Is Sisel International a Scam? Let’s Find Out



Is Sisel International a scam or isn’t it? That’s the exact question many people have been asking about Sisel. This is a health and wellness MLM company that also sells beauty products, but can entering the business really make you wealthy like they claim?

Let’s take a closer look and uncover the truth…


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Sisel International Is a ScamCompany Name: Sisel International

Founders: Tom Mower Senior and Tom Mower Junior

Price To Join: $200

My Rating: 4/10



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What Is Sisel International?

Sisel International Is a ScamA lot of people across the world love getting involved with multi level marketing opportunities, and Sisel International is yet another operating in the super saturated health and wellness marketplace. Fortunately for this company their product range is more diverse and includes things like household products and beauty products, giving Sisel a little bit more variety to work with.

The company and its owners have found themselves in hot water with the law a few times over the years, so Sisel has definitely had a chequered past since being founded in 2006 by the father and son team of Tom Mower Senior and Junior.

The company sells products and offers distributorships all across the globe.Having your own website will really help with sales and recruiting, and it’s easier than you think. Just check out the free training over at Wealthy Affiliate.


The Sisel International Products

As I mentioned, while Sisel International operates in the health and wellness niche, they do offer other products as well. I won’t list them all here, but I’ll mention the 4 main categories:

  1. Fitness – A range of health drinks, including weight loss supplements and energy drinks
  2. Allure – This comprises the Sisel beauty range
  3. Health – A selection of health and wellness supplements
  4. Legacy – Household cleaning products and personal care products

Pretty much it’s the usual fare here, with magic diet pills, beauty creams, cleaning products and over-priced bottles of shampoo.

The problem with MLM companies is always the price of the products. Whether they’re any good or not never alters the fact that the prices are sky high due to the very structure of the compensation plan, and not worth anything like what they charge.


Sisel International Products


The MLM Business Opportunity

I’m not a fan of the MLM style of doing business, because it takes away all the benefits from the workforce and places just about every advantage with the company running the show.

Let’s look at what Sisel International gain by using the multi level marketing method instead of the wholesale/retail route.

  • Essentially a free workforce
  • They only pay commissions and bonuses when certain results are achieved
  • The distributors do all the buying and selling
  • The distributors grow the company through constant recruitment
  • Sisel save huge money not having to pay wages
  • Sisel save huge money on advertising, with distributors doing all the promoting and spreading the word

Can you see how this is an awesome deal for companies like Sisel, but a really poor one for the distributors. Plus, you never really own your own business with MLM, the company owns and controls everything, including prices.

95% of people fail at any MLM venture. Seriously, you would likely make more money from doing paid surveys than you would from being a network marketer. And that’s really saying something, because survey platforms are notoriously poor payers.

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The Sisel International Compensation Plan

Basically all the compensation plans for MLM businesses work on a two fold process:

  1. Make money from direct sales
  2. Make money by recruiting others

Recruitment always has to be the main focus if you want to have a chance of making any decent cash with MLM, as the compensation plans are structured to ensure that that’s the way you make money.

MLM companies tend to make their income by practically forcing their distributors to buy most of the products. That’s why they set things up so you have to recruit to earn.

The Sisel MLM structure works on a unilevel pyramid where you can earn up to 8 levels deep. As is the case with all MLM ventures, the compensation plan is both confusing and complicated. Various ways you can earn include:

  • Direct sales
  • Fast start bonus
  • Master check matching bonus
  • Rank bonuses
  • Global bonus pools
  • Auto bonus

The official compensation plan PDF for Sisel runs for a massive 36 pages. I will link to it here if you want to view it in detail.


Sisel Pyramid


Is Sisel International An Illegal Pyramid Scheme?

An illegal pyramid scheme is one that has no products of any real value and also relies totally on recruitment and new money invested to survive. As Sisel International does have a vast selection of genuine products, it cannot be classified as an illegal pyramid scheme despite having a compensation structure in a pyramid format.


Target Audience

MLM really targets people either passionate about the products, or those who want to get involved in some money making venture that is already established. There are way better ways to earn money, but MLM always appeals because on the surface it “looks easier to do”.


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What I Like

  • Sisel have more products to choose from than other companies in the health and wellness niche
  • It’s a family owned and operated company


What I Don’t Like

  • The only real way to make money is by massive recruitment and working your way up the ranks towards the top of the pyramid
  • Both Tom Mower Senior and his wife have been convicted of tax fraud and conspiracy to defraud the federal government
  • 95% of people fail at MLM
  • The average yearly earnings for those that actually do make money with MLM is just $500 before expenses
  • Sisel gets all the advantages while the distributors basically work for free unless they are recruitment masters
  • MLM always favours those at the very top of the pyramid
  • They sell the dream lifestyle but fail to mention just how hard it is to achieve that level of success in multi level marketing
  • MLM is one of the toughest ways there is to make money
  • The products are way over-priced


How Much Does Sisel International Cost?

You will be up for a minimum of $200 to purchase a starter kit to get involved in the Sisel International business opportunity.

Sisel International Products 2

Is Sisel International a Scam?

Look, I don’t think MLM companies are outright scams, but the way the businesses are structured is very unfair to the majority, and they often try to sell people on lies just to get them to join. I also don’t like the way Sisel and other MLM companies force their workforce to purchase all their products. It is all a bit of a rort, but at the same time, if you can recruit well, you could possibly make some money.

Just keep in mind the figures I mentioned earlier, where most people make no money from MLM. It’s one of the toughest gigs in the world to make money in. It seriously is.

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Forget MLM – Make Money With Affiliate Marketing Instead

I would suggest forgetting about any MLM ventures and focus your attention and energy on a business that is both far simpler and much cheaper.

I’m talking about affiliate marketing, which is what I do online to make more than a fulltime monthly income.

Here are just a few of the advantages affiliate marketing has over multi level marketing:

  • What Is Multiple Sources Of IncomeNo real recruiting
  • No joining fees
  • No buying and selling company products
  • Simply promote to a global audience
  • Make money passively
  • Work from home with no boss
  • Join as many affiliate programs as you like
  • Create multiple income streams

That’s just a snap shot. The advantages could go on for pages.

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