What Is Win the Lottery Method? A Scam or Predict the Winning Lotto Numbers?



What is Win the Lottery Method? A scam? Can a software program really lower the odds enough to win the lotto, even for smaller prizes? Is this really possible, or just a fantasy offering false hope of a better life?

Let’s take a closer look at Win the Lottery Method….



What Is Win the Lottery Method

Company Name: Win the Lottery Method

Owner: Alexander Morrison

Price To Join: $39

My Rating: 6/10


~ Win the Lottery Method Review ~



My websites is two-fold. It’s about opportunities to make money online as well as good training platforms. On the flipside I also write reviews about online scams, and any schemes that are not worth your time and money. This way my readers know what’s good and what to avoid.

Let’s now see what the deal is with Win the Lottery Method.


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What Is Win the Lottery Method?

Win the Lottery Method is brought to us by a guy named Alexander Morrison. He claims to have devised a lotto program that was developed with the help of mathematical geniuses. This software can be used anywhere in the world for any lottery games that has 5, 6 or 7 number draws. The idea of the software is to work out the most likely winning combinations of numbers for any given draw.

While Alexander doesn’t make the statement that his program can predict all winning numbers for a jackpot, he does claim that the software will vastly improve your chances of winning smaller and fairly decent sized prizes.

He says that “80% efficiency is guaranteed”, but I’m not really sure what that means exactly.

The main sales page is filled with loads of hype and stories about growing up hard. There are also loads of testimonials on the page, singing the praises of Win the Lottery Method. Whether any of these testimonials is genuine or not, I don’t know, but likely the majority have been fabricated; as is often the case on many of these types of sales pages.

I’m not saying this software is a scam or doesn’t work at all, just that the testimonials are likely fictitious.

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What Is Win the Lottery Method


Who Is Alexander Morrison?

Alexander MorrisonHe hails from Latin America (not sure exactly where). His father was a construction labourer and his mother worked as a kitchen assistant. They led a poor life, yet his mother was always buying lottery tickets, hoping to one day get lucky.

As Alexander got older he started obsessing about winning the lotto and dreaming up ways to do it. He tried a variety of different strategies to see what they would do. Alex made little progress.

After not really getting anywhere, he went and studied mathematics, statistics and probability, then spent 15 years working with mathematical geniuses and professional lotto players. It was during this time that Alexander devised the Win the Lottery Method.

Of course, I couldn’t verify any of this story, so who knows if any of it is even true, but what is true is the software. That does exist.


How Win the Lottery Method Works

When you buy this software you’ll gain access to all the mathematical algorithms that Alex and his friends have developed over the years. As I mentioned earlier, you can use the program to predict lotto numbers for lotteries all over the world that draw 5, 6 or 7 numbers per game.

Alexander claims that there are actually many “losing” combinations of numbers that people regularly play that will never come up, and his software program eliminates these losing combinations and deciphers possible likely winning combinations out of what’s left.

Win the Lottery Method is updated weekly so you can be assured of everything being current, providing your with the very best number combinations for every single draw of every lotto game you want to play around the world.


Win the Lottery Method Statements


What Is the Law of Probability?

This system, along with others I’ve reviewed, base a lot of their calculations on the law of probability. How this works is that each lotto number has an equal chance of appearing in a given draw. So with that being the case, if a number or numbers haven’ been drawn in a particular game in some time, they are considered overdue to make an appearance and have an excellent chance of being drawn in the near future. Probability means that the number frequency has to even out at some point.

Let’s use a simple example to demonstrate how the law of probability works.

Get a coin and flip it 100 times, recording the incidences of heads and tails as you go. You’ll find that by the time you’ve finished 100 coin tosses, the ratio of heads to tails will be roughly even, give or take a few. There may be a string of tails at some point, but that will likely then be followed a string of heads, evening out the ratio.

The same goes for lotto numbers. There are just way more of them, which is both why it’s hard to win the big one and why a jackpot pays so much. The principal works exactly the same as tossing a coin though. Overdue numbers will come up.


Will Win the Lottery Method Really Work?

I could see it working (or helping at least) for winning smaller division prizes which are easier to win, possibly even a third or second division on occasion. Who knows, really? Anything that can do something to reduce the odds has gotta be a good thing.

Some of those lower divisions pay in the hundreds of dollars, or even thousands, so they’re still worth winning. It’s not all about pulling off that one miraculous jackpot.


Win the Lottery Method Software


Target Audience

The obvious target market is regular lotto players, and I guess anyone who is looking to strike it rich.


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What I Like

  • The software works out all the possible combinations for you
  • You can use it for any lottery anywhere in the world
  • The program could help reduce the odds and enable you to win smaller prizes more often and make a profit
  • You don’t need to be a mathematical genius to use the software. Anyone can use it


What I Don’t Like

  • The sales page is loaded with hype and testimonials that sound too good to be true
  • I couldn’t really find out any information on this Alexander Morrison dude
  • It’s highly unlikely that Win the Lottery Method will help you snare a major jackpot


Win the Lottery Method Testimonial


How Much Does Win the Lottery Method Cost?

The good thing about this system compared to other ones I’ve reviewed is the price. It’s only $39 and there are no expensive upsells. Simply buy it and use it. Could be the best $39 you’ve ever spent if it does help you win prizes regularly, where you are making more than you spend on lottery tickets.


Is Win the Lottery Method a Scam?

I wouldn’t say this is a scam at all. If they guaranteed it would help you win millions, then I’d say BS, but they don’t make that claim.

Like I said, using the software’s algorithms and the law of probability, there is a pretty good chance you will win those smaller divisions more easily and more regularly.

I really think you need to use it for a while to see consistent results. Don’t expect to be winning from day one. Give it some time if you decide to give it a try.

You can read more details here on the Win the Lottery Method website.


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