Is The Oxford Income Letter a Scam or Worth the Subscription?



Is The Oxford Income Letter a scam or legit? The editor of this monthly newsletter claims the information contained in its pages can earn subscribers an easy $1000 a week or more, but is this really the case, or just some juicy sales talk to get people to join?

Let’s take a closer look and uncover the truth…



Is The Oxford Income Letter a Scam

Company Name: The Oxford Income Letter

Editor: Marc Lichtenfeld

Price To Join: $129

My Rating: 5/10


~ The Oxford Income Letter Review ~



I saw quite a lot of chatter online about The Oxford Income Letter and it sounded interesting, so I decided to look into it and see what it’s about and whether it’s offering anything useful.

I like that you’re here reading my review of The Oxford Income Letter, as it means you do your homework first before joining up with anything, and that’s always a good idea when it comes to stuff online especially.

On my website I write reviews of both the good and bad stuff I come across online so my readers can make informed choices and avoid any scams in the process.

Let’s see if The Oxford Income Letter is any good or not.


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What Is The Oxford Income Letter?

Marc Lichtenfeld is the financial expert who edits this monthly newsletter and puts it together, and he claims that the information he gives readers will allow people to make over $1000 a week, every week, quite easily. This income all comes in passively, according to Marc.

To get started all you need is:

  1. An internet connection
  2. A small amount of capital
  3. About 4 hours spare a week

The scheme is apparently perfect for building money for retirement, or supplementing your income if you’re already retired. And according to the sales pitch Marc gives, you’ll start making money within days of signing up and putting things into play.

This all actually reminds of some other similar newsletters I’ve reviewed recently, so I wasn’t surprised when I discovered that The Oxford Income Letter is brought out by the same company – Agora Financial.

Some similar newsletters I’ve recently looked into include:


Is The Oxford Income Letter a Scam


Some Background On Marc Lichtenfeld

Marc LichtenfeldMarc has an extensive background as a financial analyst, and along with writing a number of popular books on the subject, he has also been editor of some known publications like Lightning Trend Trader, Tactical Trader Alert, The Oxford Club and others.

Some of the books he is known for are “Get Rich With Dividends” and “You Don’t Have To Drive An Uber In Retirement”.

Along with being an author, editor and financial analyst, he has also been a trader and a fund manager, so he has the runs on the board to offer investment and financial advice. The question isn’t really whether Marc knows his subject matter, but whether The Oxford Income Letter is worth paying money to subscribe to, so let’s see what’s included and how it all works.

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How It Really Works

What Marc and Agora Financial are offering subscribers to the newsletter is the pick of investment opportunities. Apparently the team at Agora sift through thousands of possible investments and choose the ones most likely to return the highest ROI and in the fastest time.

Using some well known systems and computer analysis, Marc’s team comes up with the pick of the bunch investment options. These are all based on utilising the following methods and tools to help refine the list:

  • 10-11-12 System
  • Free Cash Flow (FCF)
  • Statistical Modelling
  • Relative Valuation
  • Computer Analysis

Basically each month Marc and his team will deliver a list of possible investment options for subscribers to consider buying into.

It’s all about earning regular dividends by investing in companies through the purchasing of shares. While many shareholders can only expect annual returns of around 3%, Mark finds opportunities that will yield as much as 12% ROI annually.

The Oxford Income Letter

What Subscribers Get

Essentially you receive 3 things as a subscriber to The Oxford Income Letter:

  1. The Monthly Newsletter
  2. Weekly Updates
  3. Email Blasts

Newsletter – It comes out monthly and when you pay to join you receive the newsletter for a total of 12 months until you renew your subscription. As mentioned, each month Marc and his team of experts will deliver the very best investment options so you can pick and choose which companies to invest in and potentially earn lucrative dividends.

Updates – These occur weekly and the purpose of them is to keep subscribers informed about the progress of the companies that had previously been recommended. This way you’re always in the know about whether a company is doing well, regardless of whether you invested in it or not.

Email Blasts – This is for stuff that can’t wait a week or a month. In other words, important updates regarding investment opportunities, possibly even things like a suggestion to sell shares or buy shares immediately. That sort of thing.


Target Audience

This is really aimed at people who already invest in the stock market, or are looking to get started. Obviously anyone interested will need some capital to buy shares, and likely a minimum of at least a few thousand dollars. You don’t need to be an experienced investor, as the whole idea of the newsletter is to put you on the right track.


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What I Like

  • Marc has many years of high level experience in the fields of investment and finance
  • Agora Financial has many astute editors on board and they produce a lot of these newsletters
  • Some of the investments could indeed yield high returns
  • The newsletter subscription and advice is not expensive


What I Don’t Like and Red Flags

  • Marc speaks a lot of over-blown sales hype in his sales video
  • To make $1000 a week through share dividends would require a pretty decent investment bankroll
  • Agora Financial gets rather mixed reviews from subscribers and investors
  • There are a lot of websites out there all funnelling people into The Oxford Income Letter and many of Agora’s other newsletter, and they all sell on ridiculous hype and inflated profit margins that aren’t realistic
  • Agora Financial makes the majority of its money through selling newsletter subscriptions
  • There isn’t much difference between all the newsletters this company sells
  • Not much customer support available from Agora


How Much Does The Oxford Income Letter Cost?

When I looked into this, at the time of this writing the newsletter costs an annual fee of $129. This gives you access to the newsletter and accompanying weekly updates and email blasts for a full 12 months.

I’ve seen mentioned that it costs $249 to subscribe to The Oxford Income Letter, but at the moment it appears to be going for half the normal price.


Oxford Income Letter


Is The Oxford Income Letter a Scam?

I don’t think so. I mean, the newsletter is real, and I can’t see anything that suggests Agora and Marc might be trying to scam their subscribers in any way. Not unless some insider trading is going on, but there’s no evidence of that.

Of course, just because you might follow the investment advice these people offer, that in no way guarantees a positive ROI on every suggestion they make. It is trading after all, and nothing is guaranteed or without some risk.

The newsletter seems okay, but I really think they should tone down the sales hype, as it makes it sound scammy.


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