My 24 Hour Income Is a Scam, Or Isn’t It? Easy Cash In Just 24 Hours?



My 24 Hour Income is a scam or isn’t it? That’s the question a lot of people have been asking. But what is it exactly and can it make you money in as little as 24 hours?

Let’s take a look and discover the truth….



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My 24 Hour Income Is a ScamCompany Name: My 24 Hour Income

Owners: Drew Burton

Price To Join: $5 to start

My Rating: 3/10



~ The “My 24 Hour Income” Review ~


What Is My 24 Hour Income?

This is just another money matrix masquerading as an advertising platform, where the advertising just exists to try and get around the legalities of running a Ponzi scheme – which is exactly what My 24 Hour Income is all about.

Creator Drew Burton certainly hasn’t reinvented the wheel here, rehashing an old idea that has been presented a hundred different ways by now. This is yet another ad pack buying, revenue sharing, traffic exchange type of deal, where the real focus is on buying ad packs and making a profit on them.

I’m not a fan of this style of trying to make a quick buck, but I realise many people out there are. The problem is, these schemes can’t go on for long. Just by the nature of their financial structure they are doomed to fail, leaving a whole bunch of people having invested money and receiving no return.

The person who creates the system always gets paid. They make sure of that. Plus, they’re the first ones in, right at the top, so when it eventually collapses, they’ve already made plenty of cash and don’t really care. They’ll just move on, disappear for a while, then re-emerge with a brand new scheme under a different name.


My 24 Hour Income Ad Packs


How It Works and the Compensation

This system has a selection of 4 ad packs at different prices and each offering a higher return on investment. If you want to be able to move up to the next level, there is a minimum number of ad packs you must purchase in order to do so.

Let’s take a look at the 4 variations:

  • Ad Pack 1 – $5 at 110% = $5.50 (minimum purchase 100 packs)
  • Ad Pack 2 – $15 at 115% = $17.25 (minimum purchase 100 packs)
  • Ad Pack 3 – $35 at 120% = $42 (minimum purchase 200 packs)
  • Ad Pack 4 – $75 at 130% = $97.50

And that’s basically it.

As far as the actual advertising side of things goes you have a few options; such as banner ads, pay per click and video. Seriously though, the advertising here is not going to produce great results. It’s only there to make the ad pack purchases look like a real product. The real focus is on making a profit on ad pack purchases, and any traffic you do get to your ads will be very low quality and not targeted at all. You may get something out of it, but likely you won’t.

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The MLM Referral Side of the Deal

As with all these revenue sharing, matrix type set ups, they all require members to recruit to keep things ticking along. Without recruitment, no one makes any money. That’s just how it works.

As far as your personal recruits go, you can go as wide as you like with direct recruits, but you are limited to recruiting only 3 levels deep. Below is a simple breakdown of the compensation you receive based on ad pack purchases by your recruits.

  • 8% Commissions for Level 1
  • 2% Commissions for Level 2
  • 2% Commissions for Level 3

On top of these commissions, owner Drew Burton also distributes a share of his own referral commissions to everyone who has purchased one active ad pack and commits to viewing 8 ads a day.

As an investor you have two account balances in the My 24 Hour Income scheme. One balance is for reinvestment, whereas the other is your earnings (profits) on your ad packs. From this second one you are able to withdraw funds.


My 24 Hour Income Banner


Target Audience

Many people love trying these types of rev share and money matrix systems out. They also appeal to newbies who are looking for a way to make some cash without having a job or a business. This type of system does take work though, as you are always actively recruiting to get paid.


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What I Like

  • It’s slightly different in some areas compared to other similar systems
  • Owner Drew doesn’t try to hide his identity like a lot of the inventors of rev share do
  • The system is a little fairer than its competitors
  • You can actually turn off the ads


What I Don’t Like

  • Even though it’s fairer, it’s still very risky
  • This is still a Ponzi scheme
  • You actually risk a lot more money in order to try and advance through the levels
  • These schemes cannot sustain themselves financially for too long. As soon as the recruitment starts to fail, the entire thing collapses
  • Turning off the ads is a good thing from a spectator perspective, but not so good if you actually hope your ads will get you some business
  • You will need to be very active in recruiting to make money and keep the system going


My 24 Hour Income Is a Scam


How Much Does My 24 Hour Income Cost?

At an absolute minimum you need to spend $5 on a single ad pack. With this you can earn small amounts of money with a share of the owner’s commissions, if you commit to viewing 8 ads a day and your ad pack is active. To get fully involved in the first level and have a chance of maximising returns and moving to the second level, you will need to spend $500 on ad packs.


Is My 24 Hour Income a Scam?

I always rate these types of schemes borderline scams. Yes, you can make money and this one seems a little better than some others I’ve seen, but the risk never diminishes. In a way this particular system is even riskier, as you have to commit to buying so many ad packs if you want to advance. At the third level you need to invest $7000 in ad packs to go up to level 4. If the system collapses then, you will lose all that money.


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