What Is Pure Haven Essentials – A Scam or Profitable Business?



What is Pure Haven Essentials? A scam or a real money making opportunity? Many have been asking this exact question. Is this MLM company that sells skincare and beauty products worth getting involved with?

Let’s take a closer look and find out…


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What Is Pure Haven EssentialsCompany Name: Pure Haven Essentials

Owner: Pure Haven, LLC

Price To Join: $99

My Rating: 4.5/10



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What Is Pure Haven Essentials?

Originally this MLM company was known as AVA Anderson. That was closed down recently and the company reformed and rebranded itself under the new name of Pure Haven. They sell a selection of skincare, beauty and personal care products using the multi level marketing method for distribution. The basis of their products is they are non-toxic , natural and healthy.

When visiting their website, compared to many other MLM companies in similar niches, the Pure Haven site kind of looks a bit dull, ordinary and uninspiring.

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Pure Haven Essentials Products

As mentioned, the company’s greatest emphasis is on providing non-toxic products that are both kind to people and the environment.

As with all MLM businesses the products are not cheap, but I was also surprised to find they aren’t overly expensive either. Certainly a bit more reasonable than the exorbitant prices you often see within the health and wellness companies.

This review is more focused on the business opportunity with Pure Haven, so I won’t dig deep into the products here. You can always visit their online store to view the range in greater detail. I’ll just list the categories available:

  • Holiday
  • Skincare
  • Body & Hair
  • Home
  • Pets
  • Essential Oils
  • Kids
  • Makeup
  • Pumps & Sprays

Many of the same products seem to be mixed up in a number of the above categories. Their website definitely is not as appealing or as well laid out as you would usually expect to find with a MLM company in the personal care niche.


Pure Haven Products


The MLM Business Opportunity

Now let’s talk about the possibility of making some money being a distributor for Pure Haven Essentials. Is it worth it and can you make money?

Well, the very nature of the MLM structure is designed to unfairly favour the company and not the distributors. No one gets paid a wage for doing the bulk of the work. You operate on a commission-only basis with the hope of earning some bonuses along the way.

The advantages of this type of business setup for Pure Haven are many. They save bundles on both advertising and the payroll. Distributors are forced to buy products every month. Distributors have to pay a fee to be a rep of Pure Haven. Distributors do all the promoting, selling, buying and recruiting.

Basically companies like Pure Haven just set everything up, then gather an army of hungry, unpaid distributors to do all the constant day to day tasks.

If you really think about it, that’s a terrible deal for the distributor, but at the opposite end of the spectrum, an awesome one for Pure Haven.

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The Compensation Plan

To get involved in the business side of Pure Haven Essentials, you first need to purchase a Starter Kit for $99. This gives you a selection of products and business materials to kick things off. To be considered an active distributor, you must either personally purchase or sell a minimum of $300 worth of product every single month.

Commissions for direct sales will earn you anywhere from 30% up to 50%, so pretty good commission at a retailing level. However, that’s not where the real money is in multi level marketing. It’s in recruitment and the building of active downlines.

The company actually recommends holding parties to sell products, but I can’t see this as being particularly effective. I mean, how many parties could you actually have before everyone you know has either already attended or been approached?

Recruitment is the toughest part of making money in any MLM venture, yet it is recruitment that gives you access to higher ranks, more commissions and bonuses and overall greater earnings.

Pure Haven DownlineSo you can earn in the following ways:

  • Direct Sales
  • Level Up Bonuses
  • Team Bonuses
  • Downline Commissions
  • Executive Bonus
  • Matching Bonus

There are a number of ranks you can aspire to within the Pure Haven Essentials business, and they are:

  1. Consultant (your starting point)
  2. Star
  3. Double Star
  4. Triple Star
  5. Executive
  6. Bronze
  7. Silver
  8. Gold
  9. Platinum
  10. Diamond

Click here to read the Pure Haven compensation plan in more detail.


Pure Haven Commissions


Is Pure Haven Essentials An Illegal Pyramid Scheme?

Just about every MLM company gets accused of being an illegal pyramid scheme at some stage, because multi level marketing is set up on a pyramid structure when it comes to compensation and moving up the ranks.

However, to be classified as an “illegal” pyramid scheme, Pure Haven would have to rely solely on recruitment to make money as well as have no products of value. Pure Haven Essentials doesn’t fall into the category of a naked (illegal) pyramid scheme.

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Target Audience

The target market for this particular MLM would be women way more than it would target men. Essentially they predominately sell women’s products, so therefore the business side would also appeal to women.


What I Like

  • The company sells something different to the multitudes selling health and wellness products
  • It’s predecessor, AVA Anderson, was a fairly successful company for a long time
  • The products are more realistically priced than the majority of MLM businesses


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What I Don’t Like

  • I don’t like the look, layout and functionality of the website
  • MLM compensation and business structure always favours the company and not its distributors
  • Trying to sell this and recruit constantly using the party plan method would be impossible
  • Most people fail at MLM
  • The average yearly earnings for MLM associates/distributors is only about $500 before expenses
  • Likely you will annoy the hell out of everyone you know, trying to sell them stuff or recruit them
  • The personal care niche is highly saturated with loads of competition


What Is Pure Haven Essentials


How Much Does Pure Haven Essentials Cost?

You spend $99 on a Starter Kit to kick you off, then you must move $300 worth of product every single month to maintain your active status and be eligible to earn bonuses and commissions. Likely you will encounter other expenses along the way, such as having your own website and maybe paying for some advertising.


Is Pure Haven Essentials a Scam?

I don’t consider this company a scam, just not a very profitable way to make any decent money. MLM is super tough when it comes to trying to sell over-priced products in already-saturated niches, and then embarking on the arduous and ongoing task of trying to recruit people into the business.

The moment you decide to enter into a MLM business deal you are putting yourself at a major disadvantage. You’ll likely make more money and have a lot less stress filling out paid surveys online than you will make from most MLM ventures.


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Let’s look at just a couple of the advantages affiliate marketing has over MLM:

  • What Is the Best Way to Make Money Online in 2017No recruiting to make money
  • No direct selling
  • Work from home or anywhere
  • Virtually no expenses
  • No buying/selling of products or minimum monthly spend
  • No joining fees or starter kits
  • Promote any product you like to a worldwide audience
  • Make money while you sleep
  • Earn residual and passive income

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