Is Rory Ricord a Scam or Real Deal? Read This!



Is Rory Ricord a scam or a real opportunity to make money online? I saw people asking questions about it, so I decided to dig a little deeper to see what I could find out. Does his platform really show users how to make good money online, or is it just another useless link posting scheme?

Let’s take a closer look and find out the truth…


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Is Rory Ricord a Scam



Company Name: Rory Ricord

Owners: Rory Ricord

Price To Join: $97

My Rating: 5.5/10




~ Rory Ricord Review ~


What Is Rory Ricord’s Platform About and How Does It Work?

Rory RicordIt's always a wise idea to do some research on something before joining, so it's really good to see you here reading this review.

Rory has been involved in a number of online businesses in the past, some of them MLM systems. His latest endeavour simply uses his own name for the platform.

When you first visit Rory’s site he starts talking about link posting. Immediately the word “scam” springs to my mind, because I’ve come across and reviewed so many link posting scams that are proliferating the internet these days. Upon further research I believe there is a little more to Rory’s system than these outright scams I’ve seen, so it does definitely have some value.

So what’s Rory Ricord all about? Can he really help people make money online?

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He terms his system “link post blogging”, perhaps in a bid to differentiate his platform from all the scams out there. Basically all he’s really on about is starting a blog, creating different categories, writing some content and placing affiliate links in that content.

That’s termed affiliate marketing, and it’s one of the main things I do online myself.

With affiliate marketing you are basically acting as the go between. A potential customer reads a review you wrote on a product they are thinking of buying. They click on your affiliate link, go buy the product and you earn yourself a commission. It’s very simple in its process. That’s why I like it.

Some commissions are really small, depending on the affiliate program and the price of the item. Some affiliate programs pay in the 100s of dollars for commissions. It all depends.

While Rory is sort of on the right track, his methods and what he teaches others to do is a little light on and rather general in nature.

Affiliate marketing really needs to get specific to be successful. It doesn’t work very well if you create a website that just has a little bit of everything on it. In other words, no particular niche.

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Target Audience

Rory Ricord is pretty much targeting people who are new to affiliate marketing. It’s not a bad system he has here, just not really in-depth enough. Anyone with some experience likely wouldn’t benefit from Rory’s training.


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The Pros

  • There is some fairly good training in Rory’s videos
  • He’s on the right track with what he’s offering here
  • Rory is a decent guy and not someone dodgy


The Cons

  • The overall cost of the training platform is a bit expensive when comparing it with other affiliate marketing training platforms
  • The tutorials are a little thin
  • The way he teaches people to go about this business isn’t nearly defined enough
  • He’s been involved in some questionable programs in the past
  • He’s basically teaching people to set up advertising sites
  • No real SEO taught here, which is important for getting search engine traffic
  • A lot of what he teaches is actually old school, as in it worked 10 years ago but not today


How To Become An Affiliate Marketer


Tools and Training

He does include quite a bit of training with this course, but like I said above, much of it is rather dated these days and won’t be effective in getting traffic. Without that relevant traffic, there is very little chance of making money.

Some of what he teaches in his videos includes:

  • Learning ClickBank
  • Creating a blog posting template
  • How to create a blog on WordPress
  • Adding AdSense and affiliate links
  • Finding affiliate offers
  • How to post on social media
  • And quite a bit more…

The training covers a fair bit, but it’s a little all too general and generic in nature to work that well when put into practice.



How Much Does the Rory Ricord System Cost?

It costs $97 to join, then you are paying a further $28.95 every 3 months to remain a member. Rory gives you a generic WordPress site and hosting with this, but the site is on a subdomain, meaning you don’t actually own the domain, and therefore don’t actually own your affiliate site.

If you leave Rory’s program you lose everything you created. Also, subdomains don’t rank anywhere near as well in search engines like Google as proper domain names do.


Is Rory Ricord a Scam?

There’s no scam here at all. There’s definitely way more to it than some link posting scam.

His platform isn’t too bad for a complete beginner and members will learn something, but it’s all a bit expensive in my opinion. There is no free trial, and the way he has it set up means he has you locked into his platform for as long as you want to stay in business with that particular affiliate site.


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2 thoughts on “Is Rory Ricord a Scam or Real Deal? Read This!

  1. Dear Darren, there are more and more gurus for online earnings, among which there are many who are fraudsters, but there are those who are not like that but probably with little effort to make money from insufficiently informed people. That’s why these reviews are great for beginners of online marketing. They themselves will see what they receive and what not for the money they will invest. This way, I also came up with information about WA, reading the review, which I am very grateful for. Surely your review will come to someone interested, as I was then. Greetings!

    • You’re right, Dragi. There seems to be an aweful lot of gurus and experts out there when it comes to making money on the internet. There seem to be more experts in this field than any other, which is somewhat amazing.

      Unfortunately the majority of gurus are not the real deal, like you say. Rory Ricord offers some good stuff here. I just thought it was a tad expensive overall, though. Certainly not a scam by any means.

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