Is Norwex a Scam or Awesome Opportunity?



Is Norwex a scam, or a multi level marketing opportunity with a difference? Will its awesome products guarantee you will have a successful business promoting Norwex?

Let’s check it out…


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Is Norwex a ScamCompany Name: Norwex

Founder: Bjørn Nicolaisen

Price To Join: $200 to start

My Rating: 4/10


~ The “Norwex” Review ~


What Is Norwex?

Norwex was founded by Bjørn Nicolaisen back in 1994 in Norway, hence its name. The company offers a quality range of eco-friendly cleaning products that use all-natural ingredients and are kind to people and the environment around us. Along with a superb range of cleaning products, there is also a business opportunity attached to the Norwex company.

The premise behind Norwex was to create household cleaning products and personal care products that were chemical-free and they achieved that goal. That’s what made them so popular.

From the product side of things, Norwex is hard to top. There is nothing but positive reviews about Norwex products, even though they can be a little pricey. However, this review is more about the business opportunity of getting involved with promoting and selling Norwex products, and although the products have proven to be solid over more than 2 decades, does that translate into a great money making opportunity for you?

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The Norwex Business Opportunity

Norwex is now truly a global operation, with subsidiaries in more than a dozen countries. There are some 40,000 Norwex distributors currently involved in the business of selling Norwex and the company has set up the business format with a multi level marketing model; hence the high product pricing. With MLM it’s necessary to charge more because there are so many commissions and bonuses to be paid out down the line.

As an example of the high prices, a tube of mint toothpaste will set you back a cool $15.99, and a kilo of washing detergent is $24.99.

To become an active distributor you will first need to register and purchase a starter kit complete with a range of Norwex products. In order to remain in active status and be eligible for commissions and bonuses, you need to sell a minimum of $250 worth of Norwex products every quarter. This can be achieved by selling to others, or simply by buying products for your own personal use.

The preferred method of selling product and recruiting new members is with the “party plan” method, made popular by infamous companies such as Tupperware and Avon.

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Norwex Kitchen Products


Why It Likely Won’t Make You Money

There are several inherent problems in all MLM business models, regardless of what products are being peddled.

For starters, most new consultants rely on selling to and trying to recruit their family members, friends and close associates first. This can quickly lead to a scenario of annoying the hell out of those closest to you.

Secondly, these schemes do all work on a pyramid structure, where the people at the top get rich while those down the bottom are doing all the heavy lifting and receiving crumbs in return. It’s extremely hard to make decent money in MLM, and next to impossible for most people to make a fulltime living out of it. In fact, some 95% of MLM distributors completely fail in their business efforts, having made very little to no profit at all.

You are also heavily reliant on your down line selling well for you to make a good income. To me that makes for a real lack of control over the outcome.

Multi level marketing systems, and the concept itself, become quickly saturated. And a home party where the drawcard is demonstrating cleaning products doesn’t really sound very enticing, does it.

Also, with Norwex, a lot of your commissions come in the form of free products rather than actual dollars. The real commissions come from the sales those in your down line make, but recruiting and having a growing and active down line is no easy task.

You may be able to pull it off and move steadily up the ranks, but it’s a tough ask and not many people in any form of MLM endeavour manage to achieve this effectively.


Target Audience

Those who like party plan selling, people who adore the MLM/Network Marketing business model, or people who just love Norwex products. MLMs often attract those people wanting to get into business for themselves for the very first time, but really, MLM is damn hard to crack for first-timers.

There are way better opportunities out there to get started than multi level marketing.


Norwex Personal Products


The Pros

  • Great products with a solid reputation
  • Environmentally friendly product range
  • Long standing company – been in business over 20 years


The Cons

  • Products are very expensive for what they are
  • Many commissions are paid in free product and not money
  • Party plans are the preferred method of selling and recruiting, which can be very limiting
  • You will likely annoy the living hell out of your family and friends
  • MLM is a financially non-sustaining business model long-term


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Tools and Training

The Norwex website and the person who recruits you will give you the heads up on the products and how best to go about making sales. Norwex also conduct fairly regular seminars to entice people to join and also offer some tips and training on how to advance your business.


How Much Does the Norwex Business Opportunity Cost?

It costs $200 to join as an associate and be eligible to sell Norwex products and earn commissions. On top of that you will really need to get yourself a website and hosting. You must also sell a minimum of $250 worth of products every 3 months to remain in active status.


Is Norwex a Scam?

Neither the products nor the business opportunity are a scam, but I’ve always believed the hype and hope surrounding the MLM model is rather deceptive in nature. It’s an incredibly hard sell when it comes to recruiting and building a solid and active down line, which is where the real money is in MLM.

I recommend the Norwex products (although pricey), but not the business opportunity side of it.


Don’t Fancy MLM? Try This Instead!

I firmly believe affiliate marketing is a far better business model than MLM, with greater growth potential and the ability to establish a series of income streams that become rather passive and residual over time – meaning your business ends up working for you, rather than you always having to work “in it”.

This is really the only way you can become wealthier, as you only have so many hours you can work. MLM tries to achieve this goal with down lines, but there are much better and easier ways than that.

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