Is 500 Cash Club a Scam or Something To Aspire To?



Is 500 Cash Club a scam or a genuine pathway to internet wealth? They promise big paydays, but is this too good to be true?

Let’s take a closer look and uncover the truth….


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Is 500 Cash Club a ScamCompany Name: 500 Cash Club

Owners: Richard Paul

Price To Join: $97 + Upsells

My Rating: 1/10



~ 500 Cash Club Review ~


What Is 500 Cash Club?

First things first, the guy running this website used to be a hardcore MOBE affiliate, and that’s what the 500 Cash Club used to funnel members into. He’s now switched allegiances and has teamed up with Digital Altitude and their Aspire platform.

Therefore, the 500 Cash Club is now a feeder site to funnel people into Aspire. In other words, the 500 Cash Club isn’t really anything of itself. When you pay to join Richard Paul’s 500 Cash Club, you’re simply paying to get in on the ground floor of Aspire.

The big problem I have with this particular platform is all the lies and deception. If this Aspire affiliate wants to create a website to encourage people to join Aspire so he can earn commissions, why all the smoke and mirrors? Why pretend he has created something new when he hasn’t?

In other words, why not just be open and transparent about it? Create a website that offers all the reasons and supposed benefits of joining Aspire.

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Is 500 Cash Club a Scam


The Reason Behind the Cloak and Dagger Stuff

Aspire is owned by Digital Altitude. Originally the name of the money making platform was simply Digital Altitude. However, that platform developed a poor reputation over time for being somewhat of a pyramid scheme, so they reinvented the same program under the new name of Aspire.

As time went on, Aspire also developed a bad reputation just like its predecessor, so now we have all these Aspire affiliates (just like the MOBE ones do) creating websites that look like brand new platforms, except behind the scenes they are just feeder sites into Aspire.


Aspire by Digital Altitude – The Real Platform You Are Joining

I’ve written a review of Aspire, but I’ll briefly give a rundown on what it is all about.

When you join Aspire you are entering into a platform that trains its members in affiliate marketing and how to make money online. The problem with Aspire is (and it’s the same thing with MOBE), is all the upsells you are hit with once you join. Many of these upsells cost thousands, and some are even priced in the tens of thousands.

The major push of the Aspire platform is for affiliates to get out there and recruit other people into Aspire so they can earn affiliate commissions. There is a catch though. In order to be eligible to earn commissions on the sale of a particular training program or membership level in Aspire, that affiliate must first have purchased the same product or no commission is payable.

It makes it almost a mandatory requirement to spend thousands just to be eligible to earn commissions for your referrals.

The reason Digital Altitude and now Aspire are at risk of being called a pyramid scheme is because the platform really only sells itself. You don’t sell any products to non-members, or operate a service.

The training within Aspire is only really there as an excuse to charge fees for memberships and give its members a way to earn commissions. You don’t do their training and then go off and do something else with what you learned. Their training is all about recruiting people into Aspire and that’s it.

If members are not careful, Aspire can quickly drain your bank account or credit card dry. They hype you up with the promise of massive commissions, but first you have to spend up big in order to qualify for those commissions. Even if you decide to buy into everything, some of their training and products are so expensive that it’s going to be a really tough sell.

There is nothing wrong with an affiliate marketing training platform having its very own affiliate program. That’s just logical, but the problem with Aspire and MOBE is they don’t train anyone just to be an affiliate marketer in general, they only train you to become an expert at selling Aspire and recruitment into Aspire.

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Is Aspire Digital Altitude a Scam

500 Cash Club Is Full Of Deception

Lie number one is that you are told you will receive $500 just for watching the sales video on the 500 Cash Club homepage. Not true, and this is a very common ploy. Generally to get that $500 you will first have to buy a whole bunch of products where you might receive a $500 discount.

The second untruth is 500 Cash Club itself. It’s not a real platform, just a feeder site into the real platform of Aspire. Richard Paul is merely an affiliate trying to earn commissions in a rather dishonest fashion.

He makes it all sound so easy to be earning the mega bucks and, although this kind of money is possible, it’s going to take some big spending on your part first and then some very heavy lifting, day after day, week after week and month after month to make commissions.

Once you join Aspire you will be hit with upsell after upsell, and they push these pretty hard as well.


Target Audience

This website (Aspire) is really targeting those new to affiliate marketing, people who are unaware of best practices and what sort of training will really set them up for success.


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Tools and Training

There is no training available in the 500 Cash Club, but once you head over to Aspire you’ll be greeted with so many options your head will spin (especially when you see the prices). You might even faint.


What I Like

  • There is the potential to make some really high commissions if you have the bankroll to buy into them all first and become commission-eligible


What I Don’t Like

  • Aspire has a hell of a lot of information, so you could suffer from dizziness
  • The 500 Cash Club website is all a deception
  • This is nothing more than a feeder site
  • Aspire training is mega expensive
  • This website is an empty vessel
  • You are deceived into thinking this is an original money making/training platform, when it’s not
  • At Aspire, high pressure sales tactics are encouraged and employed


How Much Does 500 Cash Club Cost?

I know you can join Aspire at the base level for $37 a month. For some reason Richard Paul is charging more than double that at $97. But he could be funnelling you into a higher membership level right off the bat. A bigger commission for him.


500 Cash Club Promise


Is 500 Cash Club a Scam?

While I don’t consider Aspire to be an outright scam, the 500 Cash Club is because it offers absolutely no value of itself and the site owner has used very deceptive tactics to get members to join a completely different platform to the one being advertised. This is nothing more than a feeder site.

And as far as Aspire goes, I don’t recommend that either. The cost of the products there are way too expensive and the entire platform is designed just to sell itself and has no other intrinsic value. You will be out thousands if you join and find it super hard to make money selling nothing else but Aspire itself.


Tired Of All the Scams?

While the internet seems to be awash with make money online scams, there are genuine training platforms out there, and affiliate marketing is a real business.

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2 thoughts on “Is 500 Cash Club a Scam or Something To Aspire To?

  1. I have seen a few reviews lately of these types of scams, that all seem to lead back to Aspire. It blows my mind the lengths people go to just to rip some people off.

    This is a great review and very informative. I will definitely be staying FAR away from any of these types of scams.

    • Hi Leah. Thanks for stopping by. Yes, many Aspire affiliate create fake platforms just to funnel people into Aspire. It’s the same thing with affiliates of MOBE. They always create bogus make money websites as well, making out like that have some awesome original platform, just to send people over to super expensive MOBE. It sucks.

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