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Is The Conversion Pros Funnel System worth using? What exactly does it do, and how can it get you profitable leads for your business?

Let’s take a look and see the truth…


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The Conversion Pros Funnel SystemCompany Name: The Conversion Pros

Owner: David Dubbs

Price To Join: $50/Month after 7 day FREE Trial

My Rating: 8/10



~ The Conversion Pros Review ~


What Is The Conversion Pros Funnel System and How Does It Work?

What’s on offer here is a set of marketing tools designed help businesses and online entrepreneurs gain valuable leads that will generate profits. We all want that, but does The Conversion Pros method achieve this? What’s it all about?

This is a similar setup to Lead Pages and Landing Page Monkey, but these places are really expensive for what they offer. Plus, you need to team them up with email marketing companies before you can actually put it all together.

The Conversion Pros give you all the tools you need in the one place to create stunning capture pages, build a relevant email list and be able to target your prospects in a much more convenient and intuitive way. This leads to better results and an increased bottom line.

You even learn to create killer ad copy that sells. You see, The Conversion Pros is not just about awesome tools to get the job done, they also offer some really cool training as well. And we all need that.

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Target Audience

Anyone who wants to learn how to effectively create sales funnels that actually get the desired results. If you are in business, or are an online marketer, then The Conversion Pros system has been designed for you.


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The Pros

  • Loads of really helpful training videos
  • The monthly price is very competitive
  • Many great reviews of this program on the web
  • There are some really cool and effective tools in the program
  • The tools, when used properly, will help you grow your business
  • You can become an affiliate and also earn money from those you recruit


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The Cons

  • In some respects there is a little more focus on recruiting others rather than the benefits of the tools themselves


Tools and Training

As far as the training goes, there is a selection of videos that walks you through every step of the process of creating a sales funnel, as well as educating you on how to use all the tools on offer in The Conversion Pros suite. The idea is to piece together your sales funnel as you watch the video series. There are also weekly training webinars included in the deal. Along with everything else, there is training on how to make money as an affiliate partner of The Conversion Pros as well.

Now let’s take a look at the tools.

Capture Page Creator – Every email marketing platform will have something along these lines where you can easily create stunning web pages to capture the email addresses of relevant leads. This is an essential tool in building an email list.

An Autoresponder – This is where you can load up some pre-written emails and have the autoresponder send them off in a time-delayed sequence to new subscribers. It saves you having to individually send emails at given times to every single new subscriber to your list. Another very essential tool.

SMS Marketing – This one is both good and bad. In this system you are encouraged to get both the email address and phone number of your subscribers. The SMS tool works like an email autoresponder for phones. It will send messages at designated times to the cell phones of your subscriber list. While people don’t mind receiving emails, constant text messages can get annoying, so you may lose subscribers using this feature.

Guaranteed Leads – This will cost you money, because what this entails is paying for solo ads; which means you pay someone who already has a big list to promote your offer or capture page to their subscribers. With this method of gaining leads you need to pay per click, which can get really costly.

Blog Creator – This uses WordPress and it helps you set up your very own WordPress website.

Marketing Videos – You receive a host of done for you marketing videos to help you attract more leads to your capture page.

The Conversion Pros DreamOther tools include:

  • Mobile Website Creator
  • Invoice Creator
  • Tiny URL Creator
  • QR Code Creator
  • URL Rotator
  • Voicemail Broadcaster
  • Auto Dialler


How Much Does Conversion Pros Cost?

You can start off with a free 7 day trial to test drive it. After that, to remain a member and have access to all the tools and training, you will need to pay $50 per month. That’s not bad actually. There are much higher priced comparative systems out there that offer a lot less for more money.


Is The Conversion Pros Funnel System a Scam or Recommended?

This actually seems pretty good. You get quite a lot for your monthly membership fee, and you also have the possibility of making some of that money back if you directly refer others to The Conversion Pros Funnel System. I actually already use GetResponse for all my email marketing, but if I was looking for a new place to sign on with, I’d give The Conversion Pros a go.


My Personal Preferences for Email Marketing and Making Money Online

I’m quite happy with my current deal over at GetResponse for my email marketing. If you would like to learn what GetResponse have to offer, you can read my review here.

I incorporate my email marketing efforts in with my affiliate marketing business. If you are not an affiliate marketer, but would like a way to earn some extra part-time or even fulltime cash, then some easy to follow training is essential. I can point you in the right direction. It’s well worth a look and well worth your time. Affiliate marketing can be an extremely simple, easy to operate, yet very profitable business when done the right way.

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2 thoughts on “The Conversion Pros Funnel System – Sales Funnels That Work!

  1. It is a sales funnel program that has tons of tools. As an affiliate marketer, we should build a list using the appropriate autoresponder. With $50/month, I think it’s kind of high price. But, for some people, it’s worth according to the tools that offer here with new tools added every month.

    • It’s definitely worth it if you are going to use a lot of the tools they offer. If you just want an autoresponder, then it’s too much to pay for that alone, unless your list is huge.

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