Is MindSwarms a Scam? Why Are People Swarming To This Survey Platform?



Is MindSwarms a scam? This is a survey company with a difference, but is it worth the extra hassle of undergoing video responses to answering surveys? Will you earn more money for this extra step?

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Is Mindswarms a ScamCompany Name: MindSwarms

Owners: MindSwarms

Price To Join: Free

My Rating: 6.5/10



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What Is MindSwarms and How Does It Work?

MindSwarms differentiates itself from the multitude of other online survey platforms out there by gathering video responses to survey questions instead of participants answering questions via an online form.

Surveys are taken via the cam on your smartphone or tablet, or via webcam on your desktop computer or laptop.

To participate you must be 13 years of age or older and obviously have access to some sort of quality webcam.

Businesses are warming to the idea of video responses to their survey questions because the results are available much faster, plus they also get an idea of the emotions behind the responses.

While you can make small amounts of money doing paid surveys online, they are pretty much a waste of valuable time if you want to make some decent cash.

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The Steps To Get Started

First you create your MindSwarms account. You can do this either by accessing their website on a computer, or by downloading the app for your tablet or smartphone.

The app is available for both Android and IOS. After this you’ll be required to record a video or two to make sure your camera is of standard, then answer some general questions about yourself so MindSwarms can more accurately match you up with surveys.

On your MindSwarms dashboard you’ll find surveys you can apply for. First answer a few multiple choice questions and your responses will be reviewed by a researcher to see if you qualify.

Once invited to complete a survey you’ll record your answers in video format, where you may answer up to 7 questions. The whole process takes roughly 10 minutes to complete.

Within 24 hours of completing the survey you will be paid $50 into your PayPal account if your responses have been approved.

There is also the option of single answer surveys that pay $10.

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Quality Comes Into Play

There is more to the video responses for answering surveys than just answering the questions and getting paid $50. For starters you have to ensure you have good lighting when recording the video so that your face is well-illuminated.

MindSwarms and their participating companies are also looking at things like your body language, facial expressions, tone of voice and anything else audio/visual surveys can provide in addition to your answers.

You may be required to show or demonstrate a product in the video, and your answers need to be more in-depth than just a few simple words.

Background noise will need to be at a minimum, you will need to be well presented, speak with a clear voice and demonstrate some emotion in your responses.

Each response to a survey question requires you to talk for a full minute, and this can be quite difficult to do at times.

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Complaints From Participants

By far the biggest complaint I can find from people participating in MindSwarms is that the surveys are too few and far between. There is good money to be made here, but with so many people swarming to MindSwarms wanting to do surveys, getting accepted for one is becoming harder by the day.

Other than that, I couldn’t really find much of anything else that people are unhappy with.


Target Audience

Now while the payment of $50 for a total of about 20 minutes work might attract people thinking they can replace their job with a MindSwarms career, the reality is that you just won’t get enough surveys. Part-time income is what’s on offer here, and nothing you can rely on with regards to regularity of money.


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What I Like

  • It’s a new and interesting take on the paid survey platform
  • The pay is good if you can get the surveys
  • Video appeals to a lot of people, rather than mindlessly answering written questions on an online form
  • Video surveys are more creative and fun to do
  • Some good sideline cash
  • People all over the world can participate


What I Don’t Like

  • It can be hard to get past the qualifying questions and be accepted for a survey
  • The surveys are too few and far between to make consistent money
  • Not everyone would be comfortable with the video method of giving answers


How Much Does MindSwarms Cost?

It doesn’t cost anything to join the MindSwarms platform, and people from all over the world can participate, so long as you speak fluent English and the quality of your cam and lighting is good.


MindSwarms Process


Is MindSwarms A Scam?

No there is definitely no scam here. I quite like the concept of this platform, offering a video alternative over filling out online forms. Far more interesting. And the pay is great if you can get the surveys.

The biggest gripe from people is completing the qualifying questions, but then being told they didn’t qualify for the actual survey.

The biggest issue with MindSwarms is the competition between its participants. With the video surveys paying out at $50 instead of maybe a dollar or two like with regular surveys, the companies requiring the data are going to want far less participants, and they’re going to be extremely fussy with who they choose. Therefore it’s going to be a hell of a lot harder to get gigs on MindSwarms compared to other survey sites.

There are more people wanting to do them because the pay is good, but far less survey slots to go around.


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