What Is My Super Affiliate Mentor? A Scam?



What is My Super Affiliate Mentor? A scam? Can this training platform/make money online program live up to it’s own hype?

Let’s take a closer look and find out…


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What Is My Super Affiliate MentorCompany Name: My Super Affiliate Mentor

Owner: A “Super Affiliate Network” Affiliate

Price To Join: $37/Month + Upsells

My Rating: 0/10



~ My Super Affiliate Mentor Review ~


What Is My Super Affiliate Mentor About?

I’ve seen the same tactic done by affiliates of the ever-popular MOBE platform, where they create a website that looks like a new and original platform, designed only to funnel people into MOBE.

Well, “My Super Affiliate Mentor” follows the exact same trend, only this person is an affiliate of Super Affiliate Network.

Don’t get me wrong, both MOBE and Super Affiliate Network are real and genuine platforms, but these sites like this one try to lure you into the real platform by pretending to be something else. That’s exactly what My Super Affiliate Mentor is all about. It’s merely a feeder site for this affiliate to get people to join Super Affiliate Network so they can earn commissions.

There’s nothing wrong with an affiliate wanting to get other members to join something and make some money in the process. The problem I have with sites like this one is the deceptive tactics they use to get people to join.

This particular website is nothing more than a sales funnel. There’s no unique and genuine new platform or training program here. It just feeds its members into Super Affiliate Network. That would be perfectly fine if this affiliate was completely upfront about that fact, but he or she is not. Instead a series of smoke and mirrors is deployed to lure you in, only to then find out it’s not what you expected it to be.

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How Does It Work?

The creator of the My Super Affiliate Mentor site starts things off with a lot of hype. There are the common claims of easy money to be made in quick time. And not just some coin either, but totals in the thousands of dollars.

Super Affiliate Network, while a legit platform, also uses a lot of hype to promote. This isn’t something only limited to the make money scams out there. Genuine opportunities do this as well. I don’t really like it because it’s often a little deceptive and makes this make money online stuff sound all so easy, when in reality that is far from the case. Sure, great money can be made online, but when you’re new to it, it’s not going to happen overnight, despite what you hear and see.

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Super Affiliate Network is more focused on setting up email funnels and making money from email marketing. That’s all very doable and having a good email list is one of the most lucrative assets any business or entrepreneur can have. However, the way they do things can get quite expensive for a newcomer with little to no experience, plus you generally have to spend quite a bit to buy traffic so you can grow your email list more quickly.

When you join the My Super Affiliate Mentor platform, yes, technically the owner of this website is going to be your mentor, but what they’re really doing is just funnelling you into a Super Affiliate Network membership. This platform has used a series of deceptive tactics to get people to join, and that’s what I have an issue with.

You can read my review on the Super Affiliate Network here.


Super Affiliate Network Review


Target Audience

This is really targeting newcomers to making money online. It might also target those seeking to learn more about email marketing specifically, if they are actually able to glean that sort of information from the My Super Affiliate Mentor platform BEFORE they actually join and pay the fee.


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Tools and Training

Once you go through to the Super Affiliate Network site there will be plenty of tools and training at your disposal. However, none of it is cheap, and you are hit with upsell after upsell if you want to be able to complete the stages of training and get yourself into a serious position to be able to make some decent money.


What I Like

  • Super Affiliate Network is a legitimate opportunity
  • Although they don’t really push it, some of what you learn can be applied to other areas of making money online and affiliate marketing

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What I Don’t Like

  • The way this affiliate has tricked everyone into thinking they were entering something unique
  • This is nothing more than an empty feeder site, part of this affiliate’s sales funnel
  • The affiliate has adopted tactics of deception to get people into Super Affiliate Network
  • Super Affiliate Network is really only teaching people how to sell Super Affiliate Network to others, rather than equipping members with the ideas and skills to make money from what they learn in other areas and promoting other products
  • Some of the Super Affiliate Network membership levels cost thousands


My Super Affiliate Mentor Earnings Claim


How Much Does My Super Affiliate Mentor Cost?

The problem with this platform and its parent – the Super Affiliate Network – is that the initial membership fee virtually gets you access to nothing. Until you start spending thousands on other tools and training, you don’t have any hope of making money on the Basic Membership level. That level costs $37 a month as it is, but you won’t get anywhere at all until you spend up big.


Is My Super Affiliate Mentor a Scam?

While I don’t believe Super Affiliate Network is a scam, the My Super Affiliate Mentor site is in the way that it’s very deceptive in what’s actually on offer. They don’t tell you that you’re just being funnelled into the parent website. They act as though they’ve created something awesome and totally unique when they’ve done absolutely nothing of the sort.

If you want to check out Super Affiliate Network, just go directly to their website and take a look. This affiliate is just trying to put one over on you.


What I Recommend

Affiliate marketing and email marketing are very real businesses and they can make you a lot of money if you know what you are doing. Without decent training to put you on the right path from the very start, then this online business model can prove to be very frustrating.

If you want to get started making some great money online, then do the training I did. Be taught by industry experts how to do it right. To learn more about it and how to get started, just click on the banner below. Success online isn’t really that hard. You just need to be shown what to do.


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2 thoughts on “What Is My Super Affiliate Mentor? A Scam?

  1. Very informative review on My Super Affiliate. I have experienced similar results from another affiliate company. Claiming you can make money the same night you sign up and just say what people want to hear. Seems like My Super Affiliate is the same way. This was a very well done and honest review. Keep up the good work!

    • Thanks Michael. Super Affiliate Network is okay, and this affiliate is merely funnelling people into SAN, but the main issue with Super Affiliate Network is that’s about all they promote. You buy in, then try and sell the training packages to others. It gets really expensive having to buy every training package separately, and they really hype up how you can make loads of money, but fail to tell you that it will take time and requires a lot of hard work. It sure what happen the same day like many of their affiliates claim.

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