Is The Money Academy a Scam or Legit? MUST READ!



Is The Money Academy a scam or an awesome online business opportunity? Will this training program and money making platform make you wealthy, or is it all just a ruse and a funnel into something else?

Let’s take a closer look and find out…



Is The Money Academy a ScamCompany Name: The Money Academy

Owners: A MOBE Affiliate

Price To Join: $49

My Rating: 0/10



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This website was started with a desire to help people find ways to make money on the internet. Therefore I highlight any programs and opportunities I come across that might be worth your while. Unfortunately the internet abounds with dodgy platforms and make money online scams as well, so I'm exposing these along the way.


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What Is The Money Academy About?

Well, this is yet another feeder site designed to funnel people into the ultra expensive MOBE (My Online Business Education) system. There seems to be a string of MOBE affiliates trying this trick, where they lure people into their alleged “original” training program, only to funnel members into MOBE.

The very reason these affiliates are doing this is to increase their commissions. They snare your fee for joining their empty feeder site, funnel you into MOBE and make bigger commissions if you sign up for any of the many MOBE trainings. I don’t believe MOBE train their affiliates to indulge in this deceptive and unethical tactic, but so many MOBE affiliates seem to do it, so I don’t know.

Online Profits Breakthrough is another site I recently reviewed that does exactly the same thing, and I’ve come across numerous others as well.

It really in a very underhanded tactic. Unsuspecting people looking to learn how to make money online join programs like The Money Academy, only to discover they are being duped into a different system entirely. I, for one, would be extremely pissed off if this happened to me. It’s one of the reasons I run this website and write so many reviews. There are just so many bogus make money online/training programs out there that I want to expose them and help people avoid falling for scams. There are some great platforms out there, but they get buried beneath the rubble of all these scams.

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How Does The Money Academy Work?

So how this works is you happen across The Money Academy program, watch the hyped up sales video which tells you all about the money you’re going to be making, how easy it will all be, and how you’ll finally get to live the life of your dreams, you decide to give it a go, pay the money and join.

There’s nothing wrong with everything stated in the video. We all want money and a great lifestyle, but the problem is, The Money Academy isn’t even a real platform. It’s just an empty feeder site. Once you join you will be introduced very quickly to MOBE, where you will face upsell after expensive upsell. In fact, the most expensive offering on MOBE is almost $30k!

MOBE does have some cool training and a lucrative affiliate program, but you’re required to spend a small fortune to even be eligible to earn commissions on sales of their training. If you join MOBE and want to be an affiliate, any training you want to promote, you first need to purchase it for yourself or you get paid zilch for any sales you make of that particular program.

The Money Academy is just MOBE, with a bogus site put up by one of their affiliates.


Target Audience

This site targets those looking to get started making money online. There’s nothing wrong with the concept of trying to find a genuine training and money making program, but The Money Academy isn’t it. These scammers definitely target people who are new to online marketing.


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The Pros

  • Not much. I guess the sales video is pretty motivating


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The Cons

  • The Money Academy is one big deception
  • It is nothing more than an empty feeder site, funnelling people into MOBE
  • This whole program is bogus
  • The limited time offer is fake
  • The testimonials are not from real people (or they are from people in MOBE)
  • This isn’t a “done for you” system as claimed
  • It might even be the same MOBE affiliate setting up all these feeder sites
  • The $500 for watching the video is also BS


Tools and Training

If you join The Money Academy and then go on to join MOBE, you will be faced with a feast of training options and ways to make affiliate commissions. MOBE is okay, but be warned – It’s expensive, and once you’re in, they will really put the pressure on you to buy their products.


The Money Academy Fake Testimonials 1The Money Academy Fake Testimonials 2

Above are examples of The Money Academy using a Fiverr seller to create fake testimonial videos for them.


How Much Does The Money Academy Cost?

Whoever runs The Money Academy charges you $49 for the privilege of being funnelled into his MOBE affiliate system. From there, if you’re even still interested, you could find yourself up for thousands of dollars in upsells.


Is The Money Academy a Scam?

MOBE is not a scam, but The Money Academy website that acts as a funnel is, because it’s deceptive and not transparent. They make out like they’re offering their own unique and genuine platform when they’re not. If you want to join MOBE, skip this site and just go directly to MOBE’s official website. The owner of this site and other empty feeder sites doesn’t deserve to earn your commission.


Want To Start a Profitable Online Business?

Affiliate marketing is a fantastic online business. It’s what I’ve been doing for years. While MOBE has some good training, it’s just so damned expensive and there is no free trial to test it out.

The training I did is free to get started, with just the one paid upgrade to a Premium Membership to finish all the training and have complete access to everything else. I trained with Wealthy Affiliate, and apart from that one membership upgrade, there are no upsells. It really is the best value for money affiliate marketing/ make money online training program I’ve ever come across.

If you would like to learn more about Wealthy Affiliate and how it can benefit you, just click on the banner below to read my review…


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2 thoughts on “Is The Money Academy a Scam or Legit? MUST READ!

  1. This is really bad. Do I get that right, I would have to pay $49 to only get transferred to the next program which again is not offering what is promised?

    I don’t understand the moral of these people and how they think they can survive like this over time.

    The movie producer, a paid one is a funny example of how cheap these people work.

    I am glad you have written this review for everyone to understand the danger of signing up for suspicious programs easily.

    • Hi Stefan. Yep, just another fake platform brought to us by yet another MOBE affiliate. So many affiliates of MOBE are using this ploy. I don’t know whether this is something they teach at MOBE or not, but I’ve come across hundreds of these schemes where they pretend to have their own money making platform, only to funnel people over to MOBE. I don’t like the way they go about things at all. Why can’t they just create a site and be honest about what it is they are really promoting?

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