Is Profit With Pete a Scam? Discover the Truth



Is Profit With Pete a scam? Pete says his program is completely free and that we can make great money with it, but is this really true, or just a line to lure us in?

Let’s take a look and find out….



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Is Profit With Pete a ScamCompany Name: Profit With Pete

Owners: Pete Bradshaw

Price To Join: They say it’s free

My Rating: 0/10



~ Profit With Pete Review ~


What Is Profit With Pete and How Does It Work?

Pete starts off raising the proverbial red flag for me immediately when he claims that we can make $1000s a day with his system and we won’t have to do any work whatsoever. In fact Pete and his team are so kind that he says they’ll do all the work for us.

That’s an amazing deal!

Apparently it’s free to join his platform, we actually don’t have to do a thing as Pete will be taking care of the heavy lifting, yet somehow we’re going to magically be making thousands of dollars a day from this. He says he’ll even pay us a massive $1500 just for watching his introductory video.

It doesn’t get any better than that!

Too good to be true? You bet it is.

For starters, he doesn’t actually give you $1500 in cash at the end of his video like he makes it sound. What he does give you is a cheap cookie cutter website that he claims is worth $1500 in value. It’s not, but that’s how he gets around having to actually give us the money.

After this we are informed that we’ll be making over $5000 within the next 30 days. If we don’t make that much, Pete will give us $500 cash. That cash back deal again.

Unfortunately this guy never really reveals what his program is all about in the video. This is very typical of dodgy schemes. Legit deals want you to know what’s on offer. Scams are the opposite. They try to hide everything until you cough up your money and sign up.


Is Profit With Pete a Scam


What’s the Real Story Here?

Pete is going to give us a commissions website that has nothing to do with any kind of online trading, but rather an affiliate marketing website. Unfortunately it’s not made clear what you will actually be promoting until you buy a hosting plan for your website through the hosting company – ServrCloud. But you can’t just get the hosting by the month. You have to shell out for an entire 3 years worth of hosting right off the bat, or Pete won’t let you get started making money with his cash cow. It costs $97 a year to host on ServrCloud, yet Pete almost demands we purchase 3 years.

What’s happening here is Pete is an affiliate of ServrCloud and likely gets anywhere up to a 50% commission upfront when someone purchases a 3 year deal through his recommendation. So basically he’s luring people into a fake platform so he can get affiliate commissions. That’s the reason for all the smoke and mirrors.

Essentially this is just a hosting scam and nothing more. There’s nothing wrong with earning commissions as an affiliate, so long as you’re not doing so by tricking people into buying something different to what you advertised. People like Pete give affiliates and affiliate marketing a bad name.

ServrCloud is not a legitimate web hosting company anyway.

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Target Audience

All these too good to be true deals can only be targeted at people who are too inexperienced to know any better. No experienced online entrepreneur would ever be remotely interested in what Pete is offering. Besides, any platform that promises the world, but won’t tell you what it’s about is almost always a scam. Even if you are new to making money online, the best way to avoid the scams is just to always do your research. See what other people are saying about the program first.


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Tools and Training

You get a free generic website that does nothing once you agree to buy 3 years of website hosting with ServrCloud.


What I Like

  • I don’t actually like anything about this dodgy scheme


What I Don’t Like

  • He promises so much money and for no effort. It’s all lies
  • This is nothing more than a way to get affiliate commissions
  • There is no magic money making platform here where Pete and his team do all the work for you
  • ServrCloud is not even a quality hosting company
  • You will receive a worthless website and get to pay hundreds of dollars in worthless hosting
  • There is no $1500 cash for watching the sales video
  • There is no $500 cash back if you don’t make $5k in the first 30 days. It’s all fake


ServrCloud Sign Up


How Much Does Profit With Pete Cost?

Technically it costs nothing to join Pete Bradshaw’s platform, but where he makes his money – and where you have to pay – is for 3 years of hosting on ServrCloud. This will cost you close to $300. After that, you are basically left with just a useless website and a 3 year hosting commitment.


Is Profit With Pete a Scam?

Profit With Pete is a scam. He lies all the way, promises the world, yet has no conceivable method to deliver on those promises. He just wants his commissions when you buy his dodgy hosting recommendation.

Give this one a miss. It’s a total waste of time and money. I should actually rate it a minus something out of 10 instead of zero.


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2 thoughts on “Is Profit With Pete a Scam? Discover the Truth

  1. So this is basically one of those situations where they are technically not lying to you, but they are not telling the entire truth either. Are the websites he gives even editable in any way? I can’t imagine google liking a Hugh of websites that look very similar. I hear they hate duplicate content.

    • Basically Pete is just hooking people in with the promise of big, easy money so he can sell them products and make affiliate commissions. He’s not really offering anything of value. It’s just his own personal sales funnel. He entices you to buy his recommended hosting for the cookie cutter, useless websites he gives you (which are just an excuse), so he gets a commission for everyone who signs up for hosting. ServrCloud is not even a legit hosting platform. And you’re right, Google hates duplicate content.

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