Rockin Residual Review – Rock On or Rip Off?



What is Rockin Residual? Is it some sort of online money making scam or a genuine way to make real cash on the internet?

Let’s take a closer look and uncover the truth…



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Rockin Residual ReviewCompany Name: Rockin Residual

Owned By: Steven Thompson

Price To Join: $10 minimum

My Rating: 0/10




~ Rockin Residual Review ~


What Is Rockin Residual and How Does It Work?

Rockin Residual ReviewThere has been quite a bit of buzz around social media and the internet in general about this new money making opportunity, but what is it exactly and how does it make all this cash they claim?

At first glance Rockin Residual looks like a Ponzi scheme or a pyramid system. They have some token products that you get for your money when you buy into certain membership levels, but these only serve as a way to try and look like they offer something for your money other than being a purely naked pyramid scheme, which are illegal.

The true definition of a pyramid scheme is a tiered system that offers nothing of any real value. Each new person who joins the pyramid and buys their way in is encouraged to recruit at least 2 or more others and so it goes on. New investor money is used to pay profits and commissions to older investors.

These systems cannot financially sustain themselves because there is no product or service of value being bought and sold, and all focus is purely on recruitment.

The products they give you are cheap, recycled PLR stuff (private labels rights) which you can buy for next to nothing. The majority of it is respun, recycled content that’s pretty well useless and low quality.

But like I said, the products are merely there as a front to legitimise the reason to have a money matrix.

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The Compensation Plan

Rockin Residual uses a 2 x 14 matrix with 3 different membership levels. In order to be eligible to make commissions from every level of the matrix, you must first invest in that level yourself.

  • 2 x 14 MatrixLevel 1 = $10/Month
  • Level 2 = $20/Month
  • Level 3 = $40/Month

Remember, the products are just an excuse, a smokescreen. They serve no real purpose any more than the ads do on revenue sharing sites that sell you ad packs. Your job, once you join a level, is to recruit like crazy so your money cycles through the matrix and earns you a profit. Once the first level pays out, you can then use profits to buy into the second level.

Basically you recruit 2 new members who are directly below you, and they in turn recruit 2 new members each until all 14 levels of the matrix are completed. When they are, you get paid out.

The monthly fees are recurring fees, but so too are the commissions you earn. The lowest commission you will earn is 14 cents per recruit, while the highest is $6.


Target Audience

Some people love jumping on board the money matrix train and they’ll give a whole bunch of them a go. Others see something like Rockin Residual on social media, being hyped up by their friends on a recruitment drive, wonder what all the hype is about, take a look and decide it seems like pretty easy money for not much work.

But it is work. Recruiting enough people to fill the matrix takes bucket loads of hard work, determination and tenacity; especially when you’re trying to recruit for a MLM scheme that doesn’t even have any real tangible products or services.


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What I Like

  • Not really anything to be perfectly honest


What I Don’t Like and Red Flags

  • The products are cheap and rather useless recycled PLR that don’t even serve any real purpose
  • The money matrix is 14 levels deep, which requires lot of recruitment
  • Fees are monthly and not a one off
  • This is nothing but a Ponzi scheme that can’t sustain itself
  • Those right at the top of the pyramid will make the majority of the money. Just about everyone else is merely a worker ant to make the creators of the matrix rich
  • Most people will just end up losing their money
  • There is no direct cash gifting, where new recruits pay their sponsor directly, meaning you have to wait (and hope) for Rockin Residual to pay you what you are owed


How Much Does Rockin Residual Cost?

The minimum investment level costs you $10 a month with the highest being $40. You may also find yourself spending money on various tools to help with recruitment, such as solo ads or paid advertising.


Rockin Residual Banner


Is Rockin Residual a Scam?

I rate all these money matrix systems a scam to some degree. Yes, it is possible to make money with them, but by design they can’t continue indefinitely, as it all relies on new recruits constantly joining. New investor money is required to pay out earlier members. As soon as recruitment dries up, the pyramid collapses and the majority of people down the base get left with nothing but empty promises.

A money matrix might look appealing on the surface to make a quick buck, but it takes a lot of time and work to make that “quick buck”. In most cases you will just do a whole lot of work for free, when you discover that no one wants to join, the pyramid collapses, or the creator of the pyramid simply disappears with everyone’s money, never to be seen again. And that happens quite a lot.

Schemes like this one are a lot like gambling, so you might have better luck with this lotto system.


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2 thoughts on “Rockin Residual Review – Rock On or Rip Off?

  1. Hi Darren,

    First of all in my opinion this Rockin’ Residual money-making MLM venture in fact IS a pyramid scheme. They actually do not have a worthwhile physical product as part of the goods that they offer. The private rights’ label that this company considers to be their “product” is pretty much worthless and for that, this company alone should be investigated by federal authorities.

    What a person could earn by recruiting another to be placed in his/her down level, anywhere from 14 cents on up to a maximum of $6 is an absolute joke. Anyone thinking that he/she can attain financial freedom by becoming a member of this scam MLM venture is seriously delusional.

    Social media platforms have their numerous schemes taking place on a daily basis, meant to lure naive people into the mistaken belief that they can become rich easily if they make the decision to join. Rockin’ Residual is the epitome of these fraudulent ventures.

    Your grade of 0 out of 10 in rating this scam is absolutely spot on! A complete waste of time and money invested by any person looking at this opportunity as being legit. It definitely is the opposite!


    • Hi Jess. Yes, Rockin Residual is basically just a Ponzi scheme, with some token outdated PLR crap to make it appear like people are getting soemthing for their money, when really it’s all about the money matrix. And you’re right, the profit potential is a joke anyway, so hardly worth doing even if you did want to get involved in a “doomed to fail” Ponzi scheme. I know some people love these kind of schemes, so I guess if they know what it is and are prepared to take a chance on losing their money, then that’s their choice, but I certainly won’t be getting involved or recommending this to anyone.

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