Is VSN Cash System a Scam or Easy $500 a Day?



Is VSN Cash System a scam or not? Many people have been talking about this money making scheme and asking whether it’s legit, so I decided to look into it. The guy who runs it claims we can make an easy $500 a day, which is great money, but is this really true, or is he just telling people what they want to hear to suck them in?

Let’s take a look and find out the truth…



Is VSN Cash System a ScamCompany Name: VSN Cash System

Owner: Desmond Akil Smith

Price To Join: $97.99 + Upsells

My Rating: 3/10



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Like I said, I kept seeing people talking about VSN Cash System, and as I write reviews for make money online (MMO) products on my website, I decided to dig deeper into this one and see what it’s all about, whether it’s worth getting involved in.

It’s great that you’re here reading this review, as it means you do your homework before joining anything.

There are many scams in the make money online world, but there are also great opportunities and training programs. On my website I do my best to bring your attention to both the good stuff and the bad, so you can avoid scams and join something that’s worthwhile.

Let’s see how VSN Cash System measures up.


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What Is VSN Cash System?

VSN Cash System is brought to us by an entrepreneur named Desmond Akil Smith. The “VSN” part represents “Viral Success Network”. Desmond starts off his sales pitch making the claim that everyone can be earning an easy $500 a day with his scheme. That equals around $15k a month.

Not bad dollars, that’s for sure.

He uses the classic clichés like “automated” and “done for you”, words and phrases that have become synonymous with online money making sales pitches. This is all designed to make it sound so easy to make this kind of cash on a consistent basis, and these people are often masters of simply telling people what they want to hear so they’ll sign up.

Desmond says that after we sign up we just basically have to kick back on the beach somewhere and watch the cash come sailing into our bank accounts.

Classic bullshit. Seen it all a gazillion times before.

Generally almost all of these schemes that make these claims either turn out to be scams, or simply can’t live up to their own hype and require loads more time and effort than what is promised in the pitch.

Just for the record, Desmond used to be majorly into a scheme called Empower Network, which is now defunct. You can read my Empower Network review here to learn more about it. With VSN Cash System, Desmond has modelled the business structure very similar to how Empower Network used to operate.

In 2013 Desmond created the very first version of his own system, which back then was called “VSN Extreme”. However, it failed to fully launch and get off the ground due to a lack of interest. VSN Cash System is that old scheme given a reboot in 2018.

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Is VSN Cash System a Scam


How It Works

Apparently this is so simple that anyone can make money with it if they follow the training. Essentially VSN is partly about spending money for training to teach you how to make money selling VSN, and the second part is about spending bigger cash on traffic packages.

This all works very similar to Empower Network, and other schemes like Aspire and MOBE.

The whole idea is to buy into VSN Cash System, then start selling VSN Cash System to others. Just like with MOBE and co, in order to be eligible to earn a commissions on a particular VSN product or training, you must first purchase it yourself so you have resale rights. Otherwise you earn nothing for your trouble.

In order to recruit new members and make sales, you need traffic to your promotions. VSN Cash System doesn’t really teach you how to get any free or organic traffic, but rather aims to sell you a bunch of expensive traffic generation packages that likely won’t do much at all, as everyone who is trying to sell VSN Cash System to others will all be buying the exact same traffic.


VSN Cash System Banner


What’s Involved and How Much Does VSN Cash System Cost?

Let’s now take a brief look at what’s involved in the VSN Cash System and how much the packages will set you back.


Basic Package – $97.99

This is the one you sign up for when you first join VSN. It’s your basic starting membership. With this one you receive pre-made landing pages to capture email addresses of prospects you can promote to. The basic pack also includes 100 free visitors to your landing pages, and some fundamental training on platforms like Shopify, as well as learning how to set up Facebook ads.

I’m not even sure how the eCommerce training for Shopify fits into what’s on offer at VSN, but there is some ridiculously basic training included anyway, stuff you can learn for free on the Shopify website.

The done for you capture pages and landing pages are designed to help you sell VSN Cash System to others so you can start making money, but apart from your first 100 free visitors, from that point on you’ll be needing to spend some big bucks on buying traffic or paying for advertising.


Advanced Affiliate Marketing Training – $197.99

The training involved in this more advanced package is definitely a lot better than what comes with a basic membership. There is some useful stuff here.

However, the way they have this set up is you are required to purchase other tools, where Desmond receives affiliate commissions from these third party companies when you do.

The platforms include:

  1. Aweber
  2. ClickFunnels
  3. ClickMagick

To join all 3 will set you back over $100 a month at the minimum.

Now while there is some gaps in the VSN training, when you join ClickFunnels, you get access to their training on easily creating sales funnels that get results, but obviously you’re paying more.


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Personal Coaching – $997

This is one-on-one coaching. Past research on similar deals reveals that this expensive personal coaching is usually nowhere near being worth the money they charge for it. Often it’s simply a money grab, an excuse for an expensive upsell. There could be value in it, but I doubt enough to warrant a price tag of almost $1000.


Traffic Packages

This is where Desmond makes the real money, and where most of the members will spend their money. As there is nothing in the training that shows you how to get free traffic to these landing pages, there’s no hope of recruiting new members and earning commissions unless you pay top dollar for traffic.

The traffic is via solo ads, and you pay per click through to your landing pages from an established email list at a cost of $1 per click (which is very expensive for solo ads, by the way).

Here’s the breakdown of what these traffic packages cost:

  • 50 clicks = $50
  • 100 clicks = $100
  • 200 clicks = $200
  • 500 clicks = $500
  • 1000 clicks = $1000

Now, even if you get these click throughs, maybe, just maybe, you might land yourself one sale out of 100 clicks.

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Target Audience

This is targeted at newbies to online marketing in my opinion. More established marketers generally don’t like the high costs involved with schemes like this (because they’re not necessary to make money), and these types of systems are extremely limited in what you can promote, and in the training and tools they offer.


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What I Like

  • Desmond is experienced in this type of online marketing scheme
  • Some of the training is okay
  • It’s possible to make some money (but expensive)


What I Don’t Like and Red Flags

  • The overall costs of the packages and the paid traffic is very expensive
  • These schemes that just sell themselves are very limited in scope for making money online
  • Very similar schemes like Empower Network, MOBE and Aspire have all been shut down
  • The training you receive is rather basic
  • There is no training on getting free traffic, and the paid traffic is costly and largely ineffective at driving sales
  • You have to join other third party platforms, so extra costs there and more commissions for Desmond
  • The training for Shopify seems a bit out of sync with the rest of this offer


VSN Cash System


Is VSN Cash System a Scam?

Look, I wouldn’t outright label this a scam at all, but I certainly wouldn’t recommend getting involved in it either. I doubt whether it’ll last for starters, and it’s way too expensive for what it is.

Desmond will likely make some great money with all his commissions, but from a member’s perspective, I sincerely doubt it’s going to prove very easy at all to make a profit after all the spending on products, training, third party tools and traffic you have to do.

These schemes cost too much, are way harder to sell than they make out, and are really limited in scope when it comes to making money as an affiliate marketer online. It’s certainly not automated income, that’s for sure. Far from it.

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