Is “Replace Your Job” a Scam? Yes It Is!



Is “Replace Your Job” a scam or not? I’ve seen the name “Kelly Simmons” attached to a number of dodgy websites now and this one looks like more of the same, so let's take a look and see what the real story is…



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Is Replace Your Job a ScamCompany Name: Replace Your Job

Owners: Kelly Simmons

Price To Join: $97 + Upsells

My Rating: 0/10



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What Is Replace Your Job?

Here we go again it seems. The name of the platform or “opportunity” changes, but the same old dodgy deal doesn’t.

“Replace Your Job” is not going to replace your current job, not in a million years. It’s not even real. This is yet one more fake work at home type websites created by the same team that has previously brought us a host of others.

Kelly Simmons makes a return, and she would have to be the most common alias they use, as she’s featured in a number of my reviews now. She introduces us to the same deal – work for one hour a day and earn $379.


The Same Scammers Are At It Again!

They always promote this with a story of a single mom (or dad) down on their luck struggling to survive, until they encounter “the chilling day that changed my life” type episode. This is where they discover the answer to all their prayers by coming across Replace Your Job. Really, this is just the start of all their nightmares.

Nothing much changes with the storyline, they just sometimes use a different name to introduce it. By now I’ve reviewed well over 20 of these sites and my aim is to expose as many of them as I can find.

Here are a few of the others I’ve reviewed in recent times, but it’s only a snap shot:

As I mentioned, I’ve reviewed well over 20 by now. The above is just a select few.


Is Replace Your Job a ScamWhat Is Total Income Answer - a Scam


Featured On the Major News Networks…I Doubt It

They love using this ploy. A lot of other scams and borderline dodgy platforms use it as well.

Replace Your Job claim they have been featured on all the major news networks and that these TV channels actually endorse their fake job offer. The headers of all their sites feature the logos of Fox News, CNN, CNBC and so on. It’s all fake and only serves to try and legitimise their fake platform so people will trust them.

The only way these people will ever be featured on the news is when a reporter breaks the story that fully exposes these people and their numerous ongoing scams.


Fake News Banner


Kelly Simmons Isn’t Even Real

As I mentioned earlier these guys like to use the same name sometimes for their scams, and this time we see the name Kelly Simmons again. She’s the figurehead that stands behind the name of Replace Your Job and the one promising people an internet career of easy money.

Below are just a few of the more common names we see attached to this same scam:

  • Jessica Marshall
  • Cami White
  • Tony Anderson
  • Michelle Robinson


Kelly Simmons Scamemily-hudson-scam


“Limited Spots Available” – Not True

Oh how they love using the “limited positions available in your area” tactic.

Many businesses use a sense of urgency to get people to act. Putting a time limit on a sale, limiting positions and so on. It’s a practice used by scams and legit deals alike.

Again we see this exact same ploy used with Replace Your Job. They do lack a bit of imagination in that every site they bring out uses the exact same tactics to lure people in. I guess it must work some of the time.

They don’t want you to have time to think about things and possibly realise that what they’re offering is fake. They want you to act fast. They present their very tempting job offer which pays good money for very little work and they want you to hurry up and join, so they state that positions are limited, hoping you will act without thinking and definitely without doing your research.

As you are here reading this review, it means you are doing your research, and that’s a good thing.


Home Jobs Today Limited Offer


What Is the “Online Job” or “Internet Career”

There is no real job offer or internet career offered here. Let’s be clear on that. It’s all fake. Replace Your Job are not going to pay you a cent to do any work for them, and they are not going to hook you up with a real company who is going to pay you either.

They do pretend to offer you something when you join – a link posting position. They give you links for various products and say they will pay you $15 every time you place that link somewhere on the internet. What’s funny is they even supply a calculator so you can work out how much money you’ll earn each day.

It’s all BS! They don’t pay you to do this at all. You never get paid, even if you post a billion links online.

Hell, they even go so far as to state you are doing it for Fortune 500 companies. Sorry, but these companies didn’t amass all their wealth by being stupid. They don’t pay for this kind of “random and haphazard” advertising.

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Accelerated Income Link Posting


This Is What Replace Your Job Is Really About

This Replace Your Job site and all its brothers and sisters are just looking to lure you into their endless funnel of upsells. They use that promise of easy money to suck you in, and once they have you inside, that’s where the real fun starts for them.

When you join up and pay your joining fee, you will be surrendering the following information:

  1. Your full name
  2. Email address
  3. Your phone number
  4. Credit card details

This is what these scammers both want and need to execute the rest of their plan. Not only do they want your $97 to “apply” for their awesome link posting job, they also want to sell you a whole bunch of other stuff. Things like training programs, tools, other dodgy schemes. Once they’ve milked several thousand dollars more out of you after harassing you on the phone and spamming your inbox, they’ll sell off your details to other marketers so they can have a go at squeezing a few more precious drops of blood from the stone.

After all this is done and dusted you’ll be thousands of dollars lighter and still be no closer to actually making any money online.


Target Audience

There are so many people out there today looking for something they can do online from home. Either they need to supplement their income without it getting in the way of their regular routine, or they are hoping to get something going so they can actually fire their boss. These schemers prey on that market, and it’s a massive market, so they’re bound to get some takers.


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Red FlagWhat I Don’t Like and Red Flags

  • The job or internet career is completely bogus
  • You won’t receive a cent from the Fortune 500 companies for doing link posting
  • Replace Your Job won’t pay you anything they promise either
  • There will be no refund on your joining fee
  • Get ready for the deluge of upsells
  • 3rd party marketers will be getting in touch – constantly
  • These people fake their testimonials and use actors in the videos
  • They have never been featured on the news in a positive light
  • All the site owner names are totally fake
  • Your credit card details could be used against you
  • There seems to be no end to this stream of scam websites


How Much Does Replace Your Job Cost?

This is where it kind of gets amusing. It’s not really, because they con people, but it’s almost funny that they have the hide to actually charge people $97 to be able to apply for a job that doesn’t even exist.

I mean, for starters, shouldn’t they be the ones paying? Since when do you have to pay to apply for a job? All anyone gets from this deal is a smaller bank account balance. Nothing more than that.


The Chilling Day That Changed My Life


Is Replace Your Job a Scam?

Yes, it’s a scam. It’s an ongoing scam. No one seems to know who runs the scam, but it doesn’t look like ending anytime soon. Just make sure you don’t get caught up in the hype and keep a look out for sites that are similar.


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2 thoughts on “Is “Replace Your Job” a Scam? Yes It Is!

  1. The more you learn about a legit online program where you can learn how to make money online, the better we became at seeing scams.

    Most make insane promise unfortunately many fall into the trap.

    These kinds of fraud can be really avoided if the asked them some question first, like if this was that simple everyone should work at home. But it is not the case so something is wrong.

    Basically a red flag. There is transparency in their program which is a big no for me.

    • Yep, there are a lot of scams out there, and you’re right, the experience you have with the legit platforms, the easier it is to recognise the scams and dodgy ones.

      The people that are behind Replace Your Job are behind a long list of similar scam sites. they’re everywhere. I’ve written reviews on at 30 of them by now, at least.

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