Home Jobs Now Reviews – Just Another Recycled Scam!



What is “Home Jobs Now”? Is this platform that promises easy work from home jobs offering anything new and real, or is it just another recycled scam?

Let’s take a closer look and discover the truth…



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Home Jobs Now ReviewsCompany Name: Home Jobs Now

Owner: Kelly Simmons

Price To Join: $97 + Many Upsells

My Rating: 0/10



~ Home Jobs Now Reviews ~


What Is Home Jobs Now About?

I’ve seen this exact same work at home job scam so many times now it’s not funny. There is some group of people somewhere in the world (no one has been able to nail them down yet) who keep creating new websites peddling the same fake work at home job opportunity. They just change the name of the site and that’s about it.

The job always offers astounding figures like earning close to $400 a day, yet only having to work for about an hour a day to make that kind of cash. It’s all bogus, and in this review I’ll explain why.


Home Jobs Now Reviews


Same Scam, Different Site

Like I said, it’s always the same scam. They just change the name of the website and the apparent creator of the platform. With Home Jobs Now we see a return of the notorious Kelly Simmons. They’ve used this alias quite a number of times now.

Below is a brief list of just some of the other sites I’ve written a review on so far. I’ve actually reviewed around 20 or so by now, and each day a new one seems to pop up like a weed.

  1. Complete Profit Code
  2. Work At Home Institute
  3. Paydays At Home
  4. Auto Home Profits
  5. Online Jobs Now


What Is Auto Home Profits


Featured On the News Claim Is a Lie!

Another common ploy this mob use is to include the logos of famous news channels like CNBC and Fox News on the headers of their websites. They’ll make claims like they were featured on these channels and sometimes even play some generic news footage (which has nothing to do with their platform), with a presenter talking about people making money working from home.

The only reason they use this ploy is to make their scam actually look like a legitimate deal. But it’s not. It’s all fake.

Fake News Banner


The Site Owner Names Are Aliases

As I mentioned, each time they create a new site they also create a new alias. However, they do repeat the names sometimes, and the most common one is the alleged brainchild behind Home Jobs Now – Kelly Simmons.

Some other common aliases are:

  • Emily Hudson
  • Michelle Robinson
  • Michael Anderson
  • Cami White

These names are totally fake, and they will even use stock photos of a different person for the same name. As an example, on 2 different sites that Kelly Simmons allegedly runs, she’ll have photos of two completely different people for herself.


Kelly Simmons Scamemily-hudson-scam


Limited Spots Available? – Not Likely

This is a very common ploy used by legitimate businesses and scammers alike. Having limitations on the time or space for a deal is designed to get people to hurry up and make a decision and take action.

What the scammers want you to do is pay your money and join before you’ve had time to figure out that it’s a scam and not for real. They push the “hurry up” button to great effect. They know if you do any research on them, you likely won’t join.


Fake Testimonials Written By Freelance Writers

All of their sites will be plastered with testimonials singing their praises. What Home Jobs Now do is hire freelancers to write them positive reviews. Once again stock photos are used to put a face to the testimonial.


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The Fake Job

Here’s what the advertised job or “internet career” actually is.

It’s link posting; meaning they give you affiliate links to post in various places on the internet, such as:

  • Your own website
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Membership platforms
  • Forums
  • Quora
  • And so on…

The claim is that Home Jobs Now will pay you $15 for every single link you post. No action has to be taken by anyone regarding the link. This payment is just to post the links.

It’s all bogus. No one has ever been paid. This type of link posting job doesn’t even exist. Affiliate marketing is very real, but it doesn’t work this way. Home Jobs Now won’t pay you a cent for this – guaranteed.


Accelerated Income Link Posting


The Real Deal With Home Jobs Now

The promise of big paydays for very easy online work is merely a ruse to get people to join. These scammers want your joining fee (which you will never get a refund on), and they want your details when you sign up with them. What they really need is your name, email and phone number.


So they can hound you with expensive upsells for other make money programs and training platforms. Some of these upsells may be legit while others will be dodgy, but the point is, when you join you don’t get given some cruisy, high-paying internet gig. You simply join a massive sales funnel that also includes these scammers selling your details to third parties so they can harass you with deals as well.

You will be informed, likely by a phone call from an enthusiastic  telemarketer, that unless you purchase these expensive upsells, you won’t be able to make the daily money they promised you before joining.

It’s all fake. You never will make that money they promised because the link posting job is also fake.


The Target Audience

Sometimes people have never made money on the internet before and are looking for a way to make some extra cash in their spare time that won’t interfere with their day job. Something like the job offered by Home Jobs Now sounds perfect. Make great cash, yet it only takes an hour a day. Easy, right? That’s what they want people to think, and that’s the ones they are targeting.


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Red FlagThe Home Jobs Now Red Flags

  • The job offer is totally fake
  • Link posting in this fashion doesn’t exist as a paid gig
  • There is no end to all the upsells
  • You will be harassed by email and by phone
  • 3rd parties will be contacting you with offers
  • The testimonials are fake
  • Kelly Simmons is fake
  • The news endorsements are fake
  • The websites are fake
  • This is false advertising at its best
  • False promises are repeatedly made
  • The people singing the praises of Home Jobs Now in the sales videos are merely actors


How Much Does Home Jobs Now Cost?

They always charge the same price on every one of their bogus websites – $97 joining fee. For this you get no real online job or internet career. All you get for your money is a bombardment of offers to purchase other products, some of them priced well into the thousands.


Is Home Jobs Now a Scam?

Home Jobs Now is definitely a scam. Stay well away from it. Don’t give them anything. If you see any of the other sites that look like it, give them a huge miss as well. You can make real money online, but not with the Home Jobs Now platform.


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2 thoughts on “Home Jobs Now Reviews – Just Another Recycled Scam!

  1. I really enjoyed reading your post, and it defiantly sounds like Home jobs now us a complete scam.

    I’ve come to learn anyone claims you can make a lot of money with little work is…

    A) someone who doesn’t know what their talking about.


    B) someone trying to scam you.

    Anyone that’s making good money online will tell you it’s hard work — and if someone says other wise let me know because I’ve yet come across someone that’s made a lot of money doing nothing.

    Thanks again for this great review.

    • Hi Michael,

      Home Jobs Now is just one scam in a long list of scams brought out by the same scammers. They just keep the scam the same and change the name.

      I wish making big money online was quick and easy, but unfortunately it’s not and that’s just the way it is. Big money can be made, but it’ll take time and effort and patience. Everything the scammers fail to tell you.

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