Is Global International a Scam? Did You Really Win the Sweepstakes?



Is Global International a scam or a real lottery. I've been asked this question a number of times, so i decided to look into it and write a review on what I discovered. This sweepstakes company operating out of Jamaica promises big dollars, but what’s really going on here?

Let’s take a closer look and discover the truth…


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Is Global International a ScamCompany Name: Global International Sweepstakes

Owner: Global International Sweepstakes and Lottery, Inc.

Price To Join: $5000

My Rating: 0/10



~ Global International Review ~


What Is Global International?

With so many make money scams out there, you never can be too careful. That's why I'm so glad to see you here reading my review of Global International. It's always a wise idea to do some research before joining something and handing your money over. You're one of the smart ones, and far less likely to ever fall victim to an online scam.

It’s a sweepstakes company that operates out of the Caribbean island of Jamaica. It’s supposed to be located in Las Vegas, Nevada, but it actually operates out of Jamaica. If you do a Google search for “Global International Sweepstakes”, you’ll come up with a bunch of results warning you that this is a scam.

Apparently it also goes under a few other names, such as “Gold Rush Sweepstakes”, “Winners International”, among others. There are a lot of these types of scams, either operating online, through email, or even offline through telephone calls.

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Is Global International a Scam


How It Really Works

This works a bit like the classic Nigerian scam, where you receive an email telling you that some unknown person in Nigeria has died and left you a pile of money, but first you need to pay a few fees before you can receive your windfall.

In the case of Global International Sweepstakes they’ll either write to you by mail or email, or phone you up and tell you that you are the lucky winner of their latest sweepstakes draw.

You will be told you’ve won a brand new Mercedes Benz, or a cheque for US $2 million dollars is waiting for you. However, there is a catch.

Before they can give you your prize, you first have to get a money order made out to a relative to the sum of $5000. Why would it need to be made out to a relative? No idea, but that’s what they ask you to do. They then promise to meet you at your bank after you’ve sent off the $5000 money order, where they will hand you a fake cheque for you to bank.

Most likely no one will even show up, and you can certainly kiss your $5000 goodbye.

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There are reports everywhere of people complaining about this scam. One person stated that they were first asked for $400 in fees, which they paid, and they never received their prize. This person kept getting phone calls with apologies about the delay, and then was asked to cough up more money in fees.

Other people state that they actually get sent photos of a real cheque awaiting their collection, but only after paying fees, either once or multiple times.


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Target Audience

They tend to target senior citizens with this fraud. Some senior citizens are a little more vulnerable to these types of scams, as they may not be as aware of them as other more tech savvy people might be. It’s an unfortunate target market, but that’s the reality. These scam artists have zero scruples whatsoever, and they don't care who they screw over to make money.


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What I Like

  • I don’t like a single thing about this. There is nothing to like


What I Don’t Like and Red Flags

  • It’s an age old scam reinvented
  • The company is supposed to be in Vegas, but actually operates out of Jamaica
  • If you win a legitimate prize, you will never be asked to pay fees before you can collect the prize
  • This scam targets the elderly in the community
  • These scammers send mail, email and consistently call you, harassing you to send them money, but in a very polite manner
  • These people who run this operation are vermin


How Much Does Global International Cost?

On average, the fee they most commonly ask for is $5000 up front before you have a sniff of collecting your “prize”. One person reports paying out over $40k in fees before realising they were being scammed.


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Is Global International a Scam?

This is most definitely a scam. They take your money and run, luring you in with the promise of new cars and wealth. It’s all a complete fantasy designed to get unsuspecting people excited enough to hand over their money.

Stay well clear of Global International Sweepstakes or anything that seems similar. Don’t give them a cent, or even the time of day. This mob is just out to scam as many people as they possibly can, so don't become their next victim.


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