Is Free Ad Cash System a Scam? Can It Really Make You Over $3k a Day?



Is Free Ad Cash System a scam or not? There has been loads of chatter around the online world about this program making people awesome money online, but is it true or just sales hype?

Let’s take a closer look and find out the truth…


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Is Free Ad Cash System a ScamCompany Name: Free Ad Cash System


Price To Join: $250

My Rating: 0/10



~ Free Ad Cash System Review ~


What Is the Free Ad Cash System?

This platform claims we can be making the unusual daily figure of $3,671.32.

Sounds like fantastic money for sure, but is it the truth, and what do we have to do to make this kind of lucrative cash?

As with all platforms like this one that I come across, they are loaded with bold and outlandish claims. The idea is to get people excited about the money, tell them it’ll be quick and easy, and all they have to do to start making with wonderful income is hand over some of their own cash first.

And bingo! The scammer has your money and you won’t be getting it back.

In my experience, any platform that starts off making huge income claims is almost always some sort of scam, or at least a program that has no hope in hell of living up to its own promises.

They tell people what they want to hear so they’ll pay up and join. The Free Ad Cash System is no different.

A guy named Simon Green, who has apparently made over $22 million with his system, is the creator of the Free Ad Cash System. Now he wants to share his secrets with us – but for a price, of course.

Maybe $22 million dollars is not enough, and he now needs to generate an income out of us as well. Who knows? More likely he makes money from selling the system and not from the system. That’s how these deals generally work.

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Is Free Ad Cash System a Scam


How It Works

The Free Ad Cash System is all about “ad flipping”.

Maybe someone can explain that concept to me, because I’ve never heard of ad flipping and wouldn’t have a clue what it means.

Simon mentions buying and selling ads in his video, but still doesn’t really shed any light on the subject to clarify the process. Somehow his program automatically flips the ads for you, but it’s not explained how. The gist of it is something like, you buy an ad, then sell that ad for a profit, but I have no clue how that works or if there is even such a process.

I believe this ad flipping stuff is just a fantasy. It’s not a real way of making money because it simply doesn’t exist. I can’t find any tangible information on ad flipping anywhere.

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Fake Videos and Testimonials

One of the guys who gives a glowing video testimonial is just a paid actor from the freelancer site, Fiverr. I’ve seen the guy in countless videos now. People simply hire his services to create promotional videos. He’s not a real user of the Free Ad Cash System and his testimonial is completely bogus. The most recently I’ve seen him was doing promotions for Bitcoin Millionaire Club.

Scams use this tactic all the time, and also usually feature some actor portraying the supposed creator of the scam.


Is Bitcoin Millionaire Club a Scam


Limited Spots Available

Upon visiting the website I’m told I’d better hurry up as there are only 4 spots left.

This is a common ploy used by legitimate businesses and scams alike, in a bid to get people to take immediate action.

Ignore crap like this. There are no limited spots.


Target Audience

Definitely targeted at people new to making money online who are seeking a quick and easy cash fix for little to no effort. Scams always target the get rich quick mentality by telling people what they want to hear.


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What I Like

  • I don’t like anything about this obvious scam


What I Don’t Like

  • Simon Green is likely just an alias
  • I’ve never heard of ad flipping as a way of making money
  • This scheme just promotes a lot of money hype without really explaining how we make money
  • The videos and testimonials are all fake
  • The income claims are fake
  • The platform just spouts heaps of lies and keeps everyone in the dark


How Much Does the Free Ad Cash System Cost?

They claim that this scheme is totally free to join, but when you look more deeply into it you’ll discover that you’re getting into some sort of online trading, and you will be asked to invest a minimum of $250 to get started with your trading account. Likely that money will disappear very quickly and you’ll be squeezed to inject thousands of dollars more.


Free Ad Cash System BS


Is Free Ad Cash System a Scam?

This is a scam for sure. It’ll just take your investment money and ask for more. They lie to you, won’t really tell you what it’s all about, dazzle you with massive daily dollar figures, tell you exactly what you want to hear, pressing those all-important emotional buttons, then fleece you of your cash.

Nothing about the Free Ad Cash System rings true or genuine. Likely it’ll just prove to be a bottomless pit for your money. Give it a miss. It sounds too good to be true because it is.


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