Is Amazon Secrets a Scam or a $1 Million System?



Is Amazon Secrets a scam or not? That’s the question many of my readers have been asking, so I decided to look into this make money on Amazon platform to discover what it’s all about. The creators make some huge claims, but can their program live up to the hype, or is this just another worthless scheme that targets the retail giant?

Let’s take a closer look and find out the truth…



Is Amazon Secrets a ScamCompany Name: Amazon Secrets

Owners: Mike Gazzola and Matthew Behdjou

Price To Join: $3000 or More

My Rating: 5/10



~ Amazon Secrets Review ~



A lot of people were asking about Amazon Secrets, and being someone who uses Amazon myself as one of my ways to make money online, I was pretty interested to see what this one was all about.

The idea of my website is to help people (and myself) find ways to make multiple sources of income on the internet. While there are some awesome opportunities online and some fantastic training programs, there are an awful lot of scams as well.

It’s great to see you here reading my review, as you are far less likely to ever be a victim of a scam when you do your due diligence and research.

Let’s now see whether Amazon Secrets has anything useful and positive to offer, or whether it’s nothing more than a waste of valuable time and money.


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What Is Amazon Secrets?

I’ve come across a number of make money schemes that use Amazon’s name to grab the attention of budding online entrepreneurs. Some have been legit training, while others have been outright scams, such as “Amazon Cash Websites”, which I reviewed just a few weeks ago.

Both Amazon and Facebook have had their names used in a fair few scams over the years, so you really have to be careful. The reason scammers use these company names is to lend their product an air of legitimacy so people will trust them and hand their hard-earned money over.

AZ Code is a slightly more legit Amazon-based opportunity, while something like Secret Facebook Cash System is totally dodgy.

When you arrive on the website you will be presented with a sales pitch video, which is extremely common these days for any sort of make money online type of product. This is usually where they try to sell people on the hype with very little talk about how the program actually works. Not in all cases, but generally anything that doesn’t have any real substance to it will just endlessly tell people what they want to hear; like how much money they’ll make and how quick and easy it all is.

Using the word “autopilot” a lot is a common tactic as well, because it’s human nature to want to be able to make the big bucks without having to do any work.

In reality hardly anything works that way.

Amazon Secrets is presented to us by two guys names Mike and Matt. In the opening to the video we are welcomed to the “Online Secrets” website rather than the “Amazon Secrets” website. A minor discrepancy maybe, so let’s move on.

The talk of the video is about an inner circle of people that these guys have been training, showing them how to make a killing selling Amazon products. Right now they are opening up the opportunity to a limited number of lucky people, in this case 100.

Try and ignore scarcity tactics like this. There’s no way these dudes are going to turn away anyone’s money, so if you’re number 101, I’m sure they’ll still let you join.


Is Amazon Secrets a Scam


How It Works

I’m happy to report that both Mike Gazzola and Matthew Behdjou are real people. I researched them. So often with make money online products and training platforms the creators use an alias instead of revealing who they really are, so this is a breath of fresh air.

Amazon Secrets is more focused on training to show you how to make money selling products on the Amazon platform. These two dudes are self-professed experts when it comes to selling products on Amazon and getting traffic to those all important product pages.

Along with some training videos that show you what to do to be successful, members apparently also gain access to a very powerful tool that will help explode those Amazon sales!

What does the tool do?

It helps you select the best selling products on Amazon for starters. It’s also designed to help you achieve much higher sales consistently.

Mike has also established a series of tested and converting sales funnels. Part of the membership deal is access to these sales funnels as well.

An important aspect of the inner circle series of benefits is the fact that you have communication with a bunch of Amazon selling gurus who have all made more than 6 figures profit per year selling on the online retailer. In fact some have even done more than $1 million in sales in a year.


The Income Disclaimer

Normally these things are hidden way down in the footer area of the website where most people don’t bother to look or even see them. Not so with the Amazon Secrets site. They have their disclaimer displayed right at the top.

As is pretty common in income disclaimers is to make statements that results are not typical for the average person and that many people won’t even make back their investment. This is designed to cover the owners legally, rather than outright making claims that you’ll make a financial killing; even though they all make these kinds of claims as well.

At least these guys are willing to be open and honest, which is more than I can say for many other make money and training platforms.


Amazon Secrets Disclaimer


The Word On the Street

If you do some research on Amazon Secrets to see what others are saying, you’ll find some people praising the platform while others have suffered big monetary losses.

View this interesting discussion on Quora.

This is pretty standard with most make money deals though, even the fully legit ones. For whatever reason, not everybody will be successful with them. That’s just life.

So how can you actually lose money with this?

Well, apart from paying to join the scheme, there are Amazon fees to pay, advertising, and then you have to buy a bunch of products for the Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) system. FBA means Amazon stores the products in their warehouse and fulfills the orders for you when sales are made. If the products don’t sell, or fail quality standards, you will have spent money that you can’t recoup through sales.

Many people make huge money with FBA, but like any sort of business there are risks and no guarantees.


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Target Audience

I wouldn’t really say what they’re teaching here is aimed at online marketing beginners, as you really need to have a bit of experience in making money online in various forms before committing to a big product investment to sell on the Amazon platform. Having products to sell is just the beginning. The hard part is getting people to those products and convincing them to make a purchase.


What I Like

  • Mike Gazzola and Matthew Behdjou are real people
  • It is possible to make some really big money selling products on Amazon with FBA
  • These guys and their inner circle have all been successful sellers on Amazon
  • The training and experience offered by this team could help you be successful at this
  • Access to the inner circle Facebook group


What I Don’t Like and Red Flags

  • It’s expensive to join this program and training scheme
  • You need a bankroll to buy a heap of products for Amazon fulfilment
  • I don’t believe beginning online marketers should be taking a risk on going this route just yet
  • Many people say they’ve lost a lot of money following the advice of Mike and Matt
  • The program is over-hyped
  • The creators make it all sound so super quick and really easy
  • There are no limited positions open to just 100 people. That’s just sales talk


Quora Amazon Secrets Complaint


How Much Does Amazon Secrets Cost?

The minimum investment to get started with this program is $3000. That’s just the start. There’ll be even more costs along the way, including Amazon fees, taxes, and possibly even a trip to China to source decent products to sell.

Like I said, it’s possible to make big bucks with FBA, with the right product, marketing and even a little luck, but you’ll need to spend a fair amount first before you have a chance of making a profit.

And profits are never guaranteed.


Is Amazon Secrets a Scam?

Some people say it’s a scam – especially those who have lost money, or feel they were given bad advice by these guys along the way – and there are others singing its praises.

Me, I’m on the fence a little bit with this one. I don’t believe it’s a scam. Over-hyped and marketed by telling people what they want to hear maybe, but not a rip off scam.

Maybe it’s worth it, maybe it’s not. My advice is if you really want to sell products on Amazon, then do as much research as you possibly can about it before buying into any training programs, or sourcing products to ship from somewhere like China.


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