Is “Computer Teachers” a Scam? Yes It Is and Here’s Why!



Is Computer Teachers a scam or a great way to make $379 a day online? It looks like the exact same thing I’ve seen so many times before. So is it another link posting scam, or does Computer Teachers offer something new?

Let’s take a peek and find out what’s really going on…



Is Computer Teachers a ScamCompany Name: The Computer Teachers

Owner: Wendy Williams

Price To Join: $97 + Upsells

My Rating: 0/10



~ The Computer Teachers Review ~



The internet has given birth to so many opportunities that just weren’t available before. There really is some great training to be found, as well as numerous ways to make money online. Along with the good stuff, the net is also an arena ripe with scammers who try to fleece your money, so we all have to be careful.

One of my main goals on my Many Income Streams site is to alert people to any scams I come across. At the same time I also point out the good stuff. This is all designed to help my readers make wise and informed choices about which direction to go.

I’m glad you’re here reading this review, as it means you do your research and are far less likely to ever fall victim to a scam.

Let’s now see if The Computer Teachers is any good or not.


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What Is The Computer Teachers?

For a numbers of years now I’ve been researching and writing reviews of various make money platforms and training programs, and The Computer Teachers is just an old scam reinvented by a bunch of scammers that have created a multitude of similar sites.

The sales pitch and the promise is always the same: Make $379 a day online doing paid work that only takes up one hour of your time. By the end of the month you will have made yourself more than $11k for about 30 hours of work.

Only problem is, none of it’s true.

What this scheme is actually offering is a form of affiliate marketing done entirely the wrong way and with no actual substance or real way to make money.

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Is Computer Teachers a Scam


Same Scam I’ve Seen So Many Times Now

By now I must have reviewed well over 40 of these bogus websites. All these people seem to do is change the site name and sometimes change the name of the person presenting the fake sales pitch. I wrote a review on another almost identical platform just a few days ago called “Computer Instructors”. So they’re barely even changing the site names by much now.

Pretty much all the sister sites I’ve written reviews on look much the same in just about every way. It’s likely that the same people have created all the websites in question, but I don’t know for sure because they always manage to remain anonymous.

Here are just a few others I’ve reviewed recently:


Is Computer Instructors a Scam


The Computer Teachers Has Never Been Featured On Major News Channels

Each time you see one of these websites they’ll claim in their sales video that they’ve been featured on major news networks. They also have the logos of these networks spread across the website header next to the site name, again claiming to have been featured on these channels.

It’s not true. The only reason they use this ploy is to give themselves credibility so you’ll trust them enough to hand over your money. It makes their scheme look legitimate to the untrained eye, but it’s all totally fake.

Some common news channels they include are:

  • Fox News
  • CNN
  • ABC
  • CNBC
  • And others…


Fake News Banner


Yet Another Alias

Many times in the past these websites have used the same aliases for the site owner names. Lately they’ve been inventing some new aliases, and this time they’ve introduced us to someone called Wendy Williams. I haven’t seen that particular name used before, so it’s a new one for me.

These people are all as fake as their job offer and everything else on their websites.

Also common to every single one of these sites is the rags to riches type of tale. I call it a tale because it’s also a work of fiction. They relate the exact same storyline, but simply change the name of the person in it.

It’s always about a single mother down on her luck until she discovered Computer Teachers, or one of the many other sites these scammers have dreamed up.

Some of the more common aliases they’ve used in the past are:

  • Karen Evans
  • Cami White
  • Jessica Marshall
  • Kelly Simmons
  • And loads of others…


Kelly Simmons Scam



Karen Williams


“Limited Positions Available” – This Is Also Fake!

Again, another fake ploy they always adopt. The idea of scarcity is to get people to take immediate action, so that’s why they always claim there are limited positions available in your area for this fake job offer.

They want you to hurry up and act. They certainly don’t want you taking your time to do some research on them, because then you’ll quickly discover it’s just a nasty scam.

No spots are limited with this. They’ll happily take anyone who wants to hand their hard-earned money over.


Home Jobs Today Limited Offer


The Alleged “Online Job”

Link posting is the supposed job offer these guys have for everyone. In fact, they make it sound all so super easy. You just randomly post affiliate links for big companies all over the internet and get paid a cool $15 for every link you post.

They even have a handy little link posting calculator to help you work out how much money you can make. It’s laughable.

This is a form of affiliate marketing, except affiliate marketing doesn’t quite work how these scammers claim it does. I know. I do it for a living.

For starters, no company pays you just to post links. You only earn money when someone takes action after clicking on your unique affiliate link, such as making a purchase. And even then commissions vary from product to product, company to company. There’s no set $15 commission.

This is all just a bogus ploy to get you to sign up for their fake easy job. The link posting positions don’t even exist.

Fortune 500 Companies

Likely Promoting Other Expensive Programs

These websites never really let on what they’re really about, but from my past experience and research, they almost always try to lure people into buying expensive products and entering high ticket platforms that fleece members for thousands of dollars.

If you were to ever join something like The Computer Teachers, you would enter a sales funnel of upsells that would be never ending.


Target Audience

Computer Teachers is aimed at people new to making money online, as these scammers know they have the best chance of selling their BS sales pitch to those with no online experience. Seasoned marketers would see through this immediately.

Unfortunately scammers will generally just tell people what they want to hear, such as making quick and easy money without much time or effort involved.


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What I Like

  • I can’t come up with one single thing to like about this obvious scam


What I Don’t Like and Red Flags

  • Wendy Williams isn’t a real person
  • The link posting position is fake
  • No one will get paid $379 a day, or $15 for posting links
  • These websites use stock photos for their testimonials and actors in their videos
  • Big companies don’t waste their advertising spend on worthless, random link posting
  • The news channel endorsements are fake
  • Positions are NOT limited
  • This program likely funnels people into other expensive offers
  • If you join, your credit card details and other personal information are at risk
  • I’ve reviewed at least 40 of these sites by now


How Much Does The Computer Teachers Cost?

It’s always $97 to join these schemes (scams). So basically they steal that money off people, then try and make them buy other products, schemes and dodgy deals that are even more expensive. They claim you won’t make the money they promised you until you spend up big.

It’s all a total con.

The other interesting thing is they don’t advertise their deal as a make money opportunity, but rather as some sort of paid employment. Since when do you have to pay nearly $100 joining fee to apply for a job of any kind?


Accelerated Income Link Posting


Is The Computer Teachers a Scam?

Damn right it is! Just another reinvention of a scam that’s been doing the rounds for years now, so don’t fall for it.

There is nothing honest, real or legit in any way about The Computer Teachers. It’s all lies designed to fleece you of as much money as they can get out of you.


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