What Is 20 Minute Results About? Is It the Real Deal?



What is 20 Minute Results about? Is it the real deal or an internet sham? Can this platform really make the money the owners claim?

Let’s take a look and find out…



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What Is 20 Minute Results About - Is It For RealCompany Name: 20 Minute Results

Owners: Mark Barrett and Paul Prissick

Price To Join: $6.25 but varies

My Rating: 5/10




~ 20 Minute Results Review ~


What Is 20 Minute Results About?

These guys have had a few successful programs in the past, including the 5 Day Fix, which is a pretty good platform.

This one starts out by promising us $176 a day online for a mere 20 minutes of effort. Sounds like a dream come true, doesn’t it? That works out at $300 an hour. And this program is really cheap to join too. However, whenever I see figures like that quoted for such a small amount of work, I immediately become suspicious.

Their sales page doesn’t really elucidate on what the program is about. All they elaborate on is what 20 Minute Results isn’t rather than what it is. They claim to have uncovered a brand new, never seen before method of getting free traffic. They also state that their methods are brand new.

In actual fact, when you dig deeper these guys tell a bunch of lies on their website.


20 Minute Results Banner


How Does It Work?

20 Minute Results is all about email marketing, creating lead magnets, capture pages, sending paid traffic to that capture page, building an email list, setting up a series of autoresponder emails and then promoting CPA affiliate offers to your list of subscribers.

They actually go a little further and also show you how to set up an affiliate website and also drive traffic to that website.

The thing is, everything this platform teaches you and would have you do, is the exact opposite of what they preach on their sales page. Why they have done this, I don’t know, but on this occasion they have.

This is all based on making money with affiliate marketing in one form or another, using both an affiliate website and email marketing. If you are unsure what affiliate marketing entails, it’s simply promoting the products of other companies and receiving commissions when sales are made.

Also, while the price of the membership may be cheap, there are plenty of upsells to contend with, some of which you really need in order to put everything you learn into practice and have a chance of making money.


Target Audience

I believe this is targeted at newcomers, as someone with experience in the business would be well aware that what’s claimed on the 20 Minute Results sales page is untrue. They are also preying on the get rich quick mindset, by promising so much cash, very quickly, for not much work.


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Tools and Training

You don’t actually get much training, but in this case, with a cheap membership fee, you get what you pay for. The training consists of a bunch of very short videos and it also includes upsells. Let’s take a brief look at what the videos contain.

  • Video 1 – Talks about affiliate marketing, advertising and CPA offers.
  • Video 2 – This one focuses on solo ads, where you buy space on someone else’s existing email list.
  • Video 3 – Focusing on actual email marketing, you will learn about creating a squeeze page to collect email addresses, promising something free (such as a report) in return.
  • Video 4 – Shows you what sort of emails to start sending those on your list. The idea is to send traffic back to your website where visitors will perform an action.
  • Video 5 – Here you will learn about the best niches (subjects) to focus on for your website.
  • Video 6 – This one is about using PPC advertising (things like Google AdWords) to send paid traffic to your squeeze page.
  • Video 7 – In this video the owner talks about free and paid traffic, and recommends going the paid traffic route because the results are much quicker.
  • Video 8 – This is where you get introduced to a few upsells, such as: access to secret advertising partners, email swipes, 50 blog posts, and the Masterclass Mentoring Package.

Some of the platforms they recommend you buy into are actually offers from MLM company, MOBE.


The Pros

  • Cheap to join
  • Some fairly useful basic training
  • You get a bit of free stuff included


The Cons

  • They tell a lot of unnecessary lies on their sales page
  • Their system isn’t likely to generate much traffic or income as is, as it really needs a lot more meat to be successful
  • They claim free traffic when you actually have to pay for traffic
  • They state their system has never been done before, when it’s actually been done by millions of marketers
  • You will likely be putting in many hours of work a day and make less than $176, rather than just 20 minutes as they suggest
  • The blogs and other material they give you is just duplicate content that everyone else who joins will be using – You really need original content
  • The owners make it all sound a lot easier and less work than what is really required


20 Minute Results Lies


How Much Does 20 Minute Results Cost?

At the time of this writing it is $6.25, but apparently the price varies a bit. If you buy some of the upsells it will set you back a few hundred dollars more. You will also need an email marketing platform and a web hosting service. These all cost monthly fees.


Is 20 Minute Results a Scam?

The lies on the sales page are a scam, despite the program being fairly legitimate and “not too bad”; especially for the price of admission. It’s not a scam, but also not a lot of depth to really establish a profitable online business. There are much better platforms out there, put it that way.


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2 thoughts on “What Is 20 Minute Results About? Is It the Real Deal?

  1. Great information on this blog. The Challenge with finding a way to making an income online is all the different options and possibilities. As a newbie it is easy to fall victim to the many scams. Making money online is hard work and commitment. The best thing is the right training. Thanks to people like you who give waring to newbies about the possible scams.

    • Hi Dave, Yeah unfortunately there are loads of scams on the internet. Scammers know everyone wants to make money online and live the easy life, so they just put some bogus scheme together, then tell people want they want to hear, hoping they swallow all the BS and sign up. There are a lot of good platforms and opportunities out there, but you have to weed out all the scams as you go.

      The best way is just to do a lot of research on anything you come across that interests you. The fact that you read my review on 20 Minute Results shows you are doing your research, and that’s a wise move.

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