Is Pro Travel Plus a Scam or Awesome Travel & Business Deal?



Is Pro Travel Plus a scam or not? Can this travel orientated MLM company allow you to travel the world while also making a great income at the same time? Is it really worth joining?

Let’s take a look and find out….



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Is Pro Travel Plus a ScamCompany Name: Pro Travel Plus

CEO: Seth Fraser

Price To Join: $69.95 + $34.95/Month

My Rating: 1/10



~ Pro Travel Plus Review ~


What Is Pro Travel Plus?

Pro Travel Plus, also known as PTP, is actually a travel agent website that also allows its members to earn money through a business opportunity.

The company kicked off in 2015, so it hasn’t been around for a long time as yet. CEO Seth Fraser has been involved in MLM opportunities in the past, including Kannaway. Mr Fraser has also been a party to a number of other platforms that I’ve never even heard of before. As far as the actual owners of Pro Travel Plus go, I couldn’t uncover any information on that score.

What can Pro Travel Plus do for you?

Discounts on:

  • Hotels
  • Cruises
  • Airfares
  • Car rental
  • Entertainment
  • Meals

Pro Travel Plus Plans

The thing with Pro Travel Plus being an actual “agent” is they don’t even own any of the products and services they sell. For a company that’s offering an affiliate and MLM opportunity, that is quite unusual.

So what this kind of looks like is you’ll be an affiliate to a company that is also an affiliate of the companies it represents.

Hmm…Not too sure about that.

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The Pro Travel Plus Products

I can’t really list the specific products that PTP offer, as they don’t actually have any products of their own. But like I said above, they offer deals on things like ocean cruises, cheaper flights and discount hotel deals and the like. They also offer various travel vouchers and discounts off entertainment at the various destinations you choose to travel to.




Pro Travel Plus Business Opportunity and Compensation Plan

What PTP have set up here is an MLM opportunity using products they don’t even own. PTP are merely the referring site for travellers looking for packages and deals, where they earn commissions from the airlines, hotels etc.. Possibly they are not even allowed to be doing what they are doing with the MLM opportunity, and this makes for a very precarious situation for anyone wanting to get on board with Pro Travel Plus.

Here is a link to the compensation plan.

The MLM matrix is comprised of 3 different membership levels wide and the 3rd level membership can go as much as 14 levels deep. This is what you need to aim for in your recruiting to really start earning some more serious coin.

You earn money by referring others to travel deals, and if they sign up as a recruiter in your downline, you can also earn small commissions from their activity as well as group bonuses.

Below you can watch a video presentation that explains their compensation plan and what you can earn.


Target Audience

This is definitely targeted at people who love to travel and are likely regular travellers. Being able to refer others and make some money as well as receive discounts, would be the main drawcard for this particular MLM opportunity. It could also attract people looking to make some money on the side without having to set something up from scratch.


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What I Like

  • I like the fact that it’s travel related and not yet another MLM deal in the way over-saturated health and wellness niche


What I Don’t Like

  • PTP don’t actually own any of the products or services they are offering their affiliates
  • You won’t get paid for your efforts until Pro Travel Plus receives their share of affiliate commissions from the parent company promoted (whether it be a hotel booking, plane flight or whatever). This can take a while
  • If PTP don’t follow the guidelines of every company they are affiliated with, they may not get paid and therefore you won’t get paid
  • I don’t know if PTP are even allowed to do what they are doing. It’s likely against the terms and conditions of all their affiliate agreements (but I don’t know this for sure)
  • Something about this just screams dodgy to me compared to every single other MLM opportunity I’ve reviewed so far
  • You will be competing with giants like Expedia, Agoda and others


Pro Travel Plus Matrix


How Much Does Pro Travel Plus Cost?

It costs $69.95 to buy into the deal, and then a further $34.95 per month for as long as your want to remain an affiliate. This is big coin for PTP, as it likely wouldn’t be costing them anything to be an affiliate of the companies they represent.

For your money you do get discounts, but you would want to be a very frequent traveller to justify the $34.95 a month spend.


Is Pro Travel Plus a Scam?

Compared to other MLM deals this does kind of smell like a scam somewhere, but I can’t say that with all certainty. Something just isn’t quite right about what Pro Travel Plus are doing. You could end up putting in money, time and a lot of effort and all for nothing.

I’d give it a miss. Try this travel MLM company instead.


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