Is The Lifestyle Society a Scam? Empower Network Revisited



Is The Lifestyle Society a scam or truly a one way ticket to financial freedom? Is this really a brand new opportunity, or just an old platform dressed up as something new?

Let’s take a closer look and find out…



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Is The Lifestyle Society a ScamCompany Name: The Lifestyle Society

Owner: David Wood

Price To Join: $47/Month + Upsells

My Rating: 3/10




~ The Lifestyle Society Review ~



The very first thing I don’t like about the initial presentation is all the hyped up claims about making easy money.

Making money online is NOT quick and easy. If it was, everybody would be doing it and we’d all be rich by now. So many scams and rather questionable make money online platforms always talk it up when it comes to easy money and big money. They sell you on the dream – which is also important – but they rarely sell you on what the actual product, system or training is they are offering you in return for your money.


Who Is David Wood?

David Wood was the founder of the infamous and now defunct Empower Network. From it’s inception in 2011, the Empower Network was a booming digital MLM platform that seemed to practically take over the internet for some time there. Everywhere you turned there was someone talking about or promoting the Empower Network. This was definitely the case during the early years of 2012-13. It was like a cult. While it continued on unabated, David Wood made some decisions with Empower Network that were not helpful and the company folded in August 2017.


Empower Network Dream


What Is The Lifestyle Society?

The Lifestyle Society is David Wood’s attempt to resurrect Empower Network, just under a different name and with new branding.

If you read up about David Wood and Empower Network, you can’t fault the guy’s enthusiasm for his product and his will to survive.

The Lifestyle Society is actually an Empower Network product. So even though Empower Network just about died out in August 2017, it’s not completely dead and buried. It is still breathing…just. David is now making a concerted effort to get the once MLM giant back on its feet and roaring again. If you join this new version you will simply be joining the Empower Network.

If you are unsure what the Empower Network is actually all about, I’ll give a brief summary below.

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The Empower Network

It is designed as a blogging system and training platform to learn how to make money on the internet with both affiliate marketing and network marketing. It actually works on a similar business model to a few other well-known platforms:

The Lifestyle Society All InEssentially what the Empower Network does is teach its members to sell the Empower Network. It doesn’t really emphasise learning from their training and going off to apply that knowledge doing other things. All the emphasis is on buying the Empower Network suite of products – with massive encouragement to go “all in” (buy everything) – and then to promote those same products to others and earn commissions.

In order to be eligible to earn a commission on a particular product, you must first purchase that product yourself. The products can be quite expensive if you end up buying them all, but the lure is the big commissions you can earn selling them. Many people do go “all in” for fear of missing out on valuable commissions if someone they introduce to the system buys something that they haven’t yet purchased themselves.

The training packages range anywhere from $25 right up to $3500. Plus, you have to pay $47 every month to remain a premium member and be eligible to promote Empower Network products. It’s big money to spend, but there is also big money to be made.

Many have labelled it an illegal pyramid scheme over the years because there is so much emphasis on recruitment and they keep everything internal. However, they do actually have products that offer value, so they avoid the official “pyramid” tag for the most part.

Read my full review of Empower Network here.


Tools and Training

If you join David Wood’s Lifestyle Society, then you will be introduced to lots of training over at Empower Network.


Target Audience

The target market are people new to internet marketing mostly. David also targets those who love the MLM style of opportunity and who enjoy active recruitment.


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What I Like

  • David Wood doesn’t give up
  • There is a lot of motivational material in the Lifestyle Society and Empower Network


What I Don’t Like

  • Empower Network could just be dead and buried
  • Most people already know its name, and it doesn’t have a very good reputation these days
  • The products are expensive
  • Empower Network refuse to update their training, instead introducing new products that don’t really add much value
  • You need to purchase every product you want to make commissions on
  • The marketing of this website as a brand new platform is a little deceptive. It’s really just a funnel into Empower Network


How Much Does The Lifestyle Society Cost?

It costs $47 a month to join, but you’re really just joining Empower Network. From there you will be encouraged to buy all the upsells, which could set you back around $5000 total. You don’t have to buy these, but you can’t really make money with the Lifestyle Society/Empower Network if you don’t at least buy some of them.

You can make money, but you will need to do lots of recruitment and you will really need to learn how to sell high ticket items.


Empower Network All In


Is The Lifestyle Society a Scam?

I don’t rate The Lifestyle Society platform as a scam, but David Wood is deceptively luring people back into Empower Network, as this platform is nothing more than a feeder site really. There is some good training at Empower Network and you can receive mentoring off some highly successful marketers, but it will cost you a lot to get started and it will take quite a while before you see a return on that investment, if at all.

Besides, Empower Network is supposed to be defunct. Even it it’s currently still breathing a little, how long will that last before it gasps its last dying breath?


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Affiliate marketing can be a lucrative business if you know how to do it right. The training I did starts with a free trial and there is just one paid membership optional upgrade. No push to buy a bunch of products you don’t want or need just to be eligible to earn commissions. In fact, you can promote any product for free that has an affiliate program. You don’t need to purchase them.

One of the great things about this business is just how cheap it is to do and get involved. Anyone can do this successfully if you are shown how and really want to make it work.

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2 thoughts on “Is The Lifestyle Society a Scam? Empower Network Revisited

  1. Hi Darren,

    I love your review on the ‘Empower Network’. Your review is unbiased with factual information. You have written the review like you have used the system before.

    There are many online income streams that promised the world but don’t deliver. It is people like you who helped others understand the difference and provide a guidance to them.

    Keep up the good work.

    – Jack

    • Hi Jack, yes Lifestyle Society is very much like Empower Network, as you would expect with David Woods behind it, trying to revive a now defunct platform that was once huge. Some of these schemes can work. They’re not total scams. I just don’t like the way they force members to buy products in order to make money. That’s the MLM way of doing things and not really very fair to the members. You’re basically joining to become a customer moreso than a worker and earner. Schemes that are set up this way are almost following the methods of Ponzi schemes, only they try to include products that do have value. However, almost all the focus is still on recruiting to keep the system alive, though.

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