Is My Traffic Business a Scam or Easy $400 a Day Paydays?



Is My Traffic Business a scam or the real deal? The business opportunity hypes up the potential to make great daily money, but is this really possible with this online gig, or just part of the sales pitch to get your money?

Let’s take a closer look and see what it’s about…



Is My Traffic Business a ScamCompany Name: My Traffic Business

Owners: James Wendell

Price To Join: $47

My Rating: 0/10



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You’ve obviously heard about My Traffic Business somewhere online or in an email and were wondering if their claim of being able to make a consistent $397 a day is true. I’m glad you’ve found my review, as it shows you’ll do some homework before joining anything. That’s wise, as there are so many make money online (MMO) scams going around that you have to be careful.

On this website I write reviews on both the good stuff and the not so good that I come across. The idea is to help my readers make wise and informed choices, as well as avoiding the obvious scams out there.

Let’s see how My Traffic Business fares in the good or bad stakes.


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What Is My Traffic Business?

My Traffic Business is a system that can allegedly make its members around $400 a day online. It’s brought to us by a guy named James Wendell.

A few months ago I reviewed another make money product brought out by James called “Wake Up To Cash”, and My Traffic Business definitely has some similarities to that one.

James goes on to say that not only can we make $397 a day with his platform, we only need to put in about half an hour of effort each day.

James repeats the same sob story he presented in his sales pitch for Wake Up To Cash, where he was really struggling financially until he came up with this gem of a money spinner. And, of course, he now wants to share that same system with us. Obviously for a price.

Like so many internet marketers, James Wendell likes to tell people what they want to hear. No one wants to really learn that making money takes time, patience, perseverance and effort, even though that’s the absolute truth of the matter.

So what these marketers instead do is hype up all the good stuff, like how much money you can be making, while watering down and diluting all the stuff people don’t want to hear, such as how much effort will be involved and how long it’ll take.

Another sales line he slips into the mix is about limiting his offer to only 100 lucky people.

This isn’t really the case. James isn’t going to turn down anyone who wants to pay money to join his platform. Why would he? It’s how he makes his money. The scarcity ploy is merely tossed in to get people to hurry up and take action for fear of missing out.

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Is My Traffic Business a Scam


What My Traffic Business Is Really About

After digging deeper (and it’s the same deal with James’ other program I reviewed), I discovered that My Traffic Business isn’t really any sort of money making scheme of itself. It’s merely a website that funnels members through to another high ticket (expensive) platform.

James is simply an affiliate who has created a number of different websites to lure people into this other make money program.

The program you’ll ultimately end up joining is Matt Lloyd’s MOBE platform.


MOBE Banner


A Bit About MOBE and How It Operates

I’ve written a full review of MOBE here, but I’ll basically go over the main points in this review of My Traffic Business.

MOBE is expensive and they encourage their members to buy up big in order to have the potential to earn big commissions as affiliates. When you join MOBE you enter their 21 Steps program, which is where you get a mentor to guide you through the 21 steps. All that mentor really is, is a sales rep whose job it is to get you to buy MOBE products and trainings.

The idea of MOBE is for members to learn how to sell MOBE to others. To be eligible to earn a commission on any given MOBE product, a member must first buy that product. If you sell something you haven’t bought yourself, you don’t earn a commission.

MOBE always makes a point of trying to talk members into going “all in”, meaning to buy absolutely everything so you can earn on everything. To go all in would cost you more than $60k.

That’s some big bucks for someone just starting out who hasn’t earned anything yet.

Even if you had the bank roll to do it and wanted to, you’d have to be confident that you could then sell these high ticket products to others so you can first recoup your investment and then make a profit. It’s not easy selling costly products and training packages online.

It’s a tough sell and most people will fail at it. That’s what statistics prove, whether it be high ticket platforms like MOBE, or one of the many MLM schemes going around.

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Target Audience

Schemes like this one (and MOBE) tend to target people who are brand new to making money online and seeking out an opportunity. Tell people they can be making over $10k a month in quick time with virtually no work involved, and you have a winning combination.

Unfortunately this is fantasy, and everything stated on James’ My Traffic Business website is just total lies, all designed to get people excited enough to hand over their cash and join.


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What I Like

  • I can’t say there’s anything I like about My Traffic Business
  • It is possible to make some money with schemes like MOBE, if you can afford to get involved


What I Don’t Like and Red Flags

  • James is just telling people what they want to hear
  • The opportunity is not limited to 100 people only
  • High income hype with no work involved always rings the alarm bells
  • My Traffic Business is nothing, just a MOBE feeder site
  • The website is full of lies and false promises
  • MOBE is mega expensive and you must buy a product to be able to earn on a product
  • The testimonials are made up
  • MOBE is an extremely hard sell


How Much Does My Traffic Business Cost?

James Wendell is charging a $47 joining fee to get involved in his fake My Traffic Business scheme. All you’re really buying is a basic entry level into MOBE and joining their 21 Steps program.

If you did get into MOBE and bought everything they encourage you to buy, you’ll easily be out of pocket over $60,000. And that’s before you’ve made a cent from it.


Passive Payday Cost of Mobe


Is My Traffic Business a Scam?

I’ve never considered MOBE a scam, just very limited in its scope as an online business (as it only promotes itself). What I don’t like is websites like My Traffic Business that make the claim they’ve invented some money making system, only to really funnel people into something else that was never openly advertised.

It’s very deceptive marketing, and not a good way of doing business or building trust with your audience. It’s essentially using bait and switch tactics to lure people into the real program.

Why not just be upfront about being a MOBE affiliate and being honest about what you’re promoting?

I don’t recommend this at all.


A Genuine Way To Make Money Online

What Is The Key To Financial FreedomNot everything online is a scam or make money deal that doesn’t really live up to its claims.

There are great ways to make money online as well as heaps of worthwhile training platforms that show you how. It’s simply a matter of avoiding the chaff in the process.

Millions of people across the globe are making awesome online cash doing exactly what I do – affiliate marketing.

With my affiliate marketing business I’ve managed to replace my fulltime income working at home, and have established a number of passive income streams. Anyone can do what I’m doing and make good money if you are shown how.

You don’t need much money to get started either, and having an online business set up the right way gives you loads of lifestyle freedom to enjoy the things you love.

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