What Is Copy My Email System? A Scam or Easy $400 a Day?



What is Copy My Email System? A scam or not? Bobby, the man allegedly behind it, claims we can make more than $400 a day by simply copying what he does, but is this guy on the level or just spinning us some BS?

Let’s take a closer look and find out the truth…



What Is Copy My Email SystemCompany Name: Copy My Email System

Owner: Bobby

Price To Join: Free To Start

My Rating: 0/10



~ Copy My Email System Review ~



If you’re like me you probably came across mentions of Copy My Email System online somewhere or perhaps even received a promotional email about it. Glad to see you  here reading my review, as it means you’re wise enough to check something out first before buying into it.

Unfortunately there are many make money online (MMO) scams around that tend to bury all the good opportunities out there. On my website I expose the scams I come across, as well as schemes that may not be scams, but just aren’t worth the bother. I also do reviews of the good stuff I find, whether it be a make money opportunity or some quality training that shows people how to make money online.

Let’s see how Copy My Email System rates.


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What Is Copy My Email System?

The claim by Bobby is that we can make an easy couple of hundred dollars a day or more simply by sending out a few emails, and it only takes about 10 minutes of our time each day to do it. Apparently the deal is that we’ll receive $100 from Bobby just for trying it out.

All sounds pretty rosy so far, but is this really the case?

Apparently this Bobby guy has become a millionaire from his email system and all we need to do to be successful like Bobby is replicate what he does. In fact, the guy has even pre-written the emails for us to send and will pay us 20 cents for every single click through on a link within the emails. Heck, he even gives us the email subscribers.

Doesn’t sound like we have to do too much at all.

It sounds like you would need to be emailing a very big list to get enough clicks to earn over $400 a day at 20 cents a click, but Bobby sure sounds confident that’s the kind of numbers we’ll achieve if we just do exactly what he says. It’s even free to join.

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What Is Copy My Email System


How It Really Works

This program sounds suspiciously similar to another one I reviewed a few months back called the GIM System (Guaranteed Income Machine). Likely it’s even the same person running it. I rated that one a scam, so chances are this one will be as well.

But let’s continue and see how Bobby runs his operation and what’s really going on.

This is all nothing but a sales funnel, where Bobby lures people in with free entry and easy money. However, once you join you soon realise it’s not free, as everything about Copy My Email System is designed to get you to spend money.

It’s basically a MLM scheme, where you lure other people into the system under you so you can earn from their emailing efforts as well.

The funny thing about this is the premise behind the system. Bobby says he needs to send out all these emails each day but doesn’t have the time to do it himself, so he needs our help. But that’s BS. If he’s using an email service like Aweber or GetResponse, he can blast his emails out simultaneously to millions of subscribers at a time if he wants. He doesn’t need us because it all takes too long. That’s crap.

When you join, one of the first things you have to do is join an emailing service called My Inbox Pro, which will cost you $27 a month to be a part of. Bobby is an affiliate of My Inbox Pro and earns a commission every time he refers someone. You need a service like this to blast out the emails.

Bobby will start you off with 500 subscribers to email to – likely the exact same 500 subscribers that everyone else involved in Copy My Email System is emailing – so you can start making some cash right away.

After that, you then need to purchase bigger subscriber lists so you have more people to email and can earn more money. For example, a further 3000 subscribers will cost you $177.

These subscribers are likely just email addresses that have been scraped from the internet through content mining software. These people haven’t agreed to receive emails from you and certainly won’t appreciate being spammed. In fact, you could get yourself into troubling if you email these lists.

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Copy My Email System Bobby

Copy My Email System Bobby 2


Why This Won’t Work

You won’t make any money with this system because it’s all fake. This is just a funnel so Bobby can make a ton of money in affiliate commissions when he refers you to My Inbox Pro and sells you useless subscriber lists.

Think about this. He says he needs help emailing all these people as his lists are too big to handle, promising you’ll earn hundreds a day doing it, but before you even get started, he wants to charge you to take some of this workload off his hands.


Also, he has an email service. It doesn’t matter how big his list is, he can easily email them all at the same time.

Before you even get going you’ve spent around 200 bucks. Now what do you do? Repeatedly send out emails to that same list of 3000 people day after day, trying to earn 20 cents a click? How many times can you even email these people with the same offer?

And guess what, these same people are going to get spammed by everyone else involved in Copy My Email System.

The emails you send out are all designed to lure other people into the same system you just joined, all earning Bobby juicy affiliate commissions.


Good Luck Getting Paid

You have to reach a payout threshold of $500 before you can request a cash out. This is all just to keep you interested. By all accounts, whenever anyone reaches $500 and asks to get paid, they get their accounts mysteriously shut down for no reason.

No one gets paid for doing this. No one except Bobby.


Target Audience

This one’s definitely targeting people new to making money on the internet, as those with experience in online marketing would see all the holes in Bobby’s story right from the start. Unfortunately most online scams target newbies.


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What I Like

  • I don’t like one single thing about this obvious scam


What I Don’t Like and Red Flags

  • This is just GIM System rebranded
  • This is nothing but a sales funnel to sell people products they don’t need to earn money they’ll never receive
  • The guy playing the part of Bobby in the sales video is a paid actor from Fiverr
  • The email lists they make you buy are worthless
  • Likely everyone involved is emailing the exact same lists of subscribers
  • Email marketing doesn’t work like this
  • You’ll get in trouble for spamming
  • Even the pre-written emails are the same ones everyone will be sending out to the same people
  • This scam is far from free
  • No one gets paid from these scammers
  • They just take your money and run


How Much Does Copy My Email System Cost?

Well, you can initially join for free, but to really get started you need a $27 a month subscription to My Inbox Pro to handle the emailing. After that you’ll at least need to purchase more subscribers at a price of $177 for a further 3000.

On top of that, you can even purchase a package where you get 10 emailers added to your downline for a cost of $297.


Copy My Email System Upsell


Is Copy My Email System a Scam?

Yep, this is a classic emailing scam, where you spend money and never get paid the promised dollars for your efforts. This is a totally empty system designed to do nothing more than line the pockets of whoever is really behind it.

As a way of making money online, Copy My Email System provides ZERO value whatsoever. Give it a wide berth.


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