the like. I’m not saying Jason Moore isn’t real, but he’s not the guy in the video. Plus, the video never tells you what you’ll actually be doing. Like all these videos they just keep repeating how much money you’ll be making and how easy it will be.

Anyway, once you cough up some money and join you will immediately be hit with upsells in your email inbox. That’s also very common with platforms that are dubious at best, or outright scams.

One aspect you will be immediately and regularly targeted with is a call for one-on-one coaching via a 30 minute phone conversation. No doubt that 30 minute call will also include a hustle to buy even more upsells. They do pass the call off as a bonus, but it’s really nothing more than a telemarketing call.

You see, unlike most legit programs out there, this one asks for your phone number. I’m a member of a few genuine online platforms and none of those ask for your phone number when you first register with them. It’s really only the scams that ask for that, so they can hound you over the phone AND by email.

I actually couldn’t think of anything more annoying than having people hounding me on the phone trying to sell me stuff all the time. I get enough of that now without actually paying money to join some platform where that is a part of the deal. No thanks.

This platform seems to be nothing more than a sales funnel to purchase other training and money making platforms. There doesn’t actually seem to be any legitimate way to make any coin with what My Online Dream Biz offers in and of itself.

While I consider this opportunity pretty dodgy, there are legit ways to make some really good money online, and one of the very best is affiliate marketing. Just check out the awesome training over at Wealthy Affiliate. You can even join up for FREE!


My Online Dream Biz

Target Audience

Definitely targeted at beginners, and those who hold onto the fantasy that making money on the internet is quick and easy. There’s money to be made online, for sure, but it’s rarely easy nor quick.

For some reason so many people think it should be really simple and really fast. I don’t know why. It doesn’t work that way in the offline would, so why do people erroneously assume the internet is different?


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The Pros

  • I can’t think of anything positive to tell you about this empty shell of a platform


The Cons

  • My Online Dream Biz is nothing more than a sales funnel for which you pay $99 to join
  • The guy in the video is an actor
  • There is no $400 giveaway – it’s just a discount off the over-priced membership fee
  • $3k to $6k per month is not possible with this system
  • The owner uses very deceptive marketing tactics
  • Claims he bases his system off what Tim Ferris taught in his famous book the “4 Hour Work Week”, only this platform doesn’t adhere to Tim’s teachings whatsoever
  • The guy in the video has often appeared in videos for other make money online products


Tools and Training

Well, there isn’t anything going on with this program. Yes, there are plenty of trainings available once you join and hit the members area, but they are all upsells and all come at an additional cost to you. All Jason really mentions is 5 systems where you can copy and paste for 45 minutes a day and that leads to an income of between 3-6 thousand a month. I don’t think so.

Copy the way I make $1000s a month on the internet!


How Much Does My Online Dream Biz Cost?

After you watch his hyped-up sales video in its entirety, you will receive a $400 discount off the joining fee of $499, bringing it down to the bargain price of just $99! Wow! Thanks, Jason.

This empty platform was never going to be sold for nearly $500. No way. That discount is just a scammy gimmick to make it sound like he’s doing you a monumental favour.


My Online Dream Biz Slogan


Is My Online Dream Biz a Scam?

In my opinion the My Online Dream Biz is a scam because it’s marketed deceptively and actually offers no value. It’s just a scheme that charges people nearly $100 to allow them access to a sales funnel of expensive upsells, email spam and harassment over the phone from hardcore telemarketers.

This seems to be just another copy/paste, link posting system which is nothing more than an excuse to lure people in to sell them other products. It’s not worth $99. In fact, it’s not even worth joining if it was free. Give it a miss. You would be better off investing in lotto.


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2 thoughts on “My Online Dream Biz Review – Legit or Scam?

  1. Great information right there as we are tired of being scammed, we are all here to gain something genuine and leave a finger print for ourselves,

    You really nailed it #Jason More as people really need to know the truth behind the scenes, will defiantly recommend this site to everyone wanting to make money online.

    • Thanks for stopping by, Otis. It’s always good to get some feedback.

      This guy, Jason More, actually has a few sites out there that are pretty much the same deal. I like to promote anything I come across that’s good value, but there are so many scams out there that I like to bring them to peoples’ attention.

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