What Is Kannaway – A Scam? Hemp Oil Miracle?



What is Kannaway? A scam? This MLM company in the health and wellness niche focuses on providing products based in hemp oil. Are the products any good and what about the business opportunity?

Let’s take a look and find out…


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What Is KannawayCompany Name: Kannaway

Owners: Naturewell Incorporated

Price To Join: $29.99 per month

My Rating: 4/10



~ Kannaway Review ~


What Is Kannaway?

What Is KannawayKannaway is a health and wellness company that conducts business using the multi level marketing method. The main focus for their products is natural hemp oil.

Hemp is a derivative of marijuana and is supposed to have many important health properties, as it is often used as a form of medicinal marijuana.

The company kicked off business with their line of products only a few years ago back in 2014. None of their products has been approved by the FDA, and while Kannaway allude to the health benefits of their products, they are careful not to make bold statements about them.

One thing I do like about Kannaway, even though it plays in the very saturated health and wellness niche, is the fact they do offer something a little different. I haven’t come across a MLM company before dealing in cannabis-related products.

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Kannaway Products

So what kinds of products does Kannaway offer?

They actually have a very in-depth range, so I’m not going to list every individual Kannaway product here. You can visit their website and browse what’s available in more detail. Here I’ll just touch on what they have.

All of their products make use of hemp in some way, but none of them have hallucinogenic properties. You won’t get “high” with Kannaway products. That’s not the intention. It’s all about enjoying the supposed health benefits associated with hemp.

There is a substance found in cannabis known as CBD, which has health properties but no hallucinogenic properties. CBD is what Kannaway use.

The product range at a glance:

  • Value packs and variety kits
  • Revive health supplements
  • Defined beauty products
  • Premium hemp oil products
  • Kannactiv skin products
  • HempVAP vaporiser products

Within these general products categories they have quite a few offers, and the last one is like an electronic cigarette, but utilising drug-free hemp and no nicotine.

As with all MLM products the prices are way up there. This is due to the nature of the MLM compensation plan. As an example, a 118ml tube of Defined facial cleanser costs $55 retail (less if you are a Kannaway distributor). So very pricey.


Kannaway Products


The Kannaway Business Opportunity

Like all MLM companies Kannaway puts a lot of emphasis on recruiting to get the word out about its products. MLM tends to focus mostly on internal sales to its members rather than retailing to the masses.

The problem with the MLM setup is that all the advantages are slanted in the favour of the company and not the distributor. Kannaway gets an army of sales rep madly buying up products and recruiting new members. This saves the company spending a fortune on advertising or paying staff wages.

You need to pay money to have the right to promote Kannaway, and you are also required to spend a minimum amount on product every month to remain eligible to earn commissions and bonuses.

Seriously, this is not in your best interests where making money from this is concerned. It’s all to Kannaway’s advantage. Kannaway don’t employ you, yet you don’t actually own a business either, Kannaway does.

Your job as a Kannaway Brand Ambassador is to purchase products for yourself, sell products to others, but most importantly, recruit other people into the Kannaway business. If you are serious about making money with any MLM opportunity, then recruiting and building an active downline is really the only way to achieve this.

Be prepared for enormous amounts of hard work to get enough enthusiastic people on your team, though.

When you become a Brand Ambassador for Kannaway they do offer you some training as well as a replica website to help with retail sales and recruiting.

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The Compensation Plan

The compensations plans for just about all MLM ventures are particularly complicated. It’s never easy to work them out or figure out exactly how much money you can earn.

With Kannaway you can make money from retail sales, as well as from the sales of your recruits. However, you won’t make money from the monthly Brand Ambassador fees that your recruits pay.

How much you can earn depends on your own retail sales, the amount of recruits you get into your downline, how many sales they make, what your Kannaway distributor rank is and so on.

Like I said, it all gets rather complicated and confusing.

Below I have included a Kannaway video that explains their compensation plan.



Target Audience

MLM opportunities tend to attract people looking for some sort of business opportunity rather than people who just want to buy and use the products. From a retail perspective the products are just way too expensive and don’t make any sense to purchase without being involved in the business side of things.

People like MLM because everything is established and ready to roll. There is no business start up involved, just pay your fee, purchase a starter kit and off you go. It’s not really than simple, but people often believe it is.


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What I Like

  • Kannaway offer products that are a little different to other MLM companies in the health and wellness  niche
  • They offer you training and a retail website


What I Don’t Like

  • Kannaway’s prices are super expensive
  • You have to pay $29.99 every month just to be a Brand Ambassador, then purchase a minimum amount of product every month
  • You will likely spend more per month than what you are likely to make in profit
  • the health and wellness niche is super saturated
  • There is no proof to the health claims Kannaway make about their products
  • The majority of MLM distributors make no money
  • The average earnings for MLM distributors who do make money is only about $500
  • You will have to recruit like a maniac to make good money with Kannaway


Kannaway Vape Products


How Much Does Kannaway Cost?

The cost to be a distributor is $29.99 every single month, plus a minimum monthly spend on products. If you don’t keep up on both, you relinquish the right to earn commissions and bonuses.


Is Kannaway a Scam?

I don’t believe Kannaway or other MLM businesses are a scam as such, but the prices of the products are always a rip off because of the compensation plan, and the business benefits always favour the company and not the lowly distributor.

I can’t really recommend this company and its products as a great money making opportunity as I don’t believe it is. There are better ways to make money, and I suggest you try an online business.


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