What Is Home Online Profits Club? A scam or $379 a Day Payday?



What is “Home Online Profits Club”? Is it a scam or a legit way to make $379 a day like they claim? This looks like something I’ve seen many times before, but is it an age old scam revisited, or the real deal this time?

Let’s take a look and find out what’s really going on…



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What Is Home Online Profits ClubCompany Name: Home Online Profits Club

Owners: Linda Wilson

Price To Join: $97 + Upsells

My Rating: 0/10



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There are loads of good opportunities and ways to make money on the internet, but it’s also home to lots of scams and schemes that don’t really have a hope of living up to their own hype. On my website – Many Income Streams – I try to bring attention to the good stuff, as well as make my readers aware of the scams I come across.

No doubt you’ve heard about Home Online Profits Club somewhere and are here to do some research. That’s a wise move, as you never can be too careful online, and it pays to do your homework.

Let’s see how Home Online Profits Club stacks up.


What Is Home Online Profits Club?

As I mentioned right at the beginning of this review, Home Online Profits Club looks remarkably similar to a whole host of other sites I’ve reviewed already, the most recent being “Computer Technical Guys”. In reality, it is just the same scam rehashed under a different site name.

The statement is almost always the same – Make $379 a day for about one hour of work a day. All you have to do to earn that easy cash is randomly post some affiliate links for products and services all over the internet. At the end of a full month you would have earned yourself about $11k or so.

It all sounds awesome in theory, but it’s all a crock of total BS!


What Is Home Online Profits Club


Same Scam All Over Again (and Again, and Again)

Day after day I seem to come across a new version of this same dodgy scheme. By now I must have reviewed around 30 or maybe even 40 of these link posting scams. They just keep surfacing under new names.

Generally each website will look almost identical. They change the website name on the header, and sometimes vary the name of the supposed site owner. Likely the same person is behind every single site, but I don’t know for sure. Either that, or a bunch of people really just like to copy each other.

Below are just a few of these sites I’ve reviewed recently:


Is Computer Technical Guys a Scam


Home Online Profits Club Was Never Featured On Major News Networks

One thing every single one of these websites has in common is all the TV channel logos for famous news networks plastered all over the website header. They claim to have been featured on these channels and that their “awesome opportunity” has actually been endorsed by these networks.

It’s all a total con, of course, designed to gain your trust so you’ll feel confident with signing up and parting with your money.

Some of the TV channels they regularly quote include:

  • USA Today
  • ABC
  • Fox News
  • And more…


Fake News Banner


More Aliases Than An Undercover Cop

While they will often repeat the same name for a site owner/presenter, they do sometimes add a new name into the mix, and by now they have accumulated a long list of aliases. None of these names are real people. It’s all fake, just like everything about their websites and job opportunity.

Often you’ll also be subjected to the common rags to riches tale, where a single mom was down on her luck until she happened upon Home Online Profits Club and it turned her fortunes around.

This is actually the very first time I’ve come across “Linda Wilson” as the presenter, so that’s a brand new alias to add to the growing collection.

Other more common aliases they use are:

  • Kelly Simmons
  • Cami White
  • Karen Evans
  • Jessica Marshall
  • Emily Hudson
  • And others…


Linda Wilson Scam


Kelly Simmons Scam


“Limited Spots Available” – Nope, Not True At All

The scarcity ploy is a common tactic used by scams and legit deals alike. In the case of Home Online Profits Club they claim to have limited positions available in your local area, which is complete hogwash. These scammers aren’t going to turn away anyone who will willingly hand their money over.

This tactic is used to get people to hurry up and act without thinking or doing any research. They know that if you do your homework you’ll discover it’s a scam.

Ignore this tactic as it’s not even true.


Home Jobs Today Limited Offer


The “Job”

As I mentioned earlier, the so-called “job” they’re advertising is link posting. In other words, they claim big companies will pay you $15 for every single affiliate link you spam on the internet somewhere. They even have a handy calculator on their website so you can work out how much income you’ll make each day.

That’s pretty funny, actually, considering it’s all bogus anyway.

Places you might place links include your own website, forums, in comments, Facebook groups and so on.

This is a form of affiliate marketing, but it doesn’t work how the owners of the Home Online Profits Club site would have you believe. No one pays people to randomly post affiliate links anywhere. They have far more effective ways of spending their advertising budgets. You only receive income from an affiliate link if someone actually makes a purchase. There’s no payment for posting links. That’s just a fantasy.

I do affiliate marketing for a living, so I know how it works.

This link posting is nothing but a fake job.


Link Posting Scam 2


This Is Likely Promoting Other High Ticket Programs

Sometimes these schemes funnel members into high ticket platforms like MOBE or Aspire, where they get you to spend tens of thousands of dollars more. Whether Home Online Profits Club sends people to these expensive platforms or not, no doubt they are wanting to get you to pay for loads of costly upsells.


Target Audience

Many people jump online looking for a quick and easy fix to making some extra cash, or some magical payday that will allow them to immediately quit their day jobs. Yes, you can make great money on the internet, but it doesn’t come quick and easy. It takes time and work.

Schemes like this one just tell people what they want to hear so they’ll hand their money over, virtually without question.


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What I Like

  • There really is nothing good to say about Home Online Profits Club


What I Don’t Like and Red Flags

  • Linda Wilson isn’t a real person. It’s just another alias
  • There is no such thing as a link posting job
  • You won’t receive a single cent for posting random links, let alone $15 per link
  • The site is loaded up with fake testimonials
  • The people featured in their videos are hired actors from freelancer site, Fiverr
  • No major companies are going to spend their budgets on worthless, ineffective link posting
  • They have not been featured on the news
  • I must have written close to 40 reviews of these same scam sites by now
  • There aren’t any “limited positions in your area”. They’ll take anyone
  • Likely this site just feeds people into other high ticket platforms where you’ll spend thousands more
  • Who knows what they’ll do with your sign up information if you join. They’ll even have your credit card details, which is highly dangerous when it comes to scam websites


How Much Does Home Online Profits Club Cost?

Virtually all of these sites charge the same figure to join, which is $97. Once inside, you’ll soon be told that you need to purchase all these other products and tools before you have a hope of making the promised $379 a day for just one hour of work each day.

I don’t even know how they come up with this odd $379 figure, when supposedly you earn $15 for each link posted.

You’ll be in their sales funnel now if you join, plus your details are likely to be sold to third party marketers, so expect a deluge of bogus offers in your email.


Accelerated Income Link Posting


Is Home Online Profits Club a Scam?

The very first thing that should alert people to Home Online Profits Club and all its sister sites to being a scam is the very fact that they charge a fee for people to apply for some apparent job. Since when does that happen in the legitimate job market?

Home Online Profits Club is a scam, no question, and you should avoid it at all costs. Everything about their website, offer, videos, income claims, news stories, testimonials and everything else is fake or a downright lie.


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