Is Passive Payday a Scam or Not? Read This First Before Joining



Is Passive Payday a scam or not? They claim you can be earning $1000s a day doing very little work, but is this really how it works? Or is Passive Payday just a front for an entirely different platform that has a poor reputation?

Let’s take a look and uncover the truth…



Is Passive Payday a ScamCompany Name: Passive Payday

Owners: A MOBE Affiliate

Price To Join: $97

My Rating: 0/10



~ Passive Payday Review ~



One of the main reasons I run this website is to expose scams and dodgy platforms that don’t deliver on their promises. I also like to highlight platforms I come across that are genuine opportunities. Whenever you are thinking of joining any program that claims it can help you make money online, it’s always wise to do your research first to avoid getting involved with a possible scam. There are real opportunities out there, but many unsavoury ones as well.


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What Is Passive Payday?

Passive Payday looks all too familiar to me, because it’s actually a direct replica of another scheme I reviewed a while back called Passive Paychecks. In this instance the only real difference (apart from a slight name change) is the price. Passive Payday costs $97 to join, while Passive Paychecks is advertised at $47.

The whole premise behind Passive Payday is to start making passive income online. Passive income is very real, and basically means making money residually. As an example, do the work once and keep earning on that over and over again. Book sales is a analogy of passive income. Write a book and possibly keep making sales of it for years to come.

The guy presenting the video doesn’t say who he is, but he does like to name drop some big names, such as mentioning Richard Branson and Oprah. In the video he claims they use his secret trick to make money.

Very doubtful, but there you are. People running schemes like this will tell you anything just to try and convince you to buy into their scheme.

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Is Passive Payday a Scam


What Passive Payday Is Really All About

Passive Payday is all about earning commissions with affiliate marketing, but Passive Payday itself isn’t actually anything.

They say they have a series of training videos that teach you how to passively earn thousands of dollars a day in commissions, but if you buy into it you’ll find you’re just buying into a different platform entirely.

You will actually be joining a program called 21 Steps. This is all a part of a training platform and MLM money making scheme called MOBE. It seems to be very common for MOBE affiliates to create fake sites promoting a money making scheme that doesn’t really exist, except to funnel people over to the MOBE site so the affiliate can earn commissions.

Affiliate marketing is a genuine online gig – I do it for a living – but these MOBE affiliates use deceptive tactics and tell you lies just to try and get you to join. It’s not the right way to go about earning affiliate commissions, and affiliates should always be completely honest and upfront about what they are promoting.


More About MOBE

I’ve written a full review of MOBE, and you can read it here, but I’ll quickly summarise what MOBE is all about.

As mentioned, it involves affiliate marketing, but rather than learning how to run a versatile affiliate marketing business where you’re free to promote any products you like, all MOBE does is teaches its members to sell MOBE to others.

They also use the licensing model, meaning in order to be able to earn a commission from a MOBE product or training (and there are many), affiliates must first purchase that exact product first before they are eligible to earn commissions from sales of that product.

MOBE always encourages its members to go “all in”, to buy everything on offer so affiliates can earn from every single product in the MOBE suite. However, to go all in with MOBE will set you back around $50k, and you haven’t made any money yet.

The reason MOBE affiliates use these bait and switch tactics is because MOBE has developed a rather poor reputation over the years, and therefore affiliates are reluctant to be upfront about what it actually, truly is they are trying to sell people on.


Mobe Core Training Programs


The “Limited Positions” Are Fake

A common ploy to get people to take action is to claim there are limited spots available. Passive Payday uses this ploy, but it’s completely bogus. There are no limited positions. These affiliates won’t turn anyone away and relinquish a commission. They’ll take as many people who choose to bite.


Target Audience

This is really targeting anyone who would like to find ways to earn passive income from the internet. We’d all love to have passive income streams coming in, and it is definitely possible to achieve, but you won’t likely be achieving it with this scheme called Passive Payday any time soon.


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What I Like

  • I don’t like anything about this deceptive platform


What I Don’t Like and Red Flags

  • This site is nothing more than a funnel into the MOBE platform
  • This affiliate uses lies and deception to try and get members to sign up for something completely different
  • The limited positions deal is false
  • The affiliate doesn’t like to reveal who he/she actually is
  • I very much doubt whether Richard Branson and Oprah are members of MOBE
  • Passive Payday is just an empty site
  • If you join MOBE you will be hit with very expensive upsells
  • The site is full of fake testimonials
  • The secret system the website owner goes on about is just the MOBE MLM platform
  • Nothing but lies and bait and switch deception has been used to market a MOBE membership
  • It's the same as the Passive Paychecks deal


How Much Does Passive Payday Cost?

The $97 joining fee gets you a basic MOBE membership at the end of the day. You will enter into their 21 Steps program, which constantly encourages you to purchase expensive MOBE products. In fact, you’ll be asked to go all in, which would cost you around $50,000. And this is all before you’ve made any money.


Passive Payday Cost of Mobe


Is Passive Payday a Scam?

I’m prepared to label Passive Payday a scam because of all the lies, deception and bait and switch tactics used to get people into another program. While I don’t think of MOBE as a scam (I also don’t recommend it), MOBE is limited in scope (only pushing MOBE), and it’s super expensive.

I also don’t like the way MOBE obviously encourages its members to use deceptive tactics to hook in new members. You can earn big commissions over at MOBE, but you have to spend the big bucks first, and then try and sell high ticket products to others, which is extremely hard to do.

I’d recommend giving Passive Payday and MOBE a big miss.


Do What I Do Because I Know It Works

Affiliate marketing done the right way can be a very profitable online business that does lead to creating passive income streams. This is what I do and I’ve managed to establish a number of income streams that come in passively. Do the work and keep earning from it for months or years to come.

One of the main reasons I was able to be successful with affiliate marketing is because of the awesome training I did that showed me the right way to go about it, allowing me to earn money sooner than just guessing about what to do and going it alone.

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Affiliate marketing is well worth getting into. Anyone can do this and make money if you are committed to it and are willing to learn how. Some marketers make 7 figure a year incomes. I’m not in that league, but I make a great online income and live complete lifestyle freedom.

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