Is Baymack a Scam? Can You Really Win Money For Free?



Is Baymack a scam or not? It sounds interesting, being able to win daily cash prizes, but is it all legit? Or is there something else going on over at Baymack that we should know about?

Let’s take a look at this platform and find out…


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Is Baymack a ScamCompany Name: Baymack

Owners: Uncertain

Price To Join: Free

My Rating: 6.5/10



~ Baymack Review ~



First off, it's really good to see you here reading my review of the Baymack platform. It demonstrates that you do your homework before joining something.

With so many scams and dodgy time wasting money making schemes online, it's always a wise idea to do some research first.

My whole website is devoted to helping people make money online, but legitimately. I write so many reviews so people will know what's good and what to avoid like the plaque.

Let's see how Baymack fares.


What Is Baymack and How Does It Work?

Baymack is a lottery platform. It’s free and it’s worldwide. However, as this platform works on a referral basis, you can only join the platform via invitation. This will mean either someone literally inviting you to join, or coming across a link online through which you can join the site.

This is basically what goes on at Baymack.

Each day they hold a raffle draw where you can win free money. In order to earn a ticket for the draw, you first have to watch 5 short advertising videos ranging anywhere from 20 seconds to one and a half minutes.

You then have to answer a multiple choice question at the end. This is to make certain you actually watch the video and focus on its message. If you get the question wrong, you need to watch another video until you have successfully watched 5 and answered all questions correctly.

If you win the raffle, the prize can be anywhere from $50 all the way up to $300. That’s for the main prize winner. There are smaller consolation prizes as well, which could be $1, $5 or even $10.

Overall, Baymack is a bit like a rewards site, where you earn small rewards for completing various everyday and simple tasks on their platform.

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Is Baymack a Scam


There are a number of ways of cashing out on Baymack and there is no minimum payout threshold either. The payout options include:

  • PayPal
  • Amazon Gift Card
  • Walmart Gift Card
  • Target Gift Card

The last 3 options are only available for people residing in the USA, but everyone from everywhere else can receive cash via PayPal.

Baymack can either be accessed on a computer directly on their website, but they also have apps from smartphones and tablets.

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The Baymack Referral Program

As I mentioned before, the only way to join the platform is by invite or referral. As a member you get an affiliate link to use to invite others along. New members you refer enter your downline and you can actually earn small commissions from your referrals. This gives you another revenue source.

Some places to share your link are social media such as Twitter and Facebook, your own website, Google Hangouts, and even by email.

You can earn up to 7 levels deep, so you also earn from the referrals your direct recruits bring in down to level 7.

Actively recruiting new members is the best way to make money on Baymack. Below is a chart that explains the commissions you can earn when your referrals win money on the raffle draw.


Baymack Referral Program


Target Audience

Anyone who wants to make some small change online. You could make something fairly decent with a big enough downline, but it would still only be part-time money at best. There’s no point joining this site if your aim is to earn real money or a fulltime income.


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What I Like

  • It’s totally free to join
  • Watching 5 videos a day doesn’t take very long
  • You can win some cool cash prizes
  • They pay out in actual money through PayPal, as well as gift cards for US residents
  • It’s a bit of fun
  • They have a referral program where you can earn more coin
  • This is open to a worldwide audience


What I Don’t Like

  • You could potentially waste lots of time on the site and trying to recruit people to Baymack
  • You won’t earn much money, and you still have to be very lucky to win anything on the raffle, or for any of your referrals to have a win.
  • Baymack has more than half a million members, so your chances of winning anything are extremely slim
  • Available through an invite only


Baymack Invite Only


How Much Does Baymack Cost?

Nothing. This platform is completely free. You never have to pay for anything.


Is Baymack a Scam?

I can’t see any scam here at all. It’s not a major money spinner and not a particularly profitable way to spend your time, but it’s a bit of fun I guess. You could waste lots of time trying to recruit people, and that could be a trap. If you are looking to make real money online, then read below.


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