Is American Online Jobs a Scam or $1600 a Week?



Is American Online Jobs a scam or not? They claim you can make as much as $1600 a week by participating in their “online jobs”, but is this real, or just some BS to get us to join and spend our money?

Let’s take a closer look and find out the truth…



Is Amercian Online Jobs a Scam

Company Name: American Online Jobs


Price To Join: Free

My Rating: 0/10


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Likely you received an email about American Online Jobs or saw it advertised somewhere online. Now you’re doing some research on it to see if it’s legit. That’s always a wise move with so many scams online. It’ll save you from wasting time and money on something that can’t deliver.

On my Many Income Streams website I make a point of exposing the scams I come across and any platform that just can’t live up to its promises. I also highlight the good stuff I find, so people know what’s worthwhile and what isn’t.

So how does American Online Jobs fare?


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What Is American Online Jobs?

The very first thing you’ll see when you access the American Online Jobs website is you’ll be faced with a group of questions to answer in a multiple choice format. These question are designed to determine if you qualify for their job offers or not.

Or so they say.

Once you’ve completed the questionnaire you’ll be able to apply for the “jobs” American Online Jobs has to offer. Who really knows what you’re even applying for here, but so long as you have a device such as a computer and an internet connection, you can apply for a job with this platform.

They claim you can make between $700 and $1600 a week with their platform and the jobs they have on offer, but from what I can uncover, there aren’t any actual jobs here.

Once you do answer the questions they present you with, you are then transferred to a survey site called Toluna, a platform which I’ve previously been a member of. It’s okay, but the money you make doing surveys for Toluna is pretty miniscule.

You will also been presented with a few other survey platforms to join, and once you’ve completed this process you’ll be taken through to step 2.

This is where you’ll be asked to join another platform called “Online Flex Job”, which is basically the same deal as American Online Jobs.

Really all you’re ultimately doing here is creating a setup where you promote your own American Online Jobs page and try and get other people to join the exact same system you joined.

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Is Amercian Online Jobs a Scam


How It Really Works

This is the process simplified:

  1. Answer their questionnaire
  2. Sign up with Toluna Surveys, Survey Club and other survey sites
  3. Join Online Flex Job
  4. Create an account with American Online Jobs and gain access to the member’s area

So it’s really a simple 4 step process, but does any of this lead to you getting online jobs that pay?

The short answer is: Not really.

Yes, survey sites do pay you for successfully completing online surveys, but the amount you receive is very little for the time you put in.

When it comes to the Online Flex Job platform, well, that’s a scam site in my opinion. All this site does is convince you to buy some antivirus software, which apparently is essential before you can perform their data-sensitive work they give you.

It’s all bogus, and works the same way as a bunch of other similar sites. The idea is to entice you with the promise of a well-paying online job, only to use that as a ploy to get you to purchase software. The person running this website is an affiliate for the antivirus software and makes a commission for every person who joins and buys the software.

Two other sites that are very similar to Online Flex Job are :

  1. NorthAmeriCorp
  2. Legit Flex Job

None of these sites actually have any paying job offers. It’s all a ruse to get you to purchase other products first before you can apply for the fake job offers, and they do this just to earn commissions.

They have these fake data processing jobs, where you spend your time collecting information and filling out worksheets, then having to spend a $5 processing fee for every single supposed job you do. You pay the fee when you send the job in to a fake address, and the people on the other end collect your cash or money order and go off and live the high life.

All of the above mentioned places – including American Online Jobs – are fake.


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Target Audience

This is aimed at anyone who is new to making money online and is looking for some sort of “paid job” scenario. Unfortunately scammers like this place target genuine people looking to make some extra money online, and if someone’s inexperienced, they won’t be aware of all the make money online (MMO) scams out there.


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What I Like

  • I don’t like anything about American Online Jobs


What I Don’t Like and Red Flags

  • It’s the same scam as a bunch of other sites, and likely run by the same person
  • The promise of jobs is there only to get you to buy other products so the site owner can earn a commission
  • There actually are no jobs, other than applying for some paid survey sites, which have an affiliate program, so again the site owner makes a commission when you join
  • The site is filled with bogus testimonials
  • The whole idea is to get others to join American Online Jobs, and they way they tell you to do that is with paid advertising, which could cost you way, way more than you would make in tiny affiliate commissions
  • In their basic training they tell you to blatantly lie to people


How Much Does American Online Jobs Cost?

While it’s free to join American Online Jobs, they do get you to pay when you join Online Flex Job, as a prerequisite of that site is to buy antivirus software. You won’t pay that much in the sales funnel, but the method they tell you to use to get traffic to your American Online Jobs page so you can earn is paid traffic, and that could cost bucket loads.


American Online Jobs Banner


Is American Online Jobs a Scam?

I’d be prepared to label this one a scam, because in essence it actually offers nothing at all. There are no paid jobs to apply for, the website is full of lies, and they even encourage their members to lie to get other people to join.

Also, the Online Flex Job site they tell you to join is also a known scam site.

There’s no way known you’re going to be making between $700 and $1600 a week with this total con job. In fact, apart from maybe making some coin doing paid surveys, you won’t make anything else.

There’s really nothing on offer here, so give American Online Jobs a miss.


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