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Is Opinion City a scam or not? So many were asking that question that I decided to dig into it and write a review on Opinion City. So, is this website another platform that offers paid surveys, or does this website have some other ulterior motive? A hidden agenda?

Let’s take a closer look and find out…


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Opinion City ReviewCompany Name: Opinion City

Founder: Unknown

Price To Join: Free

My Rating: 0/10



~ Opinion City Review ~



Over the years I’ve done quite a few surveys on a variety of platforms. Paid surveys are okay and quite a good way to earn your first dollars online, but overall they are not a very profitable way to spend your valuable time. Especially not if your plans are to make real income on the internet.

It's good to see you here reading my review of Opinion City. It's always a wise idea to do your homework before joining anything. Even if something is not a scam, you also want to know that you're not just going to be wasting your valuable time.

My website is all about helping people find the good stuff online while avoiding the dodgy stuff in the process.

Let's see how Opinion City fares overall.


What Is Opinion City?

When you first arrive at the Opinion City site, it looks more like a platform to display advertisements rather than a survey site. There is one block of text, a sign up form and the rest of the page is ads.

This site looks like a portal, a feeder site that directs you to various paid survey platforms that it recommends, much the same as Survey Sheep does. Some sites do this in order to earn referral credits from the various paid survey platforms out there, and many have affiliate programs attached. You join through Opinion City’s affiliate link and they earn a small reward for referring you.

When you actually join Opinion City, though, it doesn’t always send you through to the survey platform you were planning to join. Often you are redirected to a completely different offer.

Out of all the links to various survey panels, only a few of them actually take you through to the platform advertised. The rest redirect you to weird, random offers like sweepstake sites where you have a chance to win ridiculous amounts of money. Many of them actually look like scams.

Other websites you get directed to are for free trial offers where you have to give them your credit card details, where they’ll start charging you for a service you don’t really want once the trial is over.

Again, the mysterious owner of Opinion City obviously gets kickbacks for everyone who joins one of these offers, but it’s all very deceptive.

Why not just be more transparent? Offer small rewards for taking part in the trial offers like some other sites do.

Like I said, surveys don't pay much, and if the goal is to make decent money, then you won't achieve that with surveys. I recommend giving affiliate marketing a try. It's how I make my living online, and much of my income is passive (the best kind there is).

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Opinion City Review


Newsletter Sign Up

When you join you are asked to provide your name, email address, check the box to agree to their privacy policy and terms, and there is also an optional checkbox to opt in to their newsletter. By checking this you agree to receive additional promotional material from Opinion City. That promotional material could be for anything, and likely you will get hammered with loads of spam.

To further entice people to join their newsletter and receive spam, Opinion City claim they will enter you into their weekly competition on Facebook, where you could win $50 cash. That in itself sounds a bit like a con job just to get you to click the opt in box.


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What I Like

  • Nothing


What I Don’t Like

  • The entire website is just designed to earn money from advertising and affiliate referrals
  • Deceptive tactics are used to get people to join all sorts of unrelated offers
  • You rarely get directed to a real survey platform to join
  • Many of the sites you get redirected to look like scams
  • This website actually offers nothing of value


How Much Does Opinion City Cost?

It’s free to sign up, but it wouldn’t want to cost anything either. There’s nothing here except the opportunity to join a few dodgy looking deals.


Opinion City Opt In


Is Opinion City a Scam?

I’d classify it as a scam, yes. Out of all the survey platforms and even the aggregate sites I’ve seen, this is by far and away the worst of them all. Everything about it is one big deception to try and trick you into joining other deals that you didn’t sign up for. There’s very little chance of doing paid surveys through opinion City.

Give this one a miss. It’s all total BS!


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2 thoughts on “Opinion City Review – Worthless Website In My Opinion

  1. Hi there, this is a very engaging site and I really liked the reviews. Especially this one on Opinion City.

    It certainly sounds like a site to keep well away from. Thanks for the advice. The pros and cons are very easy to understand.

    I also enjoyed reading your Weatlhy Affiliate review.

    Right on point. Thanks!

    • Thanks Stella!

      Opinion City really is a waste of time and full of dodgy tactics just so the owners can earn commissions. They need to be far more honest and upfront and stop redirecting people to places they don’t want to go.

      If you haven’t joined Wealthy Affiliate yet, it’s a great place to learn how to make money online, as well as mix with other like-minded people.

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