Is “Find A Job Now” a Scam or a Road To Wealth?



Is “Find A Job Now” a scam or not? They claim you can make an easy $27 an hour working from home, but is this really the truth about this platform, or just a sales tactic to get people to pay up and join?

Let’s take a closer look and find out more…



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Is Find A Job Now a ScamCompany Name: Find A Job Now

Owners: Unknown

Price To Join: $97

My Rating: 1/10



~ Find A Job Now.Com Review ~



Has someone approached you about joining Find A Job Now? Or maybe you heard about it online or received an email about it? Either way, it’s good to see you here reading my review of the opportunity, as it means you’re wise enough to do some digging before joining something like this.

With so many make money online (MMO) scams and dodgy deals going around, it’s always a good idea to do some research first. There are some awesome opportunities on the internet, and I try to highlight those on my website as well as exposing the scams.

Let’s see how Find A Job Now measures up.


What Is Find A Job Now?

Apart from the $27 an hour possibility that we’re greeted with when we first land on the main page for the Find A Job Now platform, there is also the claim that we can make more than $10,000 a month in commissions once we join and follow their blueprint.

Apparently making this kind of cash is also very quick and easy, which is a statement that always rings those dreaded alarm bells for me.

If making 5 figures a month online was super quick and easy, then everybody would be doing it, wouldn’t they?

Once you join, this is what else they promise you:

  • A sales team
  • Your own millionaire mentor
  • Products to promote
  • A website
  • And more…

The sales video is very typical of schemes like this one and it’s something I’ve seen hundreds of times before in one form or another. There is lots of hype about all the money you’ll be making, but little to no information about what you’ll actually be doing to make all this easy money.

Basically the sales pitch says that all you have to do is bring in leads and the sales team will close them all for you, while you pocket easy cash month after month.

It all sounds a bit too good to be true, and that’s because it is.


Is Find A Job Now a Scam


How It Really Works

The funny thing is, after watching the initial video and sitting through all the hype, which even includes possibly winning a brand new Mercedes, you are asked to click through to the next stage, where you are greeted with a sign up page for another platform called “My Online Daily Income”.

Obviously this website and My Online Daily Income are both run by the same person.

The fact is, neither of these programs have anything to offer of themselves. They merely act as feeder sites into another high ticket training and affiliate marketing platform called MOBE. Both sites are run by a MOBE affiliate, who is using these websites to lure people into joining MOBE so he or she can earn commissions.

I only just reviewed a platform by another MOBE affiliate just a few days ago called the “Secret Society of Millionaires”.

So many MOBE affiliates use this rather deceptive tactic that I’m almost convinced MOBE must teach this ploy as a part of their official promotional training. I’ve got nothing against an affiliate trying to earn a commission. Hell, I do affiliate marketing for a living myself, but I don’t use deception to get people to buy something. Affiliates should always be upfront about what it is they are promoting or recommending.

I mean, why create a website claiming you’ve invented some money making scheme when all you’re really doing is promoting something else? Why not just say so?


MOBE 21 Steps


More About MOBE

If you want to learn more about MOBE (My Online Business Education) in detail, read my full MOBE review here. For now, I’ll give a brief rundown on what MOBE’s all about.

MOBE has a program called 21 Steps which takes new members through what’s basically a guided tour and sales funnel. It’s in the 21 Steps that you are assigned your “millionaire mentor”, who is really nothing more than a MOBE sales rep. It’s the job of your coach to entice you to spend more and more money on very expensive MOBE products and training modules. They make a commission when you buy something.

The promise is, if you buy up big now, you can make bucket loads of cash selling these same MOBE products down the track.

A common ploy of your success coach (aka millionaire mentor) is to recommend you go “all in”. In other words, buy everything MOBE has to offer, and there are two very valid reasons why they want you to do this.

  1. MOBE makes a stack of money from you when you buy all their high ticket products.
  2. You need to own a MOBE product to be eligible to earn a commission from selling that product. Therefore, if you want to earn on everything in MOBE, you must first BUY everything in MOBE.

Did you know that it’ll cost members around $64,000 to purchase all MOBE products?

And that’s before you’ve even made any money yourself.

The other thing I don’t like about MOBE is that they only teach you how to sell MOBE to others, rather than equipping members with the skills, tools and knowledge to run a diverse and profitable affiliate marketing business.

I mean, if you want to do this for a living and all you are trained to do is sell MOBE, what happens if MOBE collapses?

You’re out of pocket and out of business, with no real knowledge of how to quickly get up and running with something else.

Sure, there’s the chance of making some big commissions with MOBE, but first you have to have a very big bankroll, and then be extremely good at promoting super expensive digital products to other people, and lots of other people.


Target Audience

More experienced online marketers tend to shy away from platforms like MOBE, because they are too business restrictive, as well as mega expensive. They also make you buy products first before you can promote them and earn on them, whereas most other affiliate programs don’t do that. Therefore MOBE tends to direct its marketing at people who are new to making money online and likely more receptive to the MOBE way just through sheer inexperience.


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What I Like

  • MOBE is a legit platform, just not one I recommend


What I Don’t Like and Red Flags

  • They way over-hype the income you can earn
  • It’s also made to sound like it’s really easy and fast to make money with this
  • I dislike the way so many affiliates try and hide the fact that they’re selling MOBE
  • You’ll need to be a super recruiter and expert when it comes to selling very high ticket products to have success with MOBE
  • You’ll need lots of cash to get started, as going all in will set you back about $64k
  • Your millionaire mentor is nothing more than a sales rep, whose job it is to relieve you of as much of your money as possible
  • MOBE is far too restrictive in its training and tools to establish a genuine online business


How Much Does Find A Job Now Cost?

If you were to actually join Find A Job Now you would be paying $97 to enter into the MOBE 21 Steps program, where you’ll get your mentor and soon find your bank account very much smaller. Like I mentioned earlier, they want you to buy everything, and that costs around $64,000.

That’s big bucks even if you’re loaded, but if you’re just wanting to get going with something, that amount of money is massive. You might buy all the products or a portion of them. Either way, you’re paying out big money just to take a chance on something.

After paying out all that money, then you have to try and make all that money back before you even start making a profit.


Passive Payday Cost of Mobe


Is Find A Job Now a Scam?

As far as MOBE goes, is not a scam in my opinion, because some people do actually make good money with it. But you really need to already be cashed up before you even try it. Most people who want a start making money online don’t have that kind of cash, which is why they’re looking online for an opportunity in the first place.

If MOBE affiliates could be more upfront and honest about what they’re promoting, I wouldn’t be as hard on them as I am, but these endless deceptive websites that all make out like they’ve created their own make money system are annoying. Why not just be transparent about it?

I don’t recommend joining MOBE and I certainly don’t recommend anything about this fake Find A Job Now scheme. Give this one a miss.


Want To Make Real Money Online? Here’s How I Do It

If you can avoid restrictive, high ticket platforms as well as the make money scams, then there really are a lot of great opportunities to make really good money on the internet.

Even though MOBE is somewhat affiliate marketing related, all they do is teach their members (affiliates) to sell the exact same platform they bought into and nothing more. It’s really a bit of an empty process that leads nowhere. Affiliate marketers should be trained and equipped to make money promoting all types of products in any niche imaginable. You won’t learn this at MOBE.

If you want to make some extra cash on the side, or run a business fulltime online, then both can be achieved with a genuine affiliate marketing business. It’s very cheap to do and there really is no limit whatsoever on how much money you can ultimately make.

To help you out I’ve written a FREE make money online guide and you can check it out by clicking on the banner below.


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When you read my guide you’ll get a more detailed description of how affiliate marketing works, what the many benefits are of working for yourself online, as well as details on some awesome training you can do. The training kicks off with a FREE trial and is the same training I did that showed me how to be successful at this.

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