My 10K Model Is a Scam or Not? Let’s Find Out



My 10K Model is a scam! That’s what many people have been calling this make money system, but is that a fair enough label, or does it actually have something to offer?

Let’s take a look at this platform and find out…


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My 10K Model Is a ScamCompany Name: My 10K Model

Owners: Michael Mansell

Price To Join: $25 to get started

My Rating: 3/10



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What Is My 10K Model?

My 10K Model, presented to us by internet entrepreneur and affiliate marketer, Michael Mansell, is actually a program that funnels members into another platform. Michael makes the bold statement that you will be making thousands of dollars a day with his program, but is that really possible?

The platform My 10K Model sends people too is called Easy 1 Up. Why does Michael want people to join his My 10K Model system only to send them over to Easy 1 Up?

Because he’s an affiliate of Easy 1 Up and he wants to earn commissions by referring new members.

However, Michael isn’t just using his program as a raw funnel and nothing more. He does actually provide some training and handy tools to help you make more money on Easy 1 Up.

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My 10K Model Is a Scam


How Does Easy 1 Up Work?

Easy 1 Up is an affiliate/MLM platform that is about recruiting members to promote Easy 1 Up. There isn’t really much else to it. You don’t sell other products or promote anything else outside of Easy 1 Up. It’s really like a pyramid scheme, where new investor money (new members) is used to pay the profits of those that recruit them.

It’s based on the same business model as popular programs like:

Easy 1 Up works by buying into different levels, and in order to be eligible to earn commissions for recruiting members into those levels, you must first purchase them yourself. The levels starts at $25 and go right up to $1000. There are also admin fees to pay on top of the entry fee to join a particular level.

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The Compensation Plan

When you buy into Easy 1 Up the system uses the pass up 1 sale method in order for people to get paid. When you start recruiting you will get to keep your first commission. However, when you recruit a second person, this commission will be “passed up” to the person who brought you into Easy 1 Up.

You do actually get some rudimentary training with each level, but the training really only exists to legitimize the reason for paying to enter a new level. Without products the platform would be straight out a Ponzi scheme or naked pyramid system.

You have to recruit like crazy to make money with these types of schemes. Without active recruitment you make nothing. There’s certainly no chance of any passive income with a platform designed like Easy 1 Up.


Easy 1 Up


Tools and Training

Michael helps you out be giving you some handy tools such as the Traffic Rotator. With this one – if you join Easy 1 Up through My 10K Model – it sends traffic to your Easy 1 Up sign up page. This helps you get relevant traffic, thus negating the need to go out and find that traffic.

Without traffic you get no sales, so this is a very useful tool. You can’t join in at the lowest level and get access to this tool, though. You have to buy into the fourth level, which costs $500.

You receive other training when you go through Michael’s platform, including how to make YouTube work for you and blast traffic to your Easy 1 Up sign up page. He also offers other traffic generating strategies, along with a sales funnel; including one using social messenger, and a private mentoring and coaching group.


Target Audience

The lure is quick and easy cash, however making the money is never anywhere near as easy as it’s made out to be. Many people who have never made money online before are often attracted to anything that sounds fast and low effort. We’d all like to make easy money online, but those with experience know that it’s not as simple as most of these money making schemes pretend it to be.


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What I Like

  • Michael Mansell has added some tools and training on top of what you get with Easy 1 Up
  • You don’t actually pay anything to join My 10K Model. Michael makes his money on affiliate commissions


What I Don’t Like

  • Easy 1 Up is really a Ponzi scheme and relies completely on recruitment to keep going
  • The majority of people who join schemes like this one don’t actually make any money, or very little money at best
  • You need to recruit like a maniac to make this thing work
  • You really risk losing quite a bit of money on something you have very little control over


How Much Does My 10K Model Cost?

You don’t pay anything to join My 10K Model, but you will need to spend to make any money from Easy 1 Up.

Here are the 5 levels you can buy into:

  • Elevation = $25
  • Elevation Elite = $100
  • Vertex = $250
  • Vertex Elite = $500
  • Vertex Pro = $1000

As previously mentioned, in order to earn a commission for recruits who buy a certain level, you must first buy that level to be eligible.



Is My 10K Model a Scam?

I don’t think the My 10K Model is a scam, and Michael is open about it being a funnel into the Easy 1 Up program. The problem more lies with Easy 1 Up itself. It doesn’t really offer any products and survives solely on people constantly bringing in new recruits. It could collapse at any time, leaving a whole bunch of people out of pocket and likely very pissed off.

Personally I would give it a miss unless you have money to burn, know how to actively recruit, and don’t care if you don’t make a profit. It could work out okay, but likely it won’t. You'd be better off buying a lotto system and trying to win the big one.


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2 thoughts on “My 10K Model Is a Scam or Not? Let’s Find Out

  1. Yeah I tried the aspire, program and that was just a scam to get you to buy their high ticket items. I believe if you have to pay an affiliate company. to be a apart of it not worth it. and then if I want to make a commission i can only make commissions at the level i bought in at. so if I have a customer who buys in at a higher tier. then I have purchased I don’t get credit. its a rip off. I like wealthy affiliates because they teach you from the ground up. how to do it yourself.

    • I don’t full on classify programs like Aspire and the like outright scams, but yet, they only exist to sell themselves. Like you say, at Wealthy Affiliate you can sell Wealthy Affiliate, but most of the focus is on learning how to set up an online business and promote anything you like. Plus, most affiliate programs you don’t have to pay to be an affiliate, whereas with Aspire and MOBE and co they make you buy everything first before you can sell it.

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