Is Aspire Today a Scam or Gateway To $7k a Day?



Is Aspire Today a scam or gateway to internet wealth? When looking into this platform I discovered it isn’t anything new, so is it worth joining up with, or just a complete waste of your valuable time?

Let’s take a look and find out…



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Is Aspire Today a ScamCompany Name: Aspire Today

Owner: Aspire/Digital Altitude Affiliate

Price To Join: Up To $50k Or So

My Rating: 1/10



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The internet is full of both great opportunities to make money, as well as being a breeding ground for loads of MMO (make money online) scams. On my website I like to highlight the good stuff, as well as expose the bad so less people out there will fall for something that’s just a con job to take your money. The fact you are here reading this review means you do your research and are far less likely to ever get scammed.


What Is Aspire Today?

The person behind the Aspire Today platform claims you can be making figures like $500 to over $7000 a day, every day of the week for only around half an hour of work per day in just 2 simple steps.

Sounds pretty awesome, doesn’t it?

Well, it would be if it were true, so can Aspire Today really deliver on these claims?

He also goes on to state that you don’t need any tech skills and no prior experience is required to make money with this scheme.

Before we go any further it needs to be pointed out that Aspire Today isn’t really a training platform or online money making scheme itself. The website is merely a portal, or funnel, into another platform simply called “Aspire”, which used to be known as Digital Altitude.

It is run by an Aspire affiliate in a bid to get people to join Aspire through their affiliate link. That way the affiliate running the Aspire Today website will get paid a commission. This is a popular practice among Aspire affiliates, such as with another similar website I reviewed called the 500 Cash Club by Richard Paul.

There is a similar platform called MOBE, and its affiliates also do the same thing, using funnels to get people to join the very expensive MOBE platform. Aspire operates very much the same way and is also expensive, with loads of upsells.


Is Aspire Today a Scam


How Aspire/Digital Altitude Works

You can read my full review of the official Aspire platform here, but I’ll give you a brief rundown here of how it works for the sake of convenience.

Aspire trains its members in affiliate marketing, but more specifically, it trains people how to sell the Aspire system to others. You don’t learn how to be an affiliate marketer in general, setting up an affiliate business online and marketing whatever products you like. You only get to sell Aspire.

Aspire is basically a sales funnel with loads of digital products and training. Each product comes with a separate price attached, so when you join Aspire you don’t get access to everything. You have to purchase each individual product or training if you want access to it.

The most important point to note about Aspire is that in order to earn affiliate commissions on a particular product, you have to own that product yourself. Aspire has some hardcore sales reps that well encourage you to go all in and buy everything in their product suite, thus enabling you to earn on everything if you can manage to sell their high ticket offers.

Is Aspire Digital Altitude a Scam

Aspire also has different membership levels like multi level marketing schemes and has often been labelled an illegal pyramid scheme. However, it does have real products.

If you were going to go all in with Aspire and buy everything there is, you would be out of pocket around $50k or so. That’s very expensive and you haven’t even made any money yet. Extremely risky to get involved in high ticket operations like Digital Altitude’s Aspire program, even if the potential commissions are big. You need to be able to recruit as well as sell expensive products to others.

With other affiliate programs there are no membership fees, and you don’t have to buy a product first in order to be allowed to earn a commission promoting it.


Target Audience

This is predominantly targeting those new to making money online, although I guess it would also appeal to some marketers looking for bigger ticket items to sell.


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What I Like

  • Aspire is a real platform and there is the potential to make big money if you’re good enough and have the bankroll to purchase their expensive products first


What I Don’t Like and Red Flags

  • The Aspire Today website is nothing but a way to funnel people into Aspire
  • Aspire Today has no system of itself and really offers nothing
  • The affiliate doesn’t disclose who they really are
  • Buying into Aspire can run into tens of thousands of dollars
  • Aspire has been accused of being an illegal pyramid scheme or Ponzi scheme, because it relies so heavily on recruitment
  • Aspire uses high pressure sales tactics to get your money
  • The platform is way over-hyped for my liking
  • There are lots of complaints about Digital Altitude


How Much Does Aspire Today Cost?

The price to join Aspire can vary. Sometimes there is a free trial period, while other times they’ll offer a 14 day trial for just $1. But like I said, if you start buying their products you’ll be paying out 1000s of dollars in quick time. Then you have to try and earn all that back as an affiliate before you can start making a profit.


Aspire Complaints


Is Aspire Today a Scam?

Aspire, just like the MOBE platform I mentioned, is real, but it’s high ticket, and you are almost forced to spend a hell of a lot of money first before you can hope to get your hands on any of the big commissions promised.

This Aspire Today scheme is nothing but a feeder site for the original Aspire platform, run by one of their affiliates. It really offers nothing itself, and isn’t really totally transparent that it’s funnelling you into something else.

Unless you can recruit like a god and have the ability to regularly sell expensive products to others, then I’d give it a miss. Oh, and you’ll also need a spare $50k or so to buy everything.


Do What I Do Online – I Know It Works

Although the basis of Aspire/Digital Altitude is affiliate marketing, it’s not done in the best way. I actually do affiliate marketing for a living, so I know a fair bit about it, and there are much better ways of doing things than what was taught at Aspire.

For instance, with the training I did I learnt how to market any product to any audience, whereas Aspire only really teaches people how to sell Aspire to others, which is extremely limiting your overall income potential and business growth.

Anyone can do affiliate marketing and make a successful online business out of it. You just need to be shown the right steps to take with the help of the right training. Another great advantage of this type of online business is it requires hardly any money to get started and run an affiliate marketing gig online.

The awesome training I did that showed me the way actually starts with a trial that is completely FREE, so no risk to you whatsoever. It’s the best I’ve come across in all my research and experience. In fact, I’ve written a free guide that explains how it all works, and you can take a look at it by clicking on the banner below.


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What you’ll learn in my guide is how affiliate marketing functions, what the advantages are to running a business on the internet, more on the recommended training, and how you can start on your journey today for FREE.

Many money making schemes online just tell people what they want to hear so you’ll hand your money over to these so-called “gurus”. If you avoid the scams and get onto something that works and is real, then there’s big money to be made on the internet, and it can be yours.

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