Is Ultimate Home Profits a Scam? Read This Now!



Is Ultimate Home Profits a scam or not? Is it actually something new and legit, or yet another link posting scam site like so many similar ones out there? Other people online are calling it a scam, but is that a fair assessment?

Let’s take a closer look and find out the truth…



Is Ultimate Home Profits a ScamCompany Name: Ultimate Home Profits

Owners: Michelle Robinson

Price To Join: $97

My Rating: 0/10



~ The Ultimate Home Profits Review ~



Unfortunately the internet is riddled with online scams promoting magical, make money schemes. There are legit platforms out there, but to get to them you must first avoid the dodgy ones. That's what my website is all about, helping people avoid the scams and find the stuff that can actually help them.


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What Is Ultimate Home Profits and How Does It Work?

Well, well, well, here is yet another one of these dodgy sites advertising the ultimate “home job”. What it really is, is an empty link posting scam with a hidden agenda.

This time we see the owner listed as Michelle Robinson. She relates a story by down-on-her-luck, Emily Hudson (who has also previously been listed as the owner of similar link posting sites), where Emily discovered this awesome online job that ultimately turned her fortunes around and changed her life. Emily is apparently now rated the #1 work from home consultant in all of America.

Yeah, right.

This platform is just the exact same thing as the following ones that I’ve reviewed. Here are just a few of them:

That’s just a mere handful of them. I’ve reviewed more, and there are loads out there that I haven’t reviewed. They are everywhere at the moment.

Is Ultimate Home Profits a Scam

Secure Job Position Is a Scam

So what is it all about?

They claim you can get paid $15 per link you post online for retail giants such as Amazon and Walmart. You don’t have to sell anything, just post the links on social media and whatever.

It’s all a load of bullshit! These companies and others don’t pay for this kind of advertising spam. The link posting job is a fabrication, a complete fantasy. In fact, everything about Ultimate Home Profits and all its siblings is a fantasy, a charade.

The sites almost always look the same, with similar logos, the same claims of the money you can earn, even some of the site owner names get repeated. The owners they quote are not real people, by the way. Every one of these websites also has the logos of news channels on them, and they claim they’ve be recommended by these channels and even featured on them.

It’s a false claim and a popular ploy of scammers to try and gain some credibility.

They hire actors off Fiverr to make their hyped-up sales videos, and even get freelancers to write their fake testimonials.

So what’s the real agenda of these people?

They want your details so they can hound you with expensive high ticket products. They even get your phone number and have telemarketers harass you on the phone. Your details get sold to third parties so all manner of people are contacting you by phone or spamming your email, all trying to get you to buy something.

It’s all one big con job. There is nothing real about this at all, except the harassment.


Ultimate Home Profits Ellen Shepard

Ultimate Home Profits Emily Hudson


Tools and Training

They give you some very simplistic training on the link posting “career” and this one seems to focus more on placing Amazon links for some reason. At any rate, it’s all a ruse. They do cover a little bit on affiliate marketing in general, and email list building.


Target Audience

These people target those new to making money online and lure people into their system of upsells with the promise of easy money for only a hour of work a day. Experienced online marketers recognise the red flags and flaws in these platforms almost right away.


Earn 5 Figures Per Month.


The Pros

  • There are none


The Cons

  • Everything about Ultimate Home Profits is a con
  • Actors for their videos
  • Fake testimonials
  • A false job offer that doesn’t really exist
  • Bogus news endorsements
  • Loads of expensive upsells
  • Selling your details to 3rd parties
  • Constant harassment by phone and by email


How Much Does Ultimate Home Profits Cost?

They charge you a whopping $97 for their rather empty money making program. Once you join they’ll tell you that you need to buy all these other products and training to have a hope in hell of making the kind of money they claim you’ll be able to make. It’s all a con just to sell you more shit.


Is Ultimate Home Profits a Scam?

It’s a scam just like the rest of the websites created by the same people. Every day I see a new one pop up like a mushroom out of the darkness. Nothing positive can come from you joining this scam. The little bit of training they offer you is extremely basic, so that’s not really even worth anything. If you join and give them your real details, be prepared for the onslaught of phone calls, emails and harassment to purchase expensive products.


Learn How To Make Real Money Online!

I actually do affiliate marketing and email marketing for a living. It’s what I’ve been doing for years now. I love exposing online scams because I don’t want others who are looking for a genuine opportunity to get ripped off. Plus, it gives the genuine platforms a bad name as well.

Affiliate marketing is real, but companies don’t pay you just to randomly post links everywhere. How it works is when you join a platform (such as Amazon Associates) as an affiliate, you get unique product links that track back to your affiliate account. If someone makes a purchase through your unique link, you get credited with a commission for the sale. Depending on what the affiliate program is, commissions can be as low as 2% or as high as 100% of the purchase price. The common commission amount is around 25% to 50%. One platform I promote pays as high as $400 per sale!

Look, it’s worth getting into if you want to make money online. Just stay away from the scams that steal your cash and invest your time into training that works and will put you on the right path. Therefore, I suggest you do the same training I did, because I know it works.

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2 thoughts on “Is Ultimate Home Profits a Scam? Read This Now!

  1. The Ultimate Home Profits system makes me sick because there just seems to be 100s, possibly 1,000s of these “Get-Rich-Quick” schemes out there that are just rebranded with different names.

    It just seems like an endless list of scams that newbies, in particular, keep falling for, face first.

    If it’s not “link posting” trash, it’s other “secret” money-making stuff that requires your email and cash to find out how it works. Except, it’s a lie. The fraudsters simply make a dash with your cash and wait for the next victims to input their credit card details.

    Thanks for the warning, and your #1 recommendation is the safest bet!

    • These scams seem to be endless. Although the inetrnet has some fantastic opportunities, the scams seem to be outnumbering the real deals more and more every day. They tell people what they want to hear – big money in very quick time with no effort. I mean, that would be awesome if it were true, but why people even believe this hype I don’t know.

      The internet isn’t some magical money producing land where everything is milk and honey. people need to work at success online just like they have to with offline ventures.

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving your thoughts on Ultimate Home Profits.

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