The Job Quitter Review – Scam or Legit?



What is The Job Quitter? Is it a scam or legit? Many have been asking me that question so I decided to look into it. Can this “secret” money making system really bring you enough money to be able to quit your day job?

Let’s take a closer look and discover the truth…


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The Job Quitter ReviewCompany Name: The Job Quitter

Owner: Richard Harper

Price To Join: $47

My Rating: 1/10




~ The Job Quitter Review ~


What Is The Job Quitter?

Creator of this platform, Richard Harper, claims in his sales videos that if we copy his “secret system”, we can be making over $3000 a day just like he does, and he’s willing to reveal the secret to his cash cow to us for a mere $47. And this is only working for a few minutes a day.

Very generous guy. Others who have come across some money making loophole may not be so keen to share.

He’s sharing it because it’s all BS. Any platform that claims they have some “secret” money making idea is a major red flag. I doubt whether anything is too secret on the internet, and if it makes so much money, why would you share it for a lousy $47 and create a whole bunch of competition for yourself?

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The Job Quitter Loophole


How It Works

You can apparently change your life for the better with just a few mouse clicks or taps on your smartphone screen per day.

Push button, automated money making systems are pretty much a myth. It’s usually nothing more than a sales pitch to get people in with the promise of easy and quick cash. In reality, work, time and effort are required to actually make real money. Unless you get lucky and win the lottery.

There’s not a lot of information available on The Job Quitter website or in the sales videos that actually tells you how you will be making all this amazing money at the mere push of a button. Affiliate marketing is mentioned, but no details are given.

Dodgy platforms will almost always be very vague and aloof when it comes to the details. They refuse to divulge vital information until AFTER you pay money to join. Legit programs are more than happy to give you a synopsis of what their platform is about before you sign on, so that they can entice you to join up and illustrate the value in doing so.

Scams just like to toss about big money figures and go on about how easy and fast it all is without telling you what you’ll be doing.

From what I could uncover he somehow uses free Facebook and Google ads to send traffic to his affiliate marketing website. I’m not sure how you get free FB and Google advertising, but Richard claims he has discovered an unknown loophole in both platforms that allows him to get free advertising.

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$500 Just for Watching a Video?

Richard also states he will give us $500 just for watching his sales presentation video. Does that really happen?


Although it sounds like you’ll be gifted $500 cash the instant you finish watching the video, that doesn’t happen. Instead, the $500 is used as a sort of “money back guarantee”. Richard claims that if you fail to make $500 within the first 60 days of using his system, he will then give you $500 as compensation.

Likely even if you do buy in and fail to make any money, you will never see that money.


The Job Quitter Limited Positions


Limited Positions Available

This is a common ploy of scams and legit platforms alike. It’s a way to get people to take action. Richard says he’s only allowing 100 people to join The Job Quitter program, and then applications will be closed forever.

Not true. Although he uses a countdown timer to get you to act, simply refresh the page and the timer resets itself. There are no limited positions.

There’s no way known the guy is only going to limit himself to 100 x $47. He’ll sell his platform to as many people as want to buy it.


Target Audience

This really targets people with the get rich quick mentality. It’s also aimed at newcomers to making money online, as more experienced marketers will immediately spot the flaws and red flags with this system and its presentation.


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What I Like

  • Maybe you could “possibly” make some money with this, if anything is indeed genuine about The Job Quitter


What I Don’t Like and Red Flags

  • The limited spots available is fake
  • You don’t get $500 just for watching a video
  • Richard never really tells us how we’ll be making money
  • He claims it’s a secret system that no one else on the planet know about
  • The sales videos just hype up the amount of money you can earn and how easy it’ll all be
  • It’s promoted with the get rich quick mindset
  • It’s also promoted as some push button system, which is a fantasy
  • The logos to represent an encrypted and secure payment system are not clickable and don’t prove that the payment gateway is indeed secure


How Much Does The Job Quitter Cost?

The price to join this very vague platform is $47. I’m not exactly sure what you get for that, except it’s about making money with affiliate marketing and you get to access loopholes in both Google and Facebook to get free advertising and traffic to your affiliate site.


The Job Quitter Banner


Is The Job Quitter a Scam?

The Job Quitter is promoted as some miracle secret money making system, and many people are looking for something just like that. However, these schemes, promoted in this way, are always too good to be true.

If Richard has discovered something so lucrative as what he claims, I very much doubt he’d be wanting to sell it to us for a meagre $47.

Give this one a miss. You’ll just lose your money and leave your credit card details vulnerable due to the program’s insecure payment gateway.


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2 thoughts on “The Job Quitter Review – Scam or Legit?

  1. Hallo there,

    Thank you very much for painting the real picture of this system. It is just what I suspected it to be, a scam. Getting a whooping $500 for simply watching a video doesn’t quite add up to me.

    And the fact that they get you to think that you can make quick money is what made me see even more that it is not something I want to join.

    Thanks a lot for confirming my suspicions.

    • Anything that promotes itself as a “push button system” is usually a dead giveaway that it’s a scam, or something that’s basically all hype and useless, just like the promise of quick and easy money. Yeah, I’ve seen the $500 promised for watching a sales video many times now, but of course those dollars never do materialise. Thanks for stopping by. Glad you found my review of The Job Quitter helpful. Definitely another one to avoid.

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