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Secret Society of Millionaires – Scam or not? That’s the question a lot of people have been asking about this make money online (MMO) platform. The claim is you can become a millionaire by following their formula, but is that even close to the truth?

Let’s take a closer look and find out more…



Secret Society of Millionaires ScamCompany Name: Secret Society of Millionaires

Owners: Unknown

Price To Join: $97

My Rating: 1/10



~ Secret Society of Millionaires Review ~



Likely you heard something about Secret Society of Millionaires online, or might have received an email about it. Either way, it’s great to see you here reading my review of the platform as it proves you like to do some research before joining anything. In an internet world riddled with make money scams, that’s wise.

On my website I make a point of exposing any scams I come across, as well as bringing attention to programs and training that is worth your time and money. While there are lots of scams and dodgy deals, there is also a lot of good stuff as well.

Let’s see how Secret Society of Millionaires measures up.


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What Is Secret Society of Millionaires?

Apparently when you join the Secret Society of Millionaires you get your very own millionaire mentor who will guide you along the process of becoming a millionaire by following a system, eventually leading to you being one of the millionaires in this “secret society”.

That’s the gist of the sales pitch anyway.

They even make the very bold claim that you will make $2550 in your very first week with their done for you and totally automated system. Apparently this can all be achieved with less than half an hour of effort each day.

It actually sounds like all you have to do is join and the cash machine will be set in motion. From then on you just get to kick back and chill out while watching the dollars flow in.

If only making money online was that simple. If it was, then everybody would be doing it and everybody would be rich from it.

Some things the creators say you DON’T need include:

  • No products of your own
  • No selling
  • No customer service
  • No hustling your inner circle
  • Virtually no work

So far this one is sounding very similar to a platform I reviewed just yesterday called  the 7 Figure Freedom Formula. And the reason it sounds so similar is because underneath the facade both platforms are promoting the exact same parent company; one where you have to spend thousands before you even have a chance of making any money.

This is all a bit of a hyped up farce, really. You would be way better off checking out the formula I use the make real money on the internet. Always be wary of any scheme that claims there's virtually no work required, because that's just outright BS.


Secret Society of Millionaires Scam


How It Really Works

This really is just like the other platform I mentioned above, because when you delve deeper, you discover that Secret Society of Millionaires isn’t anything of itself. Their website is just a site created by an affiliate of another program, and the site simply acts as a way to funnel people into the real deal.

And what deal is that?

Joining a system called MOBE (My Online Business Education). MOBE has been around for some time and is run by a guy called Matt Lloyd.

There are loads of MOBE affiliate sites out there that are ultimately promoting MOBE, but pretending to have their very own training and money making system. For some reason they never like to be upfront about the fact that they’re promoting MOBE. I’m not sure if MOBE teach this deceptive tactic or not. All I know is that hundreds of MOBE affiliates all do it.


MOBE 21 Steps


More On MOBE

I’ve written a more detailed review of MOBE here, but right now I’ll quickly sum up what MOBE is all about and how it works.

When you join the MOBE platform you enter into their 21 Steps program. This is advertised as the way they teach you the steps to making money online, but all it really is doing is putting members through a sales funnel.

Inside the 21 Steps program you’ll be introduced to your millionaire mentor, but all this person does is try to sell you stuff basically. They’re just a MOBE sales rep, whose job it is to hammer you with upsells, with the promise that you’ll be making big money down the track if you spend big money now.

Your success coach or mentor will encourage you to buy all the digital products and various trainings available in the MOBE suite.

And why do they do this?

It makes bucket loads of cash for MOBE and the mentor for starters, but the real catch for members is this.

MOBE is structured in such a way that everyone is taught to make money by selling MOBE. So, you join the program and make money by selling that same program to others. The nitty gritty is that in order to be eligible to earn a commission by selling a particular MOBE product, you must first buy that product or training module yourself.

Your mentor will try hard to convince you to go all in with MOBE, meaning buy everything. This enables you to earn on everything. The thing is, to go all in with MOBE costs something like $64,000!

That’s big bucks to spend when you haven’t made any money yet, and likely won’t.

The hard part with MOBE is that it’s so expensive. Even if you’re great at selling and recruiting, how many people do you think you’ll come across who have $64k to risk on the MOBE platform?

You can make really big affiliate commissions with MOBE, but only if you can sell this high ticket platform.

As an affiliate you want to be equipped to make money promoting all manner of affiliate products, and you can learn how to do this by taking advantage of the awesome training over at Wealthy Affiliate. You can even get started for FREE!


Target Audience

Because online marketers with experience tend to shy away from the expense and limitations of high ticket programs like MOBE, I believe MOBE targets people who are new to making money online, and they do this by telling people what they want to hear and selling the dream, just like MLM companies do. Secret Society of Millionaires definitely just sells the dream of a very quick and big payday for little to no work.


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What I Like

  • Although MOBE is legit, I don’t really like anything about Secret Society of Millionaires


What I Don’t Like and Red Flags

  • I don’t like the way these MOBE affiliates hide behind their websites, not revealing who they are or what it truly is they’re selling
  • The income claims are way hyped up
  • You won’t make the kind of cash they claim working just 30 minutes a day
  • This system (MOBE) is not done for you and is not automated
  • You’ll need to recruit like crazy and have the ability to attract people with money who can afford these high ticket products
  • The success coach or millionaire mentor is a just a sales rep
  • The website is loaded up with fake testimonials
  • To go all in with MOBE will set you back about $64k


How Much Does Secret Society of Millionaires Cost?

The $97 Secret Society of Millionaires charges you is really your entry level membership into MOBE and the 21 Steps program. Once inside MOBE you will be encouraged to buy more and more products, all priced way higher than your initial membership.

And like I said earlier, to buy everything will cost in the vicinity of $64,000.

I don’t know too many people who have that kind of money to sink into something like this in the hope that it pays off. I mean, if you went all in, how long is it going to take before you make that money back and start generating an actual profit?


Passive Payday Cost of Mobe


Is Secret Society of Millionaires a Scam?

I don’t consider MOBE a scam, just not recommended for obvious reasons. Secret Society of Millionaires, on the other hand, uses nothing but lies, false promises and deceptive tactics to get people into MOBE.

I would have more respect for these MOBE affiliates and maybe rate them a little higher if they were at least transparent about what it is they’re selling, rather than making out like they’ve got some awesome “secret” money making machine that they invented.

Besides everything else, platforms like MOBE sail close to the wind legally, as they operate like a Ponzi scheme or pyramid scheme. You never know when the authorities might come along and shut them down. After all, it recently happened to another well-known platform that worked the same way called Aspire.

Give this one a miss.


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Lifestyle Freedom is Time and MoneyNot everything online is a rip off or waste of time when it comes to making money or getting useful training to help you make money. There is a lot of worthwhile stuff out there if you know where to find it. Avoiding the so-called “gurus” and get rich quick types of scams is the first step in having some online success.

Although MOBE technically is focused on affiliate marketing, it’s mega expensive and very limited in its scope from a genuine business perspective. Affiliate marketing is a very simple business and it’s what I do to make a living. Anyone can do this with success if you are shown how to do it the right way. MOBE doesn’t teach that.

Whether the goal is some extra cash on the side or to make your online business a fulltime gig, affiliate marketing is the perfect fit in so many ways. Plus, it’s super cheap to do, so you don’t need capital to get started.

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