Automated Income Systems Is a Scam? Not Entirely, But…



Automated Income Systems is a scam or not? This is yet another traffic exchange, revenue sharing platform, but is it worth your time and money? So many aren't, so is this one any better?

Let’s take a closer look and find out…


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Automated Income Systems Is a ScamCompany Name: Automated Income Systems

Owner: Donald McClendon Jr (AKA John Valley)

Price To Join: Free to start

My Rating: 1.5/10



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What Is Automated Income Systems?

Automated Income Systems Is a ScamThe name of this platform certainly catches your immediate attention. After all, who doesn’t want to make income with some automated, autopilot system? I’d like to.

But can this system really do what it says?

The creator refers to it as a “stupidly simple done for you system”; meaning everything’s ready to go and even the most mentally challenged person can use it and make money with it. In fact, we’ll be making an easy $1300 per day according to the owner.

That’s the supposed theory, anyway.

Apparently all you have to do is share a phone number and get people to call it. Then all this money will magically start rolling in. This platform is tied to another program created by the same owner called “Share the Number”. People call the number, listen to an automated message, then hopefully buy in as your recruit.

What people are being enticed to buy when they call the number are biz opp leads; leads of people that are supposedly interested in learning how to make money in this case. People are also buying traffic packages. In order to get the leads and buy the traffic, you first have to join Automated Income Systems as an affiliate, as there are no retail sales.

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How It Works

This is really just another revenue sharing platform, essentially a Ponzi scheme, where the leads and traffic are there simply to give the appearance that there are products exchanging hands for peoples’ money. The products exist only to lend an air of legitimacy to the scheme and avoid getting in trouble with the law.

People buy in at certain levels of the money matrix and get given these rather dead leads and worthless traffic in exchange for their joining fee. What’s really going on is the money invested is there to earn profits, and the only way profits can be paid is by recruiting new members with new money to invest.

Let’s take a look at the buy in levels and the bogus traffic it gets you:

  1. Free Affiliate = Nothing
  2. Starter = $97 10K leads
  3. Silver = $297 50K leads
  4. Gold = $597 100K leads
  5. Platinum = $997 250K leads
  6. Diamond = $1497 500K leads

In order to be eligible to earn commissions from sales to your recruits, you must first have purchased the same level they purchase. In other words, if you want to earn full commissions on all levels no matter what, you must buy all levels yourself.


Automated Income Systems Prices


The Compensation Plan

This is run on the multi level marketing (MLM) structure, because you earn commissions on direct sales, as well as the sales made by your recruits. The commissions are pretty high, which is a good thing, but getting people to actually buy in might be a tough ask at these prices.

After all, these types of revenue sharing schemes are high risk.

Here is the break down of the commissions you can potentially earn:

  1. Free Affiliate = $25 for any level
  2. Starter = $50 for any level
  3. Silver = $50 for Starter, $200 for Silver
  4. Gold = $50 Starter, $300 Silver, $500 Gold and above
  5. Platinum = $50 Starter, $200 Silver, $500 Gold, $900 Platinum and above
  6. Diamond = $50 Starter, $200 Silver, $500 Gold, $900 Platinum, $1300 Platinum

There are also upgrade commissions to be earned as well as override commissions, but it’s all starting to get a bit complex now. The above figures are the base commissions you stand to earn with Automated Income Systems.

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The Problems With This Platform

The traffic and leads you’re allegedly buying is the first issue. While it really has little bearing in the overall scheme of things, the traffic you get is very likely useless and dead and won’t really lead to many genuine “leads”.

The second problem is the amount of money you need to invest to go all in with this scheme. You will be paying out over $3K to fully participate. For many people that’s a huge monetary risk on something that may make zero dollars, or simply collapse before you’ve had a chance to make a profit.

The third issue is that this system is nothing more than a Ponzi scheme, where new investor money is constantly required to keep it going. As soon as recruiting slows down or dries up, the system simply dies and heaps of people are left having made no profit, and with no way to get their investment money back.

Another issue is that they promote this as an automated way of making lots of money with no work, when in actual fact people will have to recruit like crazy to make any money with this platform.


Charles Ponzi Quotes


Target Audience

These schemes generally appeal to people who are looking for a way to make quick and easy cash on the internet, whether newcomers to making money online or not.

These schemes always seem to be popular, because they sell them on the premise that you’ll make a lot of money without much work. Which isn’t really the truth.


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What I Like

  • The commissions are big
  • You can earn money as a free affiliate


What I Don’t Like

  • It’s nothing but yet another Ponzi scheme disguised as a traffic exchange
  • You need to invest big amounts of money to really try it out to its full potential
  • You have to buy every level to earn top commissions on every level
  • These schemes always die out, leaving a bunch of people empty handed
  • The creator always makes money no matter what, because of the way they design the compensation system. When it dies they walk away nicely cashed up while most end up losing money


Why Money Is Good


How Much Does Automated Income Systems Cost?

You can get started for free and earn some small commissions, but to really take full advantage you need to go all in. That will cost you a total of $3485.


Is Automated Income Systems a Scam?

Technically I can’t label it as a scam because you can potentially make money with this. However, it is a Ponzi scheme. You might make some money, but likely the MLM venture will die out before you see a return on investment.

It’s very risky, but in this case you can give it a try for free and still stand a chance of making some small commissions.

All these schemes are destined to fail at some point. That’s just how it is. All I’m saying is it’s very high risk to invest your cash in schemes like Automated Income Systems. There's more chance of making money with a lotto system.


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