Is My Optimized Success Plan a Scam? It Sure Is!



Is My Optimized Success Plan a scam or isn’t it? They claim they will pay you $500 just for watching their sales video, but is that really true, or just a line to get you to watch and join up?

Let’s take a look at this and find out the truth…



Is My Optimized Success Plan a ScamCompany Name: My Optimized Success Plan

Owners: Jordan Daniels

Price To Join: $47 + Upsells

My Rating: 0/10



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I created this site to highlight good quality programs and training that can help you make money online. As the internet is riddled with make money scams, I’ve also made it a point of exposing those platforms that are obvious scams, as well as bringing to light systems that simply are not worth your time and money. It’s great that you are researching My Optimized Success Plan before joining, as that’s the wise thing to do.


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What Is My Optimized Success Plan?

My Optimized Success Plan promises big bucks in quick time. In fact, they go so far as to claim you’ll be making more than $10,000 a month if you join up.

To be honest, I’ve seen this same deal countless times before, and I’ve literally reviewed at least two dozen similar schemes over the past 6 months or so.

They mix things up a little in this latest edition of their platform, claiming to have million dollar websites to hand over to members, rather than just promoting their usual $379 link posting scam. So they are getting more creative.

My Optimized Success Plan is all about realising the dream of making money online, which so many people are trying to do these days. The only problem is, this scheme is all a lie and a deception, trying to lure you into something else entirely with fake promises.

They don’t even really tell you what it is.

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Is My Optimized Success Plan a Scam


Different Name, Same Scam

Even though these scammers have changed their story a little for My Optimized Success Plan, it’s still basically the same deal promoted with the same bunch of lies. I don’t know for sure if it’s the same person (or people) running all these similar sites, or whether people are just copying each other, but at the end of the day it really makes no difference.

Here are just a few other similar sites I’ve reviewed recently to give you an idea of how similar they all are:


What Is the Home Based Wealth System Scam


This Was Never Featured On Major News Networks

This website, along with all its sister sites, always claims to have had their work online opportunity featured on the major news channels. This is just a ploy to make their scheme seem real and legit, making people think it’s a safe bet because they say they’ve been featured on a well-known channel.

They always claim their system was featured on channels such as:

  • CNN
  • USA Today
  • ABC
  • And others…

Sometimes they toss a new channel into the mix for variety, but basically it’s the same channels every time.

As I said, they do this to try and gain your trust, so you’ll feel it’s okay to hand over your hard-earned money and join up.


There Is No Bonus $500

This claim they make of giving you $500 the moment you finish watching the video is just a gimmick and a play on words. For starters they state it will be credited instantly to your account.

What account? You haven’t joined anything yet.

It’s just a ploy to entice you into watching their BS, hyped-up sales presentation and hopefully get you to join. If you read the fine print of their terms, you’ll discover the $500 is a money back guarantee that if you sign up for their super expensive “real” program and don’t make any money within 30 days of completion, they’ll give you $500 back.


Online Success Plan News Feature


Yet Another Site Owner Alias

Every time I see one of these sites, they’ll either repeat a site owner name from past incarnations, or come up with a new one on occasion. This time we see a return of a name I recognise in Jordan Daniels. This is just an alias like all the others, and some other common names used for this same scam are:

  • Cami White
  • Kelly Simmons
  • Emily Hudson
  • Jessica Marshall
  • And more…


“Limited Spots Available” – Not a Chance

This one makes me laugh, actually. Like, as if they’re going to limit the positions available and turn away people who want to willingly hand their money over.

Not gonna happen. They’ll take every dollar offered.

The scarcity ploy, whether it’s limited time or limited positions, is commonly used by legit businesses and scams alike. The idea is to get people to take immediate action. In the case of scams like this one, they don’t want you thinking about it or doing any research and discover it’s bogus. They want you to join on impulse, encouraged by their hype, and hand your money over.

There are no limited positions available with the My Optimized Success Plan scheme. They’ll take on anyone. There’s no way they’ll be turning down money.

It’s all bogus.


The Million Dollar Websites – Yay or Nay?

Normally this scam promotes link posting, where they say they’ll pay you $15 for every single affiliate link you post somewhere online. Basically promoted as a spam position, whether it be relentlessly posting on social media or wherever.

It was all a con anyway. The link posting job wasn’t even the slightest bit real.

This time they claim that if you join they’ll give you some million dollar websites, whatever that means exactly. What’s a million dollar website? They give you an already established website full of content that’s already making bucket loads of cash through advertising or whatever, and they’re just going to hand this over to you when you pay them $47?

I don’t think so.

Again, this is just another sales pitch to get you hooked in.

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MOBE Banner


This Is Just Promoting the MOBE Platform

All this scheme does is provide a way, very deceptively, to funnel people into another platform called MOBE, which has been around for years. MOBE is all about affiliate marketing, but they only teach their members/affiliates how to sell MOBE to others, which isn’t the true definition of affiliate marketing. It’s more akin to being a Ponzi scheme, except MOBE does have real products in the form of training and digital products.

You can read my full review of MOBE here.

If you sign up with this funnel site, you’ll be getting basic entry into MOBE and enter their 21 Steps program. This program gives you a “coach” (really just a sales rep of MOBE), whose job it is to try and get you to buy more MOBE products.

MOBE always encourages its members to go “all in” and buy everything on offer.


Because you can’t earn commissions on a MOBE product unless you own it yourself.

By the way, to put this into perspective, to go all in with MOBE will cost you around $50k. Yes, you read that right. And you haven’t even made any money yet.


Target Audience

This platform targets anyone wanting to make money online. There’s little doubt that any experienced online marketers would fall for this dodgy scam, so My Optimized Success Plan is really targeting people who are new to making money on the internet, and a little naive about how it all works.

Many millions of people come online every month looking for ways to earn extra money on the side, or replace their fulltime income with some online gig, and scams like this one can sound ideal to the inexperienced.


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What I Like

  • There is absolutely nothing I like about this program – at all


What I Don’t Like and Red Flags

  • The entire scheme is a con job
  • You don’t get paid $500 just for watching the video
  • You won’t receive “million dollar websites”
  • This is nothing more than a funnel into MOBE
  • MOBE is a super expensive program with serious limitations
  • My Optimized Success Plan hasn’t been featured on major news channels
  • All the testimonials are fake, using freelancers for the copy and stock photos
  • The site owner name – Jordan Daniels – is an alias
  • You will be peppered with high ticket upsells the moment you join
  • The income claims are largely unrealistic
  • The limited positions is a lie to get you to act quickly


How Much Does My Optimized Success Plan Cost?

Sometimes the asking price for My Optimized Success Plan’s sister sites is $97. On this occasion the price is about half at $47. All this does is buys you an entry level into MOBE, as explained earlier. You will then join the 21 Steps program and be strenuously encouraged to purchase upsell after upsell as you progress through all 21 Steps. By the time you reach the end of it, you’ll be out of pocket around $50,000.

That’s hardly chump change, and you haven’t made any money from MOBE yet.


Passive Payday Cost of Mobe


Is My Optimized Success Plan a Scam?

I don’t consider MOBE a full on scam, just not really worthwhile joining for the reasons I’ve already stated. However, I’m willing to call My Optimized Success Plan a scam because of all the lies, deception and a total lack of transparency on behalf of this MOBE affiliate.

Why not just be upfront that you’re promoting the MOBE opportunity? Why lie and claim you have invented some money making scheme of your own?

I’m willing to bet that part of the MOBE training is to teach people to set up these bogus websites, because all their affiliates seem to do the same thing. It can’t be coincidence.

Give this one a miss.


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